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Fake Signings?

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  • Fake Signings?

    is it possible for an nfl team to "fake" sign a player in order to smokescreen?

    say denver wanted blah blah who just so happens to play MLB at #21, but knew that the jets would leapfrog them to get that player...

    is it possible that denver could then talk to a big name free agent at MLB and say, hey, well pay you 100,000 to sign with us for a week, and keep confidential? (not disclose the amount to the media either)

    That way, it seems like MLB is no longer a priority, and the Jets feel safe, and dont trade up. Denver gets the player they really wanted, and they dont have to overpay the big name MLB.

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    Seems like an awfully elaborate smokescreen.

    Besides, anyone who would be willing to sign a one-week contract wouldn't be much of a player.....there's no way the rest of the league would believe that this team's draft strategy has changed after signing some nobody from NFLE.


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      No "big name free agent MLB" would do something so stupid. He's basically making GMs think he's off the market and those GMs are going to go other routes via draft day to fill those needs, decreasing his demand, so he's screwing himself out of money.


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        As said, no MLB would sign like that.

        Anyway, deals are public knowledge, everyone would know the length and ammount as soon the commish's office OKed it


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          I agree, that would be very dumb of a big name FA to do that.



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