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Best NY Jet???

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  • Best NY Jet???

    i saw a chiefs one and now i'm curious to see who people think the best Jet player was/is???

    this is hard, because a great arguement could be made for all of these guys as well as some others... i think these are the 7 best jets but if there is someone i forgot, sorry...

    RB: Martin--the next Jet to go into the Hall.

    DT: Klecko—redefined his position, and went to the Pro Bowl at three different ones.

    QB: Namath—he is to the Jets what Babe Ruth is to the Yankees. Led them to the Superbowl... and won their first and only one...

    WR: Chrebet—has been one of the game’s most clutch receivers, and has made some of the most exciting plays in Jet history. With 500 receptions, nine seasons

    WR: Maynard—when he played, the only other WR in the same universe was Lance Alworth.

    DE: Gastineau—for years one of the game’s best pass rushers, and when he felt like tackling a running back, Hall-of-Fame caliber.

    C: Mawae— one of the best centers in history... future hall of famer
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    didnt put vilma because he hasn't played enough, but i think in 2 years he might be the best nyj ever
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      LT Winston Hill should be on this list.

      Al Toon, and Freeman McNeil should as well.

      It really goes..
      1. Joe Namath
      2. Joe Klecko
      3. Curtis Martin

      But that's my opinion. Winston Hill and Maynard would follow after.

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        kyle brady


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          Namath is so overrated, he was an absolutly horrible QB. He would go in there and throw the ball as hard as he could every freaking time, he had no idea what a touch pass was at all. He threw so many interceptions throughout his career it was ridiculous. Didn't he have a 50% completion percentage for his career and throw nearly 50 more ints than tds in his career?

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            This coming year it's Vilma, easy.


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              Joe Namath was just a straight up below average QB. Look at his stats and tell me he belongs in the HOF. Anyway, C-Mart is a top 15 RB of all time, so he gets my vote.


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                was there a reason this couldn't go in the jets team thread?


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                  Just just lets you know how horrible the jets teams have been cause they have never had a truly great player.


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                    What people don't realize is that Joe Namath was an incredibly gifted athlete, and an awesome running quarterback at Alabama until he had knee injuries. He played on injured knees all of his career and he played behind some pretty bad Jet lines in the early 60's.

                    Duel knee surgeries killed his 70', 71', and 73' seasons.

                    He was also the first real commercialized quarterback and Namath lead the team that forced the merger. Stats don't tell the whole story. He made people want to watch the AFL, and eventually the NFL after the merger. "The Guarantee" is easily the most famous Superbowl line ever. Say what you want about his completion percentage, but all they did back then was throw downfield.

                    Joe Namath - 50.1
                    Johnny Unitas - 54.6
                    Norm Van Brocklin - 53.6
                    Bobby Layne - 49
                    Bob Waterfield - 50.3
                    George Blanda - 48

                    The most accurate passers of the time period finished with completion percentages under 58. Passers considered the better of the era

                    Y.A. Tittle - 55.5
                    Bart Starr - 57

                    Give me a break with the whole "overrated" thing. He dominated when healthy regardless of the stats.

                    Did the Saints deserve their own thread for this? No. We've been bad, but we're nowhere near the worst franchise in the NFL.

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                      Curtis Martin


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                        Namath made it for his guarantee and for being a decent QB... he wasn't the best QB though.

                        I'll take Martin, although he started with the Pats.


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                          Originally posted by SeanTaylor21
                          Just just lets you know how horrible the jets teams have been cause they have never had a truly great player.
                          Or a player that spits in other player's faces.


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                            namath didnt really do anything great in his career. he won one superbowl which is good, but the guarantee is the only thing that made him memorable. he wouldnt be considered as the greatest jet of all time if he didnt make the guarantee.


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                              Drew Coleman is the best J-E-T just playing its Curtis Martin.

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