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J-Mike's All-Pro Team Offense, week 12

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    I dont know that anyone on the Texans OL individually would deserve it, its more of a unit thing imo.


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      Originally posted by Crickett View Post
      That works both ways. Or are you forgetting that one bad game against the run and suddenly Antonio Cromartie was the worst player in the history of sports.

      Or more recently, one highlight catch by Randy Moss and suddenly Darrelle Revis sucks and was never as good as Nnamdi Asomugha anyway.
      Actually cro spent all of 08 and 09 as the worst player in pro sports. Don't let homer goggles change history


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        You can have Brandon Lloyd's yards, I'll take Dwayne Bowe's TD's.


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          Originally posted by Splat View Post
          You can have Brandon Lloyd's yards, I'll take Dwayne Bowe's TD's.
          Lloyd has as many TD's as Roddy White does.


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            Originally posted by J-Mike88 View Post
            Lloyd has as many TD's as Roddy White does.
            And Bowe has more then both of them.


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              Originally posted by Splat View Post
              And Bowe has more then both of them.
              yeah, and Marcedes Lewis has more TDs than Roddy White does.

              Brandon Lloyd has 50 first downs compared to 33 for Bowe.
              Bowe's had a super season so far, especially since he dropped a ton of passes early in the year to lose a game all by himself.


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                Originally posted by J-Mike88 View Post
                First Team Offense
                QB- Phillip Rivers -Threatening Marino's passing record averaging 317 yards a game, and leads NFL with 23 passing TDs. Easy call here.
                RB- Arian Foster -Only 1,000-yard rusher so far, averages 5.2 per carry
                RB- Adrian Peterson -#2 in rushing, and has eliminated fumblitis
                TE- Antonio Gates -Leads all TE's in yards and touchdowns. 87% of his catches are for first downs!
                WR- Roddy White -By far the most dominant WR in the league this year
                WR- Brandon Lloyd -Leads NFL in yards with 1,046. Tied with White in TD catches with 7.

                Offensive Line:
                Unlike the old Dr. Z, I don't have access to, or the time to review in-the-trenches video of the interior line play, plus the network telecast doesn't show it well enough.

                But I do know the Giants, Colts, Saints, and Patriots have allowed the fewest sacks in the league at 12-14. Much of that has to do with the QB too.

                I also know the Chiefs & Raiders lead the league in rushing yardage and are averaging 4.8 per carry. The Texans are averaging 4.9 per carry and have 15 rushing TDs. The Eagles have the Vick factor raising their averages, but they're at 5.4 per carry, and 3rd in total yards rushing. They have allowed 28 sacks though which is terrible, compared to the 12 & 14 allowed by the Giants, Saints, Colts, and Patriots.

                So based on that, I give the 5 OL positions to 1 each from:

                Fans of those 5 teams: tell me who your best OL has been this year. Not who was the highest draft pick, but who has performed the best. I'd like to make a case for RG Josh Sitton for my team.
                Here's the blocking data stats:

                My 2nd Team Offense is:
                QB- Michael Vick -Everyone is aware of his running ability, the best-ever, but he also leads the NFL in passer rating, and has thrown ZERO interceptions. His avg per pass is 2nd, trailing only Rivers. Vick has an 11-0 TD-Int ratio. What more can a QB do?
                RB- Darren McFadden -4th in rushing, 5.2 per carry
                RB- Chris Johnson -3rd in yards rushing, + 9 TDs
                WR- Hakeem Nicks (he'll fade being out now.. Steve Johnson or Dwayne Bowe replaces him, edging Reggie Wayne who's avg is way down)
                WR- Terrell Owens -8 TDs, 3rd in yards

                Offensive Line:
                Colts, Saints, Raiders, Jets, and Packers (RG Josh Sitton) each get a guy on the 2nd team. My LT Chad Clifton is close... if he blanks John Abraham this weekend, he's on the team!

                Now, on DEFENSE, I could just wing it and pretend I know.... but I really only have had the opportunity to study the offenses this year.
                Yourfavestoner and some other guys here, help me out on that side of the ball. I don't have the Sunday Ticket this year and have been watching games running a Sports Bar here, so I mostly focus in on offenses.

                Does ProFootballFocus or FootballOutsiders have stats of defensive guys?
                I'm curious to see where CB Tramon Williams ranks.
                You based the entirety of your All Pro team on stats. Surely, you understand the flaw of this, right?


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                  Originally posted by J52 View Post
                  You based the entirety of your All Pro team on stats. Surely, you understand the flaw of this, right?
                  Who do you reward for a season's worth of work?
                  The guys who tweet a lot, have nice dreads, or guys who have produced?

                  Tip for you: Statistics keep track of production.
                  They aren't 100% of all that matters, but they matter more than style or draft pick status.

                  You think we should just keep putting Cowboys players on there then because they have the names?


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                    14 TD's and counting for Bowe.

                    Shhh haters...

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                      Nobody was hating, they just said they felt Lloyd was more deserving at the time, and to be honest he probably was. Obviously this past game has changed things, but it's pointless to look at this until the season is over anyways. If Lloyd went for 150 and 3 TDs next week and Bowe didn't really do anything they could just turn the tables on you.


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                        Yeah buddy, on Foster!!!...Dude is a Beast!



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