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    Kansas City
    I'm happy to say my prediction seems to be ringing true at this early juncture at least. The chiefs are playing some good football and are currently one of the few 3-0 teams left standing atop their division. It wasn't even close which was somewhat surprising after such a solid showing from San Fran last week.

    Cassel is finally starting to come on with some protection from the offensive line and the defensive secondary will be a force to be reckoned with for a long time in KC.

    The past two weeks haven't been what you'd call pretty football but sacking Alex Smith 5 times and getting three aerial touchdowns marks something of a statement. At 3-0 with what appears to be one of the easiest schedules heading forward I really like their chances for this to continue.

    Thomas Jones
    People were wondering pretty early what the Bears were thinking shipping him out and one feels the jets might be thinking the same thing.

    All Thomas Jones does is produce, 95 yards and a TD this week after some solid performances the previous two outings. He's the kind of player a lot of coaches would love to have, but it seems a lot of front offices would watch walk out the door.

    Carolina Cincy
    Terrible game for both sides with fundamental errors being the special of the day.

    Clausen's first half was pretty poor but he settled in nicely in the second half. He was efficent, accurate and at times was calling plays in the hurry up offense and looked downright veteran adjusting plays at the line of scrimmage.

    The stat and scorelines are beyond ugly for the Panthers but Clausen does look like a legitimate NFL talent, given time in the offense, some development with the players around him, I think he showed he could be someone. It'll take a few weeks for my erection to be fortified but right now I have a nice tingle.

    The Panthers need the recievers to step up though, Gettis and LaFell look promising the I'd be happy with their development if Carolina had a veteran as the number 2. Right now they'd be a great slot addition, but they just can't be expected to produce given the offense, the situation with the playcalling and the other myriad of problems plaguing the panthers.

    This year is likely in the toilet. So I'm just gonna sit back and watch them scrap each week and hope it pans out.

    New Orleans / Atlanta
    You have to feel sorry for New Orleans' kicker this evening who realistically threw away what could be a gimme field goal.

    Credit to Atlanta for scrapping and fighting the whole game playing up to their potential. Michael Turner and Snelling were solid on the ground and Matt Ryan showed the Peyton Manning esque ability that had Falcons fans drooling his rookie year.

    I think it's safe to say his sophmore slump is well and truly a thing of the past as he went for 2 TDs, no INTs, and a QB rating of over 108...

    New Orleans, Tampa and arguably the rest of the NFC were put on notice today. They picked of Brees on his usually safe deep passes, pressured well and generally played a complete game in all three phases. Incredible to watch what this team is capable of when they fire on all cylinders.

    Bruce Gradkowski
    I think it's time I acknowledged Gradkowski and the coaches who bought into his potential early in his career.

    Jon Gruden was a big fan of his coming out of college and threw him in as a rookie to the chargrin of the fanbase raving about what he believed he could be. After landing in Oakland it seems he's found a home where most quarterbacks (one of the all time biggest busts or otherwise) seem to struggle his stat line wasn't anything to compare to Matt Ryan's but he converted a tough 4th and 10 to the tune of 12 yards and later played major roles in pivotal drives that put the raiders in position to win the game.

    Houston fans shouldn't be too worried after the loss to Dallas. It's not a return to the doldrums of old, Foster is still looking like a great RB (averaging over 130 yards and almost 6 yards per carry). In all honesty I expected this kind of game sooner or later.

    The big win in week one followed by the tight win last week would have left the team on something of an emotional lul and this loss should give them a much needed smack up side the head to stay focused and keep working. They're level in their division and should push the Colts if they keep playing like their do.

    The one downside from today's game was their inability to pressure Tony Romo who was as close to perfect as a QB gets in the match up, the defense backed him up superbly with three takeaways and three sacks at pivotal times. The lack of penalties on the Cowboys also maybe hinting at a renewed commitment to play better as a unit and it seems to be working.

    Mark Sanchez
    For the second straight week Sanchez has shown himself to be a QB capable of carrying his team. Throwing for three touchdowns and barely missing for a four (called back on holding) a week after another 3 touchdown performance is impressive continuity for a player considered to be something of a liability for his team's playoff aspirations during the offseason.

    I'm not annointing Sanchez or crowning the Jets just yet, but it's an impressive outing on an impressive side, if he continues to develop on this schedule the Jets will be contenders much sooner than we expected.
    It came down to the wire, but I don't think last year's Sanchez could have played this well in the last two weeks.

    Also, LT is playing insanely well even if the press clippings don't show it, he's running harder and more elusively than he did last year, showing some real fight and fire in his game.

    Chargers ST cause for concern
    The Seattle Seahawks undoubtedly rose to the occasion against the Chargers, but realistically they weren't the better defensive or offensive side on the field. They got the job done by Special Teams returns and it seems for the second time this season the chargers failed because of theirs.

    Against the Chiefs it was a big issue for the Bolts and it seems to be continuing. After living through a few losses over the past 5 years because of shoddy special teams play I hope that the Chargers fix it and quick, because 1-2 is the start of a hole especially after dropping a game against both a divisional opponent and an interconference game with anyone from the NFC West at least one of those games was likely looked at as a W (perhaps both) in the pre-season and you have to wonder how this factors into their long term season plans, especially with two very disgruntled pieces stealing headlines.

    Monday Night
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    Great Chiefs write-up. It feels amazing to be a Chiefs fan. I've been at both of these home wins and the atmosphere lately has just been electric.

    Going 3-0 is sweet but every other AFC West team losing today made it sweeter. :D

    Originally posted by fenikz
    His soft D really turns me off
    ** RIP themaninblack. You will be missed. **


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      Thomas Jones isn't good enough to be taking carries away from Jamaal Charles. He had 150 yards from scrimmage on 15 touches, yet Jones still gets 20 carries a game.


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        The Chiefs are the #1 rushing team in the league. All this hysteria about Charles is a bit overblown. Charles needs more touches, but I can't complain about how the offense was run today, not when they dominated the 9ers like that. Weis' playcalling was pretty much perfect.
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          I am guessing that the Chiefs just don't want to run Charles career into the ground by overworking him


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            Originally posted by Chucky View Post
            I am guessing that the Chiefs just don't want to run Charles career into the ground by overworking him
            The way I see it is they've both obviously got a hot hand. Williams and Stewart had some of this last year and the year before who to go with, the guy getting the stats or the guy grinding out, either way when you've got two backs as long as they both get fed the offense will be fine.

            Charles is a great back, but why wear him out when jones is working hard and still making great gains. plenty of cold weather games where they'll both be leaned on hard in the pipeline.


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              Originally posted by BlindSite View Post
              Kansas City
              Also, LT is playing insanely well even if the press clippings don't show it, he's running harder and more elusively than he did last year, showing some real fight and fire in his game.
              I've never thought that LT is out of his prime. He's just been injured.


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                I'm not sure where you're getting those numbers for Matt Ryan, but they are quite a bit off. He had two touchdowns, but he certainly has looked good.

                Sanchez is going to have all the time in the world next week and I dread how much he could tear us apart with Keller alone. Certainly don't think we'll be seeing another 5 INT performance this time.

                And related to us getting no pressure, I really wish Schobel would've signed with the Texans. I like them a lot and he would be great for them this year. Instead, I think they may have been starting the guy a few spots behind Schobel on our depth chart for the past few years, Ryan Denney. Blech.


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                  How about Singletary getting his best WR hurt by calling timeouts late in a blow out when the Chiefs were trying to run out the clock in SF territory, all in order to get a moral victory TD? It was embarrassing.


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                    If only we didnt have a fat drunk at kicker

                    "Just Win Baby"- Al Davis


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                      Originally posted by SuperMcgee View Post
                      I'm not sure where you're getting those numbers for Matt Ryan, but they are quite a bit off. He had two touchdowns, but he certainly has looked good.
                      My bad, hard to write these things so quickly and be 100% accurate.


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                        The real test for the Chiefs comes after their bye, at Colts then at Texans.


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                          Originally posted by Chucky View Post
                          I am guessing that the Chiefs just don't want to run Charles career into the ground by overworking him
                          Exactly. It's a long season, you don't want to Haley to "Cadillac" Jamaal Charles.


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                            SD shouldn't be too worried. They always start out slow.

                            They just threw for 455 yards with no McNeil or Jackson. They'll be fine this year. It's still their division to lose.

                            Seattle is quietly, veryyyy quietly holding it down for me. I predicted them to win the division, and so far so good.

                            I also predicted Carolina to win the South....yeah...not so much.

                            Kyle Orton is quietly having a great season.

                            Ditto for Kiwanuka.

                            Oakland is a year away (qb and some oline) from being a legit team.

                            Pittsburgh looks like the class of the NFL right now.

                            The NFC as a whole looks pretty weak this year.


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                              Have not seen the Packers to write them up.

                              The Buccaneers are still garbage. Josh Freeman is crap. The only good weapon on that offense is Mike Williams. The defense is crap also. Mccoy looks like a bust. I give them another 5 or 6 years before they are a .500 team. Raheem Morris will get fired for sure. There were no Bucs's fans at that game yesterday because their sucks, boring to watch, and everything other negative endeavor.



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