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Who is your franchise's most known player?

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    Originally posted by BigDawg819 View Post
    You stole the heart and soul of the city and we were denied our history, why would we be bitter? And I fixed your obvious typo, someone from Baltimore is a Baltimorean.
    Heart and soul of the city? Please. And WE (the fans) did not move the franchise, the A**HOLE of an owner at the time (who is dead now) was the one who did it, though in his defense, the city of Baltimore WAS trying to steal his property. I guess the people of Chicago and St. Louis should bear a grudge against Arizona, and the people of Los Angeles should bear a grudge against St. Louis in your opinion then, huh? After all, the Cardinals moved (TWICE!) and kept their colors and logo, and so did the Rams. You don't hear those people b****ing about it 20+ years later, though. Nope, only the bitter Baltimorons (and no, that wasn't a typo) bear a grudge for over 23 years and counting. You all have cried enough to put the Mississippi to shame, so here's a novel concept: build yourself a bridge and GET OVER IT! You have a franchise (that you stole from another city, but that's not hypocritical at all) that has won a championship, and if you REALLY wanted it badly enough, you could have had the Colts colors and logo back when the Browns franchise moved to Baltimore, but when push came to shove, apparently a few million was too much to pay for the Colts logo, colors, and history, despite the hundreds of millions the city of Baltimore put into getting a new franchise, so I guess it wasn't all that important to you guys after all, was it?

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      hard to say

      of all time ( Marcus Allen , Howie Long, Jim Otto, Art Shell, Kenny Stabler,Bo Jackson, ect)

      now probably would be Kirk Morrison and Derrick Burgess but unfortunatly its probably randy moss


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        Buffalo Bills

        All-Time: Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas, O.J Simpson(unfortunately)

        Now: Lee Evans would be my guess for well known.


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          Emmitt or TO. Or Jerry Jones and Tom Landry


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            Now: Roy Williams
            All Time: Staubach, Emmith Smith

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              Originally posted by Modano View Post
              Now: Roy Williams
              All Time: Staubach, Emmith Smith
              Roy Williams more than Owens? I think not.


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                Now: Marcus Stroud/John Henderson (they're like one, really...)
                All-time: Jimmy Smith or Mark Brunell

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                  Jamaal Reynolds?????

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                    Mike Vick.


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                      Hmmmm, I think i would have to go with Jim Brown...just throwing it out there.

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                        Current: Peyton Manning
                        All-Time: Johnny Unitas, but I think it'll be Peyton when it's all said and done.

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                          Now: Micheal Strahan, possibly Eli Manning

                          All Time: Lawrence Taylor


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                            dan marino for his fat loss commercial LOL


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                              Originally posted by GiantRutgersFan View Post
                              Now: Micheal Strahan, possiby Eli Manning

                              All Time: Lawrence Taylor
                              Eli switch that to Toomer and now that Tiki is retired I think he along w/ Simms and Bavaro and Banks is in the running for All Time.
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                                Tom Brady and Tedy Bruschi are most well known Patriot players



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