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  • fav and least fav players by team

    my other thread on lease fav. players and the copy thread someone made seem to be doing well, and its the dead time. so who are your fav and least fav players on each team. at least answer your division if you dont want to do the whole NFL.


    Jets: fav - jerricho cotchey. breakout hardworker from ncstate.
    least fav - justin mccareins. let down in every way

    Pats: fav - teddy bruschi. just a guy i really respect. plays right.
    least fav - tom brady. i just hate him.

    Dolphins: fav - daunte culpepper. i really hope he turns it around
    least fav - chris chambers. underachiever bad

    Bills: fav - John Mcargo. will be a beast one day.
    least fav - Lee Evans not consistent enough


    Ravens: fav - Ray Lewis. He and urlacher redefined MLB play.
    least fav - Willis Mcgahee only plays good vs jets

    Bengals: fav - Chad Johnson most entertaining player in NFL
    least fav - chris henry has more baggage than 3rd WR worth

    Steelers: fav - Hines Ward. every intagible you could ask for.
    least fav - troy polomalu. i cant stand his hair

    Browns: fav - K2. i love his fire
    least fav - brady quinn he annoys me


    Colts: fav - bob sanders 2nd most important player on team
    least fav - reggie wayne. overrated do to peyton, harrison

    Jaguars: fav - john henderson complete monster
    least fav - david garrard people think hes better than byron?

    Texans: fav - Mario Williams will break out. best specimen in NFL
    least fav - ron dayne he really cant do anything

    Titans: fav - vince young very very exciting player.
    least fav - alber haynesworth no place for that ****


    Chargers: fav - LT, Merriman always exciting to watch
    least fav - micheal turner OVERRATED

    Broncos: fav - champ bailey SHUTDOWN corner
    least fav - John Lynch wish he would retire. was great

    Cheifs: fav - tank tyler great pick for them
    least fav - jared allen. needs to stop ******* up

    Raiders: fav - ronald curry good hard worker
    least fav - al davis ruining his baby


    Cowboys: fav - roy williams brings the wood. hard.
    least fav - romo people on his nuts way to fast

    Giants: fav - Shockey takes no ****.
    least fav - Eli Manning vagina

    Eagles: Fav - david akers kicker with heart. no way.
    least fav - javon kearse loved the old freak

    Redskins: fav - taylor/landry combo will be scary to throw over middle
    least fav - portis hasnt proved he is special


    Chicago: fav - Urlacher everything i wanted to grow up to be
    least fav - lance briggs shut up. go to camp. and play

    Lions: fav - Calvin Johnson im stoked to see what he can do
    least fav - Matt Millen fire the guy

    Vikings: fav - Steve Hutchinson got guards respect
    least fav - darren sharper have never liked him

    Packers: fav - brett favre GOAT
    least fav - KGB overrated and one dimensional


    Falcons: fav - Deangello hall very confident
    least fav - Mike Vick became marcus quickly

    Panthers: fav - Dan Morgan love him when hes on the field
    least fav - deshaun foster sporadic. injury prone

    Saints: fav - duece mccallister didnt dissapear when bush came
    least fav - Reggie Bush overrated. not a RB

    Bucs: fav - chris simms he was tough and had heart last year
    least fav - jeremy stevens pansy


    RAMS: fav - torry holt underappreciated somehow
    least fav - marc bulger product of system

    49ers: fav - manny lawson big things will come from him
    least fav - alex smith not sold on him yet

    Cardinals: fav - fitz great hands. good leaper
    least fav - edgerin james got his money and ran. 3 yds.

    hawks: fav - Walter jones mammoth man
    least fav - Hasselback we want the ball and were gonna score

    i need a life.

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    chris chambers underachiever bad?
    lee evans not consistant?
    reggie wayne overrated?
    reggie bush overrated?

    i could sit here and tell u why all those are not even close to being true but i dont feel like typin that instead i just point and laugh


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      Originally posted by ncstateviking View Post
      fav - roy williams brings the wood. hard.


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        Originally posted by ncstateviking View Post

        least fav - tom brady. i just hate him.

        least fav - troy polomalu. i cant stand his hair

        least fav - ron dayne he really cant do anything

        least fav - romo people on his nuts way to fast

        least fav - Eli Manning vagina

        least fav - Mike Vick became marcus quickly

        least fav - jeremy stevens pansy

        least fav - edgerin james got his money and ran. 3 yds.

        least fav - Hasselback we want the ball and were gonna score

        i need a life.
        Well Its hard to argue with that I guess

        me want to kill you? hahaha Bonekrusher you complete me


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          I am pretty sure Urlacher and Lewis didn't redefine the MLB position.


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            AFC EAST

            Jets: fav - Kerry Rhodes - Up and coming safety.
            least fav - Dwayne Robertson - Hasn't lived up to his potential yet.

            Pats: fav - Tom Brady - Just clutch and can win the game with any offense.
            least fav - Reche Caldwell - Last year, against the Colts.Wow just wow. What a let down.

            Dolphins: fav - Ted Ginn Jr. - Loved him in college and his breakaway speed.
            least fav - Daunte Culpepper - His career could be over soon.

            Bills: fav - Donte Whitner - Another up and coming safety.
            least fav - JP Losman - Just an average Qb at best.

            AFC NORTH

            Ravens: fav - Ed Reed - Best Safety in the game.
            least fav - Samari Rolle - One of the weakest links of the defense?

            Bengals: fav - Chad Johnson - most exciting player/person to watch.
            least fav - Chris Henry - Has all the talent in the world, just can't stay out of trouble.

            Steelers: fav - Troy Polomalu - A playmaker and of course his hair and how it bounces with finness (lol)
            least fav - Ricardo Colclough - Potential, but will he ever be a legit #1 or 2 corner?

            Browns: Brodney Pool - liked him coming out of OU, could compliment Jones nicely.
            least fav - Jamal Lewis - Don't think hes the answer at RB.

            AFC SOUTH

            Colts: fav - Peyton Manning - Understands every aspect of the game.
            least fav - Anthony Gonzalez - I think he'll be very average at best in the NFL.

            Jaguars: fav - Rashean Mathis - Very good corner.
            least fav - Matt Jones - Just another average WR who climbed up the charts on draft day, due to athletisicism.

            Texans: fav - Dunta Robinson - Just needs a better cast around him.
            least fav - Ahman Green - His career is done.

            Titans: fav - Vince Young - Fun to watch.
            least fav - Albert Haynesworth - No respect for him since the Gurode incident last year.

            AFC WEST

            Chargers: fav - LaDainin Tomlinson - BEST back in the game.
            least fav - Eric Parker - Needs to produce more.

            Broncos: fav - Champ Bailey the only true shutdown corner today.
            least fav - Adam Meadows - Didnt this guy retire and then come back again ?

            Cheifs: fav - Larry Johson - Someone you'd be scared to tackle when hes coming right at you.
            least fav - Kendrell Bell - Only good for depth purposes now ?

            Raiders: fav - Nnamdi Asomugha - Great corner back.
            least fav - Jerry Porter - Just doesn't impress me anymore.

            NFL EAST

            Cowboys: fav - Roy Williams - Favorite player on that D since the 2002 draft.
            least fav - Keith Davis - He shouldn't even be on the team.

            Giants: fav - Jeremy Shockey - Always wants to win.
            least fav - Eli Manning - Just too damn inconsistent.

            Eagles: Fav - Donovan McNabb - Great QB/Competitor when he's healthy.
            least fav - Brian Westbrook - Don't really like him as a traditional in-between-the-tackles runner. He really does excel in screens and his receiving skills.

            Redskins: fav - Sean Taylor - Has the tools to become the great.
            least fav - Brandon Lloyd - Will make some catches, and in some games won't even get to catch anything at all.

            NFC NORTH

            Chicago: fav - Urlacher - Most versatile LB in the game.
            least fav - Rex Grossman - Just a horrible QB.

            Lions: fav - Roy Williams - A beast of a WR.
            least fav - Teddy Lehman - Is he ever going to start ?

            Vikings: fav - Adrian Peterson - A man amongst boys in college and will dominate in the NFL one day.
            least fav - Troy Williamson - Way overhyped on draft day.

            Packers: fav - Brett Favre - Has all the heart in the world.
            least fav - Bubba Franks - Needs to be more of a red-zone threat like he was before.

            NFC SOUTH

            Falcons: fav - Alge Crumpler - Puts up the numbers, but drops a lot of passes too.
            least fav - Mike Vick - Not a great passer.

            Panthers: fav - Ken Lucas - Great CB.
            least fav - Kerry Colbert - Hasn't seen a lot of action and his numbers have dropped off every year.

            Saints: fav - Drew Brees - Great QB with football smarts.
            least fav - Fred Thomas - He just sucks ass.

            Bucs: fav - Ronde Barber - Still a great physical corner.
            least fav - Michael Clayton - What a let down.

            NFC WEST

            RAMS: fav - Steven Jackson - a workhorse.
            least fav - Leonard Little - should be in prison.

            49ers: fav - Frank Gore - What a surprise last year.
            least fav - Kwame Harris - A waste of space.

            Cardinals: fav - Fitzgerald - Best hands in the NFL.
            least fav - Kurt Warner - He needs to retire already.

            Seahawks: fav - Matt Hasselback - Good Qb.
            least fav - Nate Burelson - Come on Nate, you use to be great.
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              AFC EAST

              Jets: fav - Vilma
              least fav - Pennington

              Pats: fav - teddy bruschi....he walks on water
              least fav - tom brady.

              Dolphins: fav - no1
              least fav - Jason taylor/Zach Thomas

              Bills: fav - Jason Peters
              least fav - TIm Anderson/Chris Kelsay

              AFC NORTH

              Ravens: fav - Ed Reed
              least fav - Willis Mcgahee, underachiever

              Bengals: fav - Chad Johnson
              least fav - chris henry

              Steelers: fav - Hines Ward.
              least fav - Big Ben

              Browns: fav - I have a man crush on Lawrence Vickers
              least fav - Orpheus Roye

              AFC SOUTH

              Colts: fav - bob sanders
              least fav - reggie wayne

              Jaguars: fav - john henderson complete monster
              least fav - david garrard

              Texans: fav - Dameco
              least fav- mario williams

              Titans: fav - no1
              least fav - Young

              AFC WEST

              Chargers: fav - LT,
              least fav - Merriman

              Broncos: fav - champ bailey
              least fav - John Lynch, old slow

              Cheifs: fav - LJ
              least fav - jared allen

              Raiders: fav - Jerry Porter
              least fav - Robert Gallery

              NFL EAST

              Cowboys: fav - Watkins.
              least fav - romo

              Giants: fav - Strahan
              least fav - Eli Manning

              Eagles: Fav - Dawkins
              least fav - Spikes...old, slow

              Redskins: fav - taylor
              least fav - portis (dog fighting comments)

              NFC NORTH

              Chicago: fav - Urlacher
              least fav - Grossman....wanna be consistant?

              Lions: fav - Calvin Johnson
              least fav - kitna

              Vikings: fav - Steve Hutchinson
              least fav - Adrian peterson (just because i wanted the bills to get him)

              Packers: fav - brett favre
              least fav - Bubba Franks

              NFC SOUTH

              Falcons: fav - Rode Coleman, D-Mo
              least fav - Mike Vick, D-Hall

              Panthers: fav - Thomas Davis
              least fav - Jake Delhomme

              Saints: fav - Bush
              least fav - Mccalister

              Bucs: fav - Gaines Adams
              least fav - jeremy stevens

              NFC WEST

              RAMS: fav - torry holt
              least fav - that linebacker....Timosisonamoa

              49ers: fav - Gore, Lawson
              least fav - alex smith, their Wr's

              Cardinals: fav - fitz, bolding
              least fav - edgerin james

              hawks: fav - D.j Hacket
              least fav - Walter Jones...needs to step down as the 2nd best LT to Jason Peers


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                Specifically like the Eli Manning comment

                Originally posted by ncstateviking View Post
                least fav - Eli Manning vagina

                Faithful Niner Fan


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                  AFC North

                  Baltimore Ravens
                  Favorite= Haloti Ngata
                  Least Favorite= Willis McGahee

                  Pittsburgh Steelers
                  Favorite= Troy Polamalu
                  Least Favorite= Larry Foote

                  Cincinnati Bengals
                  Favorite= Chad Johnson
                  Least Favorite= TJ Houshmanzadeh

                  Cleveland Browns
                  Favorite= D'Qwell Jackson
                  Least Favorite= Braylon Edwards

                  AFC South

                  Tennessee Titans
                  Favorite= Vince Young
                  Least Favorite= Lendale White

                  Houstan Texans
                  Favorite= Dunta Robinson
                  Least Favorite= Matt Schaub

                  Jacksonville Jaguars
                  Favorite= John Henderson
                  Least Favorite= Byron Leftwich

                  Indianapolis Colts
                  Favorite= Bob Sanders
                  Least Favorite= Dallas Clark

                  AFC East

                  New England Patriots
                  Favorite= Laurence Maroney
                  Least Favorite= Adalius Thomas

                  New York Jets
                  Favorite= Thomas Jones
                  Least Favorite= Justin McCaireins

                  Buffalo Bills
                  Favorite= Marshawn Lynch
                  Least Favorite= Larry Triplett

                  Miami Dolphins
                  Favorite= Ted Ginn Jr.
                  Least Favorite= Joey Porter

                  AFC West

                  Denver Broncos
                  Favorite= Dominique Foxworth
                  Least Favorite= Jay Cutler

                  San Diego Chargers
                  Favorite= Shawne Merriman
                  Least Favorite= Philip Rivers

                  Kansas City Chiefs
                  Favorite= Derrick Johnson
                  Least Favorite= Larry Johnson

                  Oakland Raiders
                  Favorite= Derrick Burgess
                  Least Favorite= Travis Taylor

                  NFC North

                  Detroit Lions
                  Favorite= Calvin Johnson
                  Least Favorite= Ernie Sims

                  Minnesota Vikings
                  Favorite= EJ Henderson
                  Least Favorite= Chester Taylor

                  Chicago Bears
                  Favorite= Mike Brown
                  Least Favorite= Lance Briggs

                  Green Bay Packers
                  Favorite= Kabeer Gbaja-Biamilia
                  Least Favorite= Charles Woodson

                  NFC South

                  Atlanta Falcons
                  Favorite= Joe Horn
                  Least Favorite= Deangeloverrated Hall

                  Carolina Panthers
                  Favorite= Kris Jenkins
                  Least Favorite= Steve Smith

                  Tampa Bay Buccanneers
                  Favorite= Derrick Brooks
                  Least Favorite= Simeon Rice

                  New Orleans Saints
                  Favorite= Deuce McAlister
                  Least Favorite= Reggie Bush

                  NFC East

                  Washington Redskins
                  I hate every player on the Redskins

                  Dallas Cowboys
                  Favorite= Terrell Owens
                  Least Favorite= Every other Cowboy

                  Philadelphia Eagles=
                  Favorite= Donovan McNabb
                  Least Favorite= Takeo Spikes

                  New York Giants
                  Favorite= Sinorice Moss
                  Least Favorite= Will Demps, and Eli Manning

                  NFC West

                  San Francisco 49ers
                  Favorite= Vernon Davis
                  Least Favorite= Darrell Jackson

                  Seattle Seahawks
                  Favorite= Josh Wilson
                  Least Favorite= Patrick Kerney

                  St. Louis Rams
                  Favorite= Tory Holt
                  Least Favorite= Leonard Little <--murderer

                  Arizona Cardinals
                  Favorite= Edge, Larry Fitz, Adrian Wilson
                  Least Favorite= Darnell Dockett, JJ Arrington
                  HALL OF FAMER!

                  Xbox Live - Kevown8999


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                    NFC North

                    Chicago Bears
                    Favorite: Brian Urlacher(no explaination needed)
                    Least Favorite: Rex Grossman- Thinks his **** don't stink, i like confidence but he is Overly Cocky.

                    Detroit Lions
                    Favorite:Calvin Johnson- hard not to like him, a class act and in a few years he will be talked about as Marvin Harrison is spoken of in Today's NFL.
                    Least Favorite:John Kitna- I Just dont like him

                    Green Bay Packers
                    Favorite: Nobody
                    Least Favorite: The entire Packers Team

                    Minnesota Vikings
                    Favorite:Kevin Williams- Beast
                    Least Favorite:Artis Hicks-played horrid Last season


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                      NFC West

                      Arizona fav - Boldin, ... Look what he does the the entire 49er defense (1:10)... disgusting
                      least fav - Rolle, guy talks a big game like he is a legitimate corner

                      San Fran fav - Toss up between Bryant Young and Frank Gore. Gore is about as intelligent as a four year old, but damn can he ball. Plus they both are about as passionate about the game as you can get.
                      least fav - Kwame Harris...terrible

                      Seattle fav - Hasselback "We want the ball, and we're gunna score!!!!" (promptly throws interception that leads to game winning td)...Thank you for one of the funniest moments in NFL history
                      least fav - Patrick Kearny

                      St Louis fav - Jackson, it hurt to watch him fall on draft day. Plus he is as well spoken as Frank Gore, gotta love that.
                      least fav - Aeneas Williams... I know this is about current players, but way to end the career of the most electrifying quarterback to play the game (not vick)


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                        Favorite- Lee Evans- one of the most underrated WR's in the game
                        Least Favorite- Peerless Price

                        New England
                        Favorite- Laurence Maroney
                        Least Favorite- Reche Caldwell- HUGE eyes

                        New York Jets
                        Favorite- Jonathan Vilma- The U
                        Least Favorite- Justin McCareins

                        Favorite- Ronnie Brown
                        Least Favorite- Vonnie Holliday- FA bust in KC

                        Favorite- Ed Reed- The U
                        Least Favorite- Clarence Moore- Big for nothing

                        Favorite- Ocho Cinco- most entertaining player in the NFL IMO
                        Least Favorite- Robert Geathers- Did you see that hit on Trent?

                        Favorite- Kellen Winslow- The U
                        Least Favorite- Jamal Lewis-

                        Favorite- Hines Ward- tough, physical, and does all the dirty work
                        Least Favorite- Bryant McFadden

                        Favorite- Andre Johnson- The U
                        Least Favorite- Dexter McCleon- one of the worst CB's to ever put on a Chiefs uni

                        Favorite- Reggie Wayne- The U
                        Least Favorite- Rob Morris

                        Favorite- Rashean Mathis
                        Least Favorite- Bobby McCray

                        Favorite- Keith Bulluck
                        Least Favorite- Andre Woolfolk

                        Favorite- Rod Smith-
                        Least Favorite- Tom Nalen- watch those knees

                        Kansas City
                        Favorite- Larry Johnson/ Derrick Johnson
                        Least Favorite- Kendrell Bell

                        Favorite- Nnamdi Asomugha
                        Least Favorite- Zack Crockett

                        San Diego
                        Favorite- Antonio Cromartie
                        Least Favorite- Shawne Merriman- ROIDS

                        Favorite- Brian Dawkins
                        Least Favorite- L.J. Smith

                        New York Giants
                        Favorite- Jeremy Shockey- The U
                        Least Favorite- Eli Manning- i'll never forget draft day

                        Favorite- Sean Taylor- The U
                        Least Favorite- Brandon Lloyd- FA bust, and can't rap

                        Favorite- DeMarcus Ware
                        Least Favorite- Tony Romo- hate that smile

                        Favorite- Lance Briggs
                        Least Favorite- Rex Grossman

                        Favorite- Shaun Rogers
                        Least Favorite- Jon Kitna- gives defenses fasntasy points like crazy

                        Favorite- Kevin Williams
                        Least Favorite- Travis Taylor

                        Green Bay
                        Favorite- Al Harris-
                        Least Favorite- Robert Ferguson
                        Favorite- Alge Crumpler
                        Least Favorite- Michael Vick- Ron Mexico, STDs, dogfighting

                        Favorite- Steve Smith
                        Least Favorite- DeShaun Foster

                        New Orleans
                        Favorite- Marques Colston
                        Least Favorite- Fred Thomas

                        Tampa Bay
                        Favorite- Derrick Brooks
                        Least Favorite- Chris Hovan

                        Favorite- Adrian Wilson
                        Least Favorite- Kurt Warner- his wife annoys me too

                        San Francisco
                        Favorite- Frank Gore- The U
                        Least Favorite- Kwame Harris

                        St. Louis
                        Favorite- Steven Jackson
                        Least Favorite- Pisa Tinoisamoa

                        Favorite- Kelly Jennings- The U
                        Least Favorite- Nate Burleson
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                          Originally posted by LarryJohnson27
                          Favorite- Kevin Williams
                          Least Favorite- Travis Taylor
                          Travis Taylor isn't a Viking anymore. He is now with the Raiders


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                            Chris Simms might have heart but he sure doesn't have a spleen, LOL.


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                              Originally posted by LarryJohnson27 View Post


                              Least Favorite- Clarence Moore- Big for nothing
                              Are you and i talking about the same Clarence Moore???? The one im thinking of gets touchdowns every other catch and is a 6'6" monster who could potentially reinvent the wide receiver position. Being a 6'6" receiver is rare and to also be such a quality person is damn near impossible to find. he is not only a blessing to the ravens but is gods gift to all of humanity. with out him there no hope. Clarence Moore is above the law.

                              also he is 6'6". that's tall

                              Originally posted by Scott Wright
                              Don't be a stranger. Jordyzzzz would want you to stick around. ;o)

                              Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy



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