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  • Strengths and weaknesses of your team

    Post your teams strengths and weaknesses. This can be a good way to learn about other teams that you are not familiar with.

    Baltimore Ravens

    On offense we have a young QB who has shown a lot of potential along with a arm as strong as anyone in the NFL. He has a nice corp of veteran Recieving options (stallworth,Mason,Boldin,Heap) and we have added young talent at the TE position(Dickson,Pitta). We have 3 players who can be pro bowl quality RBs(Rice,McClain,McGahee) and a young OL w/ a very good smart veteran C.

    On defense we have great veteran leadership with Ray Lewis and Ed Reed. We have very good young talent as well, we are consistantly a top 10 defense year in and year out, I dont expect that to change this season.

    On offense the veteran recieving corp all have a history of injuries, when the post season comes around I can guarentee you that all of them wont be healthy. Also with the Oline Gaither is being a baby, we moved him to RT and honestly I dont think he will be anything special at that position. If we trade Gaither Oneil Cousins then will become the starter. He cant even control his temper let alone be a quality NFL T.

    On defense age is a legit concern, Ray Lewis will be 35 that is ancient for a middle LB. Reed had a hip procedure so he may miss time in the begining of the season. Our pass rush was pitiful last season but I feel that is because the play calling, it was very bland and predictable. We ran a 34 but we telegraphed the OLB we were blitzing every play. Fabian Washington and Lardarius Webb both torn their ACLs last season so they may not be 100% at the begining of the season, I dont think our CBs are as bad as everyone claims. I feel it is because of the pathetic pass rush they look bad. It looks like Chris Carr will be a starter until Washington and Webb are healthy and that is just scary.

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    -Passing game. With Eli and our developing weapons, we can throw it as long as our protection holds up.

    -Pass defense. With our pass rush and our secondary, we should have one of the best pass defenses in the league if our guys stay healthy, and if Fewell utilizes his players correctly.


    -offensive line. its old and it was once dominant run blocking, but bc of injuries and age its run blocking fell off a lot last year. and it was never good in pass protection.

    -running backs. we don't know how injured our backs will be this year. if they're healthy, they're a strength, if they're not, they're a weakness.

    -safeties. we still don't know what our safety situation is gonna be like. I'm assuming Kenny Phillips career is over. And now so is Chad Jones.

    -coaching staff. Coughlin gets em playing hard, but our Xs and Os on both sides are mediocre.

    -LB core. Boley is great, but the rest is questionable.

    -DTs. Another questionmark heading into the season. It can be good, it can be horrible. We just don't know yet.


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      Strengths: Orange helmets
      Weaknesses: Everything you can think of

      Have it your way, with BK (BoneKrusher)


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        Running the football. :)

        Stopping other teams from running the football. :(


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          Chiefs Strengths: Eric Berry. end ******* thread bitches
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          What's with the hate on Ricky Stanzi? Those youtube clips of him with the hulk hogan theme music instantly make him better than Luck.


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            3 RB's who all have a different skill-set and even with injury we know we will have a strong running game all season and guys will be fresh. We also finally have a guy opposite Ware who can provide pressure and were always going to get after the QB. Also can't forget about Romo and he's finally learned to not turn the ball over at an alarming rate while still making great plays, that's been huge.


            Originally posted by Scott Wright
            I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.


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              Only strength:

              Sextastic QB.

              Only weakness:

              Stupid coach.


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                Good: Whole offense is deep at positions other then QB, but we have Top 3 QB there. Defenseive backfield is deep at each position.

                Bad: Our DL situation. Will Smith and Sed Ellis are very good, but the rest are bunch of role players (as of now).

                Ugly: SLB


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                  For the Bears:

                  - Passing Attack - May seem crazy, but the Bears' passing attack is probably going to be the difference between a .500 season and a top 3 draft pick. (It sure was last year.....) Everyone knows that Cutler can sling the ball, and everyone knows that Martz is going to let him do it. As for receivers...we have some talent in the mix. Hester and Knox bring the speed factor, while Earl Bennett brings the sure hands and Aromashadu brings the closest thing to a complete WR we have. I like to compare this bunch to the Giants' WRs going into last year. There's talent there, and they've all shown flashes of brilliance, but it'll be interesting to see if they all come together into a cohesive unit.

                  - Robbie Gould - He's just ******* awesome.

                  - O-line - Chris Williams looked fairly decent late last year when he finally kicked to his natural LT spot, but the rest of the line is a big ******* mess. Frank Omiyale was absolutely terrible...he got no push in the run game whatsoever. Kreutz and Garza both started to look their age, and really didn't contribute much...and I'm not even entirely sure who has the inside edge for the starting RT job. While most of this unit held it's own in pass blocking, they failed to open any holes in the run game and really brought the offense down with them.

                  - Secondary - We still have a big clusterfuck at both safety spots. The best we had last year (that's not saying much though....) was Kevin Payne and he's been traded. Dan Manning has earned the name "Matador" for obvious reasons, and everyone else mostly fits the mold of big hitting, in the box SSs who are constantly getting burned in coverage. Add this to the lack of any quality CB depth aside from Charles Tillman, and the secondary is a mess.


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                    Strength- The QB is pretty good

                    Weakness- Bob Sanders uncanny ability to get injured.
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                      Good: Aaron Rodgers banging Erin Andrews

                      Bad: Our CBs(other than Woodson)


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                        Good: Running game, passing attack, run defense.

                        Bad: Not having a long term solution at QB, secondary, and AD's fumbles.

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                          Weaknesses - Quarterback play. Cornerback play

                          Strengths - Everything else


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                            Originally posted by YAYareaRB View Post
                            Strengths - Everything else
                            Pass rush too?

                            edit - nvm. lol I thought you were YFS talking about the Jags. I keep getting mixed up because of the Kobe sig.
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                              Strength: CJ2K, Offensive Line

                              Weakness: Left CB, Unproven Pass-rush
                              Still Team The Ke$ha!!!

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