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Barnett signs 6 year extension.

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  • Barnett signs 6 year extension.

    The Green Bay Packers have signed linebacker Nick Barnett to a six-year contract extension that will make him one of the highest-paid players on defense.

    Terms of the deal weren't known, but Barnett was believed to have received a signing bonus of at least $10 million and a yearly average between $5 million and $6 million.

    "I think both sides walked away thinking a long-term committment was in place," said Barnett agent Chuck Price. "We're very pleased to reach this deal."

    Talks had heated up in the last week and Barnett was mulling whether to take the money the Packers were offering or play out the season and become an unrestricted free agent next year. Barnett had one year left on his contract and would have earned $1.95 million this year.

    Barnett was expected to be made available duirng a noon press conference at Lambeau Field.


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    good for him...


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      Nice move by the Packers to lock him up long-term.



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        Good move by the Packers. I still think they should switch him and Hawk, though. Hawk would be an absolute beast at MLB.


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          Great move. Barnett is one of my favorite LB's.


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            This is great news, I'm glad it's finally resolved. Barnett earned it, and props to him for not becoming a whiny ***** like Javon Walker did about getting an extension.
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              Barnett is a nice player. Between Him and Hawk, the LBs are gonna be good for a while now


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                Ahhh thank you TT.

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                  Very nice move good job.


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                    Solid move by the Packers. Barnett is a quality player...

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                      WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Took long enough, but glad its done

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                        Originally posted by yourfavestoner View Post
                        Good move by the Packers. I still think they should switch him and Hawk, though. Hawk would be an absolute beast at MLB.
                        No way, Hawk has the speed and coverage ability better suited for OLB, Barnett is a tweener MLB/OLB and I think having him and Hawk on the outside would make for some crazy blitz schemes and great flat coverage. Plus we could put a hard nosed run stopper at MLB (Hodge).

                        Great signing though, I've been nervous that TT was going to let him walk like Walker, I look forward to watching him play for the next 6 years.

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                          That's a very nice long-term signing. With Hawk and Barnett in that linebacking core it should be one of the best for a long time.

                          Ideally I would like to see the Packers playing this setup:
                          WLB: A.J. Hawk
                          MLB: Abdul Hodge
                          SLB: Nick Barnett

                          However that may never happen. Even so, half the time it's only Barnett and Hawk on the field anyway which is as good of a linebacking unit as any in the league.


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                            Happy as a Packers fan :)

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                              Wow this is great news, I am glad we were able to get him re-signed, that probably will be our biggest move of the off-season, which is fine, being able to retain him is just as important as signing a big name player.
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