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  • Best NFL Back-Up QB

    got 2 go with Kerry Collins (Titans) Kyle Boller (Ravens)

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    David Garrard - JAX
    Matt Shaub - ATL
    Gus Frerrotte - STL
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      Matt Schaub - ATL
      Damon Huard - KC
      Charlie Batch - PIT

      Mostly veteran guys that can be relied on to step in and win a few games if needed. I don't really see them ever being franchise QB's with the exception of Schaub, he has a slight chance to if he ever goes to a place where he can start.


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        derek anderson?


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          This is a fairly good question...
          1) Schaub
          2) Garrard
          3) Huard
          4) Rodgers
          5) It wouldve been Harrington, but now Batch

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            Kurt Warner


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              Kerry Collins?

              I'd say Damon Huard has been the best of all current backups recently.

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                1. Matt Schuab

                2. Damon Huard

                3. Jim Sorgi- I am a fan of this guy. underrated to the extreme. Doesnt get a chance cause Peyton never gets hurt, but imo he could be a decent starter....


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                  I don't understand how all of you have Schaub #1. Schuab hasn't had to come in and play half the season like Huard. Huard came in and dominated while Green was out.


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                    i dont see how schuab or huard are even in the discussion

                    a good back up qb needs to be half coach / half qb, be able to teach from the sidelines and still be able to manage a game

                    which is why i would much rather have a proven vet on the downside of his career as a back up than some young guy who may get an oppurtunity at some time


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                      HUARD duhh
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                      What's with the hate on Ricky Stanzi? Those youtube clips of him with the hulk hogan theme music instantly make him better than Luck.


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                        Jeff Garcia?


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                          SorgiisaGod :)

                          but seriously, based on performance last year, it'd have to be Garcia. Based on potential, I'd say Boller or Garrard, that is until after the draft.

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                            In all fairness, Collins came into a totally unacceptable situation early last season with very minimal time to get acquainted with the offense and receivers. I think he is a serviceable backup, but no where near the best.


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                              I gotta go with Garrard, he's not the quality starter Del Rio mistook him to be but he is a guy who can come in and makes plays and win games.



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