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    1. Calvin Johnson-WR
    2. Justin Blalock-OG
    3. Trent Edwards-QB
    4. Michael Bush-HB
    5. Aundrae Allison-WR
    6. Doug Datish-C
    7. Ben Patrick-TE
    UDFA. Chase Johnson-OT


    1. Amobi Okoye-DT
    2. Justin Durant-LB
    3. Charles Johnson-DE
    4. Tanard Jackson-CB
    5. Tim Shaw-LB
    6. John Wendling-S
    7. Marcus Hamilton-CB
    UDFA. Nate Harris-LB

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      1st round - Calvin Johnson WR GT
      2nd round - Trent Edwards QB Stan
      3rd round - Buster Davis ILB FSU
      4th round - Jason Hill WR WSU
      5th round - Doug Free OL NIU
      6th round - Manuel Ramirez OG TexTech
      7th round - Johnny Harline TE BYU
      UDFA - Darius Walker HB ND


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        1. Jemarcus Russell
        2. Alan Branch
        3. Quentin Moses
        4. Doug Free
        5. Aundrae Allison
        6. Desmond Bishop
        7. Courtney Brown


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          1st Round = Calvin Johnson, WR
          2nd Round = Chris Houston, CB
          3rd Round = Quentin Moses, DE/OLB
          4th Round = Michael Bush, RB
          5th Round = Troy Smith, QB
          6th Round = Rufus Alexander, LB
          7th Round = Ben Patrick, TE

          Baltimore: 7-4


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            1. Calvin Johnson WR
            2. Justin Blalock OG/OT
            3. Trent Edwards QB
            4. Michael Bush RB
            5. Brandon Frye OT
            6. Doug Datish C
            7. Ben Patrick TE
            UDFA: Darius Walker RB


            1. Patrick Willis LB
            2. Chris Houston CB
            3. Demarcus Tyler DT
            4. Ryan McBean DE
            5. Tarell Brown CB
            6. John Wendling FS
            7. Brandon Siler LB


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              1.Calvin Johson, WR
              2.Tony Ugoh, LT
              3.James Marten, RT
              4.Michael Bush, RB
              5.Troy Smith, QB
              6.Doug Datish, OG/C
              7.Ben Patrick, TE

              Defense - Cover 2
              1.Gaines Adams, DE
              2.Justin Durant, LB
              3.Anthony Waters, ILB
              4.Tanard Jackson, CB
              5.Greg Peterson, DT
              6.John Wendling, S
              7.Keyunta Dawson, DE


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                1st round- Calvin Johnson
                2nd round- Tony Ugoh
                3rd round- Trent Edwards
                4th round- Michael Bush
                5th round- Tim Shaw
                6th round- John Wendling
                7th round- Ben Patrick


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                  1.Gaines adams
                  2.Paul Pozluszny
                  3.charles johnson
                  4.Paul Soliai
                  5.Kareem Brown
                  6.Rufus Alexander
                  7.Brandon Siler

                  my front 7


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                    1.Joe Thomas LT
                    2.Alan Branch NT
                    3.Buster Davis MLB
                    4.Allen Barbre RT
                    5.Cameron Stephenson OG
                    6.John Wendling SS
                    7.Ben Patrick TE
                    Matt Moore QB
                    Walter Thomas NT
                    DeAndre Jackson CB
                    Anthony Arline CB
                    Brandon Myles WR
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                      I would build my team around my first round pick.

                      RD 1 - Calvin Johnson - WR - Georgia Tech
                      RD 2 - Justin Blalock - OG - Texas
                      RD 3 - Ryan Harris - OT - Notre Dame
                      RD 4 - Michael Bush - RB - Louisville
                      RD 5 - Troy Smith - QB - Ohio St
                      RD 6 - Mason Crosby - K - Colorado
                      RD 7 - Ben Patrick - TE - Delaware


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                        rd 1- adrian peterson- rb- oklahoma
                        rd 2- alan branch- dt- michigan
                        rd 3- james marten- ot- boston college
                        rd 4- josh beekman- og- boston college
                        rd 5- josh gattis- s- wake forest
                        rd 6- prescott burgess - olb- michigan
                        rd 7- brandon siler - lb- florida
                        udfa- kenny scott- cb- georgia tech

                        pick up a veteran qb till i could get a decent o-line, otherwise the rookie q would get killed
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                          1. Calvin Johnson- too good of a talent to pass up
                          2. Brian Leonard- not a shocker really is it? :)
                          3. Ryan Harris- building the OL
                          4. Manuel Ramirez- same as harris
                          5. Cameron Stephenson- starts in the trenches
                          6. Jordan Palmer- its in his blood, need a QB
                          7. Clark Harris- good blocker, and yes him over Patrick cuz im a homer

                          1. Darelle Revis- best CB in the draft
                          2. Alan Branch- BIG stuffer at the line
                          3. Quentin Moses- get some pass rush
                          4. Zak DeOssie- versitle LB
                          5. Tarrel Brown- good CB
                          6. Prescott Burgess- play either LB or DE
                          7. Michael Johnson- need a safety
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                          Originally posted by PalmerToCJ
                          BTW, if it's 3rd and 97... I'm throwing a screen pass to Brian Leonard and he will convert.


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                            1. Joe Thomas
                            2. Ryan Kalil
                            3. Tank Tyler
                            4. Antonio Pittman
                            5.Tim Shaw
                            6. John Wendling
                            7. Courtney Brown
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                              1.Calvin Johnson
                              2.Alan Branch
                              3.James Marten
                              4.Brian Robison
                              5.Jay Richardson
                              6.John Wendling
                              7.Brandon Siler
                              UDFA.Darius Walker


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                                1. Joe Thomas LT

                                2. John Beck QB

                                3. Charles Johnson DE

                                4. Michael Bush RB

                                5. Aundrae Allison WR

                                6. John Wendling FS

                                7. Clark Harris TE
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