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Donovan in D.C. is not Done, $78 million dollar extension

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  • Originally posted by Giantsfan1080 View Post
    Vick is a FA after the year. I guess they'd have to franchise him to trade him but I can't imagine a team giving up that much for Vick.
    And they would have to pay him a huge franchise tag figure. That makes negotiating a multiyear deal more expensive.


    • JaMarcus weighed in at 286 LOL.

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      12 Games, 106 Rec, 1501 yards, 23 TD's

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      • The 'cardiovascular endurance' line is one of the worst excuses I've ever heard. It's a lie. It's Shanny lying. Sorry, if the receivers are running routes and coming back every play, if the fatty linemen are playing every down, the quarterback is not going to be too tuckered out to play. Shanahan didn't trust McNabb with the game on the line, is all. I don't know what is going on with this BS excuse.

        Redskins are so concerned with quarterback endurance that they bring in Jamarcus, yah that makes sense.


        • Originally posted by 703SKINS202 View Post
          JaMarcus weighed in at 286 LOL.
          I hope nobody's surprised. Oakland fans have seen just about everything there was to see with this guy. Well-respected members of the organization like Willie Brown were willing to sacrifice their reputation to save face for the guy. What a disgrace to the sport he is.



            Hate to dig up an old thread but, i had a hard time resisting the title. Anyways, Schefter's reporting a 4 year extension for McNabb may be in the works.


            • Skins are ******* crazy. $78 million for an over the hill Mcnabb. Sweet.

              Thanks BoneKrusher^

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              KO KNOWS


              • Wow..... will they trade him instead of letting him get away?
                Or is this a match made in heaven?

                He doesn't seem to be in love with Shanahan.


                • Just when you think Jerry Jones is batshit crazy, Dan Snyder comes in and outdoes him.

                  Edit - 40 guaranteed and it could escalate up to $88 million. LMAO


                  • No longer speculation, it's official:


                    5 years $78 million.....well ****. I lol at the Redskins and the inevitable failure this will produce.


                    • I don't.............why?

                      RIP TheManInBlack


                      • rofl brothel time

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                        • What. The. ****. This doesn't make any sense whatsoever. Dan Synder is truly one of the dumbest SOBS in the leagues history.

                          R.I.P. Junior Seau


                          • Skins continue their trend of being a classic failure organization. If you dont trust the guy during a 2 min drill at the end of the game then why the hell would you go ahead and dish out 78 million to him? Idiots.

                            Props to fenikz on the awesome sig


                            • $40 million guaranteed to a 34 year old QB who is not playing well even before the extension? I don't even....


                              • He'll be 38 by the time that contract would end...he's not playing particularly well this year to deserve something like that.....and they do it not only in-season (which a lot of teams refuse to do) but on the same DAY where they have to play a game.

                                Redskins fail. I'd hate to be a fan of theirs because I think this will handicap them worse than a bust draft choice or something like that ever could.



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