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    Originally posted by T-RICH49 View Post
    our OL sucked the first possesion of the game
    The first couple possessions, then they stopped throwing it. There were also a bunch of dropped passes once Cassel got comfortable behind the line.

    The Chiefs' OL played well, and Cassel looked a lot better once he gained some confidence in the men protecting him. This week should provide a dramatically different look from the passing game. Cassel's not worried about getting hit, and Charlie should be able to come up with a better gameplan now that he knows who can do what in a real game.


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      Originally posted by umphrey View Post
      They gave up #34 in the draft for him, and probably a big contract. Yeah that was pretty dumb IMO. Everyone on the planet knew his stats were inflated playing in New England. I don't know how the Chiefs missed the memo. They should have signed a Jake Delhomme level guy and looked for a non-premium QB with similar tools. Wait, they had a couple of top 5 draft picks...they should have just drafted, uh, whoever they passed on, Matt Ryan?
      His stats weren't "inflated" in New England. He just had people who could catch. The 2008 Patriots' OL was just as bad as the 2009 Chiefs. The only difference was that when Cassel made a good throw (which was very often in both years), the Patriots receivers caught it and the Chiefs receivers didn't. Bottom line. The Chiefs led the league in drops. If anything, Cassel's stats were "deflated" playing with the worst receivers in the NFL.

      The New England offense isn't some gimmick. Well run? Yes. But it's more about players being where they're supposed to be and making the fundamental (i.e. leaving the spectacular out of it) play they should make when they're called on. Cassel was good in it because he worked his ass off and is talented - athletically and mentally -and he's a leader.
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        I should point out right now that I really like our offensive line.

        All hail Gene Smith!


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          Originally posted by vidae View Post
          Guess we'll have to agree to disagree then. Unless you have some idea of how to fix it, I mean.
          That is my whole point the Chiefs have done everything in their power to fix/help out Cassel and he hasn't got any better.

          Better OL,weapons and coaching he has everything in place to improve it's sink or swim time and right now he is barely above water.

          I really like the kid alot good locker room guy and it's not a lack of effort he works really hard but that is not always enough.

          I know the Chiefs have to and should give him the full year with what they have invested in him but if he doesn't improve they should move on next season.

          I don't want to high jack the thread so I will just leave it at that.


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            Our OL sucks because Jeff Backus decided that he wasn't going to repeat his very solid 2009 and go back to being terrible.


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              You're being kinda silly about Cassel after one week in a bad weather game. Especially when it was obvious Cassel was a much different player after the OL proved their worth after the first quarter. You should be a lot more optimistic rather than waiting for an opportunity to call for the man's head. He's doing well and is the leader on the offensive side of the ball.

              They really didn't improve his weapons that much. They added Moeki and bolstered the running game (which doesn't really help Cassel). Because your'e quite obviously basing this off one game, McCluster doesn't count as a weapon for Cassel until they start using him in the passing game (they didn't get him involved in it at all Monday). Bowe still drops catchable balls, and the OL didn't hold up for the passing game to get into rhythm early in the game.


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                Originally posted by AntoinCD View Post
                I'll have a word with Belichick and we''ll trade you Logan Mankins for Dwight Freeney.


                Matt Light, LT-Still more than serviceable at LT however he never was as good as the press clippings from 2007 led you to believe. Maybe has one more year as a starter before Vollmer takes over.

                Dan Connolly, LG-Down to the 3rd string guard, I'm actually not too worried about him. The issue comes with depth at the position. Actually one of the better pulling guards around he does struggle when having to play in a phonebooth.

                Dan Koppen, OC-The best way to describe Koppen is mediocre. He does well with the line calls etc however he really struggles against big NTs. Could definitely be upgraded.

                Stephen Neal, RG-A big, mean, nasty son-of-a-***** Neal's problem is he can't give you a full season. A great mauler in the run game but he can be exposed one on one.

                Sebastian Vollmer, RT-One of my favourite draft picks in recent years(not at the time) Vollmer is an animal. He has very good feet and is good in pass protection. However he really shines in run blocking and is a real road grader.
                Sounds to me they are desperate for a G in the draft. Got a real sleeper in David DeCastro out of Stanford. He'd be an absolute steal in the second round.


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                  I like Connolly and I liked the way the Pats' OL played Sunday. Vollmer should be on the left side, but that's politics. Light needs to be replaced two years ago.

        's tough for them to get rid of Koppen because he might be the best center in the NFL when it comes to directing the rest of the OL. It's like trying to replace Brad Ausmus because he can't hit... Sure, you can bring in a better hitting catcher, but your pitching will suffer. Do you give up more runs than you gain by replacing Ausmus?


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                    1st rounder - Logan Mankins
                    2nd +5th - Marcus McNeil
                    3rd round + future 3rd - Albert Haynesworth


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                      I will still argue that the Bears are worse. Might not be by much, but I truly feel that they are the worst line in the league.

                      LT - Chris Williams - Looked like dog **** at RT last year, but when they finally gave up on Pace and move Williams to LT, he slightly improved to the level of people ****. His MO as a prospect was that he was a great pass protector but might struggle run blocking in the pros....and now, he doesn't do either of those things well.

                      LG - Roberto Garza - Dude is aged beyond his years and has played terribly the last couple of seasons. He's small and weak and I swear to god every time you see him he's getting put on his ass. The only reason he has a job this year is because Lovie sticks with certain veterans waaay too long (Rashied Davis is still on this team) and we needed a veteran who could pick up Martz' offense quickly. Otherwise, Jon Asiata would probably be starting here and at least be terrible but young so he could hopefully improve in the future.

                      C - Olin Kreutz - Those pro bowl years are ancient history.....he's been awful for several seasons running now. He gets shoved around by pretty much everybody and gets no push in the run game whatsoever anymore.

                      RG - Lance Louis - Athletic 7th round pick....mixed results so far. At least there's some semblance of hope that he might improve with some experience.

                      RT - Frank Omiyale - AKA ****** guard who is now ****** tackle. The dude is a ******* worthless joke of a player and the only reason he has a job I feel is because JA doesn't want to look like an ass for paying a ****** backup starter money in free agency. I truly hope that 7th round rookie Adam Webb ends up starting over him because frankly, I can only take so much of seeing Omiyale get pushed backwards on every ******* play.

                      And what is it with JA only drafting o-lineman in the 7th round? Idiot. Probably could have found at least a few mediocre young starts along the o-line with the mid rounders we threw away on guys like Iglesias, Gilbert, Okwo, Bazuin......damn him.
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                        Originally posted by killxswitch View Post
                        You should have plenty to say CCSD. How's the protection holding up without McNeil? Has your RT (no idea who it is) slid to LT or are you guys using a second string player?

                        Also, there are like 3 active posters in the Colts forum so please don't ask me to go there.
                        I'll actually answer that question. The main weakness and problem on our offense is sadly our center, Nick Hardwick, who is useless against a 3-4 defense. And considering that most of the pressure on Rivers was up the middle, then I would have to say that we might need to draft a new center next year. Dom (McNeill's replacement) has acquitted himself very well so far.


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                          Oaklands is much worse no explanation needed just watch them play the Rams tomorrow and you'll see how bad it is.
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                            We have Mario Henderson and Langston Walker as our tackles


                            "Just Win Baby"- Al Davis


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                              And our most talented tackle playing center. And our best offensive lineman is injured.


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                                Originally posted by RaiderNation View Post
                                We have Mario Henderson and Langston Walker as our tackles

                                Frank Omiyale says hi.



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