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Break down your team's schedule and what you think their record will be

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  • Break down your team's schedule and what you think their record will be

    Atlanta Falcons:

    @ Minnesota Vikings - L -
    The Petrino era starts off rocky with a Loss to the Hapless Vikings, however Adrian Peterson comes in and dominates like he really should and it costs Atlanta the game.

    @ Jacksonville Jaguars - W-
    The QB 'situation' coupled with the Falcons being very prepared to come in and looking to make up for a game they should have won in Minnesota they come in focused and pounce on the opportunity to beat a very physical team, by simply outrunning them.

    vs. Carolina Panthers - L -
    Again, the home opener for Petrino gets the Birds a loss and the season doesn't start off too hopeful for the Falcons but they are still trying to get things in order, and the Panthers are in a set system and the Falcons are going to have to shake them out of it before they can get the W, and even with Zimmer's improved defense, their just simply won't be enough to win this game.

    vs. Houston Texans - W -
    This game starts to realize exactly what this season may look like for the Falcons and even with a tough Defense that has come about in Houston with Ryans, Williams and now the addition of Okoye plus the addition Matt Schaub just simply will not be able to stop the will of Vick to prove to the city of Atlanta that he was the right decision to keep in town.

    @ Tennessee Titans - W -
    Vick gives Vince a lesson in what a mobile QB can do in the NFL and the defensive speed gets to Vince for once and without the presence of a WR weapon the Titans play tough but get beat at home.

    vs. N.Y. Giants - W -
    Without Tiki the Falcons simply are too much for the Giants to handle, and while their defense will get after Vick something fierce, the offensive line has started to meld under the new system and is able to hold up enough to give Vick the little bit of time and some running lanes to really have a great game, and the Falcons are able to beat a very tough Giants team at home.

    @ New Orleans Saints - L -
    The Falcons want to make up for last season's embarassment, but they're going to have to wait, because the Saints defend their house and put the Falcons back in their place. Especially coming off the short week

    vs. San Fransisico 49ers - W -
    This young team isn't able to overcome the Falcons in the dome, but this will be one of the best games all season imo. But the Falcons are able to defend their home field and keep back the upstart 49ers. After coming off the bye.

    @ Carolina Panthers - W -
    The Falcons are able to go into Carolina and hook it up with a win. They steal one away from the Panthers and even up the season series after losing at home in the dome.

    vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers - W -
    The Falcons go on a streak here and are feeling good, the Bucs put out a tough defensive matchup but can't get their offense clicking and end up not being able to hold off the Falcons.

    vs Indianapolis Colts - L -
    Coming in off the extremely short week they get pummled by the Champs and just get blown off the field imo. I think the Colts offense will be entirely too much to handle and the #2 corner will be exposed all day long by Reggie Wayne.

    @ St. Louis Rams - W -
    Getting the extended time after playing the Thursday game allows the Falcons to heal up and make a run at the Rams and take them out in their own place.

    @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers - L -
    The Falcons should win this game but end up blowing it and the record starts to slip at the worst of times, blowing games they should win.

    @ Arizona Cardinals - L -
    Say it ain't so, 2 in a row the Falcons drop and it's beginning to get ugly, still controlling their own playoff destiny but it's looking bad really quick. Losing 2 / 3 on the road.

    vs. Seattle Seahawks - W -
    The Falcons push their way into the playoffs at 10-6 and show the Seahawks no Southern Hospitality after their cross country flight they get beat off the field like they don't even belong.

    The Falcons record I see ending up 10-6 pretty realistically, but could be 9-7 or as good as 12-4. Our ease of schedule allows us to do this well. But I think it will give the team a good amount of confidence

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    Too much to type at 1 in the morning. I'll do this tomorrow.


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      @St. Louis - W, Their defense still hasn't improved enough since last year even with the addition of a decent sized body in the middle. Their best corner won't be able to cover steve smith and our defense should limit Jackson to an at least average day.

      Houston - W Carolina has better players in just about every position, including head coach, that's why.

      @Atlanta - L We always find a way to lose to atlanta once a year

      Tampa Bay - W they won't win in our house, especially with their trouble on the offensive line

      @New Orleans W - The teams don't match up well for New Orleans.
      @Arizona W - Its arizona...

      Indianapolis L - They're still the best team in the NFL till someone proves otherwise. This is probably one of the last goals on Peyton's list, right under kill tom Brady, he's never beaten carolina, I hope he never does.

      @Tennessee W- Carolina's defense is built to contain players with a lot of talent, that includes Vince Young who's not at Vick's level scrambling. The lack of decent running backs and wide receivers compound problems. No number 1 CB hurts even more as Steve Smith murders them.

      Atlanta W - Someone in atlanta does something stupid and talks trash. Our players get pissed off and open up some whoop-ass. Vick will continue to struggle being pressured by our defense and will throw turnovers, the X factor is the health on atlanta's defense.

      @Green Bay W - Brett Favre simply can't get it done against one of the NFL's best defenses and again Carolina's better running backs and receivers gash their defense who spends too much time on the field.

      New Orleans - L Saints are too good to be beaten twice by any team.

      San Francisco W They're still a young team facing experienced veterans. Their offensive line, though improved won't be a match for the defensive line and though they'll pressure Carolina's offense with a solid set of corners and a decent outside linebacking combo they still lack the impact players needed to shut everyone down.

      @Jacksonville -L Combination of three very good backs and a great defense hurts Carolina who's offense can't find a rythmn and defense gets worn out.

      Seattle W - I still think there's too many holes in that defense, their linebacking corp is still undersized and their secondary susceptible to speed receivers.

      Dallas - L Dallas finds a way to beat Carolina in the regular season ever time we play, though the playoffs, thankfully, is a different story.

      @Tampa Bay -W Tampa still has too many questions at QB, RB and WR, since most of those positions can't stay healthy or simply cannot produce. Their offensive line, with the exception of two guys is pretty poor. Those two will face Peppers and Jenkins... Over match to say the least. Their defense will keep them competitive.

      10-5, with losses to a couple of very good teams and hard fought divisional rivals. I've only really predicted we'd beat teams who are either still rebuilding or who're outmatched in key areas.


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        Ehh.. it's late and I'm lazy to get really in-depth, but here's my initial thoughts:

        New Orleans Saints:

        @ Indianapolis: Win
        @ Tampa Bay: Win
        Tennessee: Win
        Carolina: Win
        @ Seattle: Loss
        Atlanta: Win
        @ San Francisco: Win
        Jacksonville: Loss
        St. Louis: Loss
        @ Houston: Win
        @ Carolina: Loss
        Tampa Bay: Win
        @ Atlanta: Loss
        Arizona: Win
        Philadelphia: Win
        @ Chicago: Win

        The whole world loves neophyte athletic tight end Jimmy Graham from Miami with the 95th pick. "Best pick in the draft,'' one AFC coach told me. "Give him time, and in that offense, he'll be better than [Jeremy] Shockey by the start of next year.''

        “We know that no matter the adversity, be it the lockout, be it the suspension or be it a hurricane, our men will pull together and defend the honor of this city. We’ve shown we’ve been able to do that.” - Jabari Greer


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          Tamp Bay Buccaneers

          at Seattle: Loss. More talented team, tougher environment, and hyped home opener doesn't bode well for the Bucs.

          New Orleans: Loss. We can't stop them from running or passing, and we certainly can't keep up with them on offense.

          St. Louis: Win. Historically, when we've had a pass rush, we've been able to beat them. They're much tougher running now with Jackson, but I think our offense has a good chance with their defense. Especially the secondary. At home helps.

          at Carolina: Loss. We've had trouble winning there sine the inception of the NFC South.

          at Indianapolis: Loss. Simply out-classed.

          Tennessee: Win. We've had trouble with mobile QBs as of late. But at home, without Pacman and Travis Henry, and a big threat WR, I can see us taking this one.

          at Detroit: Win. Ah, Rod. It'll be tough facing him, but that secondary looks ripe for the picking. And Kalimba Edwards and Dewayne White can't expose our tackles like some can. On offense, they won't be able to run the ball enough to get their passing game open.

          Jacksonville: Loss. Too many favorable match-ups. Their big nasties vs. our inexperienced guards. Their big secondary with Rashean Mathis on Galloway alone takes away our biggest pass threat. MJD against our rush D.

          Arizona: Win. Like Detroit, their lack of running game will hurt them. Not to mention our line getting in mid-season form vs. their lackluster defense.

          at Atlanta: Loss. Their defense had our number last year, and this is in Atlanta. I smell split.

          Washington: Win. This has become a nice little rivalry as of late. I think we take it though. At home, improved line and QB play and pass rush. Not to mention we won last year's match-up in our worst season.

          at New Orleans: Loss. In New Orleans, better offense that we can't completely stop or keep up with.

          at Houston: Win. Lack of running game, lack of passing game. Their pass rushers need time and technique, their secondary needs more talent. Matt Shaub and Simeon Rice have met before. Sack, forced fumble, Bucs TD. I believe Shaub was in for 1 series. Same poor OL circumstances. Gaines should get his too.

          Atlanta: Win. Split, as is usually the case. Offense plays better at home. Defense, with added speed from Simeon, Gaines, June, and Sabby, once again contain Vick.

          at San Francisco: Loss. Biggest worry coming into the season is we can't stop the run great. SF's line is big and their back is talented. They will wear us down, then throw over the top of us.

          Carolina: Win. At home, and by week 17 I think this game will mean more to us than it will to them.

          A favorable schedule results in an 8-8 record.


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            NY JETS

            New England - Win - I think new england will get off to a surprisingly slow start as the look to build cohesion. that will be to our gain.

            @Baltimore - Loss - the jets dont have the big play threat to stretch the ravens defense. Nothin but field goals for us this game.

            Miami - Win - Miami should just start calling us daddy. this is the game greens season ends and the dolphins wish culpepper was still on the team.

            @Buffalo - Win - without mcgahee being the jet killer he is. the bills wont be able to keep up with us as we methodicallly score every possesion.

            @N.Y. Giants - Win - The giants will struggle mightily all season with barber gone and the team in eli's hands.

            Philadelphia - Win - The eagles should be ravaged by injuries like normal by now and we steal one from a depleted unit.

            @Cincinnati - Loss - Our secondary cant match up with TJ and Chad.

            Buffalo - Win - pretty much a repeat of the first game.

            Washington - Loss - a game the jets should win that i feel like we will lose just in the mid season lull.

            Pittsburgh - Win - After a by week we come in and dominate the steelers to get back on track.

            @Dallas - Loss - Owens will go wild and i expect big things from the boys this year.

            @Miami - Win - Its not like cleo lemon is going to beat us.

            Cleveland - Win - i think quinn will be starting by now and will have rookie struggles. the jets will be the leagues most consistent team this year and will take advantage of that.

            @New England - Loss - The pats wont lose both to the jets in one season. and its in new england. im expecting our worse loss of the season as the jets and pats fight for the division going into the playoffs.

            @Tennessee - Win - They are going to be wretched this year. mangenius will confuse young.

            Kansas City - Win - LJ will be worn down by the 500 carries he has endured by now combined with an uncertain QB situation by this broyle the guy?


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              vs Arizona - WIN The addition of Clements shuts down the dangerous Fitzgerald

              @ St Louis - WIN Smith, Gore and Davis combine to overcome divisional foe

              @ Pittsburgh - LOSS Young team outgunned by determined Steelers

              vs Seattle - WIN Darrel Jackson shines as his input sends the seahawks packing

              vs Baltimore - LOSS Team loses a heartbreaker in a close home game


              @ Giants - WIN Defense stops Shockey / Manning as Gore runs amuck

              vs New Orleans - LOSS Bad home loss beaten by better team

              @ Atlanta - WIN Vick ineffective as a passer as 9ers get up in a close one

              @ Seattle - LOSS Seahawks turn tide avenging earlier defeat

              vs St Louis - WIN Steven Jackson ineffective as 9ers passing game explodes

              @ Arizona - WIN Close game which team controls throughout

              @ Carolina - LOSS Youth, lack of experience costly, close game

              vs Minnesota - WIN Dominante performance on both sides of the ball

              vs Cincinnatti - LOSS Palmer and Johnson combine, costly defeat

              vs Tampa Bay - WIN Steamrolls the Bucs in style

              @ Cleveland - WIN Pass defence make Quinns day hell

              Niners finish 10-6 losing a couple of close games ultimately costing them a playoff berth. Finishing with just 1 more win than last year (9-7) the season is still regarded as a success and the tight losses leading to misssing of the playoffs drives the team hard to succeed in 2008. A season of consolidation

              me want to kill you? hahaha Bonekrusher you complete me


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                Originally posted by BlindSite View Post

                10-5, with losses to a couple of very good teams and hard fought divisional rivals. I've only really predicted we'd beat teams who are either still rebuilding or who're outmatched in key areas.
                I count 11 wins
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                Originally posted by Scott Wright
                Don't be a stranger. Jordyzzzz would want you to stick around. ;o)

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                  @ Green Bay: Win
                  Vs. Washington: Win
                  Vs. Detroit: Win
                  @ New York Giants: Win
                  @ New York Jets: Loss
                  Vs. Chicago: Win
                  @ Minnesota: Win
                  Vs. Dallas: Win
                  @ Washington: Win
                  Vs. Miami: Win
                  @ New England: Loss
                  Vs. Seattle: Win
                  Vs. New York Giants: Win
                  @ Dallas: Win
                  @ New Orleans: Loss
                  Vs. Buffalo: Loss (Subs playing)

                  12-4. Don't count on us losing a divisional game.


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                    Originally posted by SNIPER26 View Post

                    12-4. Don't count on us losing a divisional game.
                    when is the last time that has happened? thats a very competitive division.

                    Originally posted by Scott Wright
                    Don't be a stranger. Jordyzzzz would want you to stick around. ;o)

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                      Originally posted by BlindSite View Post
                      @Tampa Bay -W Tampa still has too many questions at QB, RB and WR, since most of those positions can't stay healthy or simply cannot produce. Their offensive line, with the exception of two guys is pretty poor. Those two will face Peppers and Jenkins... Over match to say the least. Their defense will keep them competitive.
                      Luke Petitgout and Arron Sears are every bit as good as Davin and Trueblood. IMO, better.


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                        Originally posted by niel89 View Post
                        when is the last time that has happened? thats a very competitive division.
                        Us not losing a divisional game? Three years ago. I think it happened three straight years in that streak. Only lost one last year on a massive fluke. I really don't expect us to lose to Washington or New York, and Dallas is a toss-up but I'd never EXPECT or PREDICT a loss to Dallas. That would be UnEaglelike.


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                          Originally posted by dbtb135 View Post
                          Luke Petitgout and Arron Sears are every bit as good as Davin and Trueblood. IMO, better.
                          Sears better than Joseph (Why do you refer to his first name and the others last?)???? Give me a break. Joseph is going to be dominant on that right side and Sears is completely unproven.


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                            Posted this in the cowboys forum, pre-draft.

                            NYG- recent history tells us that we're not the strongest week 1 team but, the Giants do not scare me without Tiki... doesnt matter who they replace him with, be it... Jacobs or if they are heavy on the tandem with Droughns... he/they are not Barber. Tiki is the Giants offense. We win. (1-0)

                            @Miami- Defense is gonna be fierce but, give Romo time and we wont have a problem beating them through the air. (2-0)

                            @Chicago- This one should be a heart thumper... Really could go either way here but, I'll stick with the better of the two last season...Bears win a close one. (2-1)

                            St Louis- This one has high scoring written all over it... Another battle but, I think our weapons outlast theirs. (3-1)

                            @Buffalo- J.P. has made strides but, that defense has lost too much... I think we blow them out. (4-1)

                            New England- Ugh...Not looking forward to this one... luckily it's at home but, the more experienced Brady will have his boys prepared... i can see us getting beat up a little in this one. (4-2)

                            Minnesota- I think any Wade Phillips D would have no problem taking down this Vikes O... we win relativaly easily. (5-2)


                            @Phily- The Division Champs on the road... I can hear the T.O. sucks chants already... Their gonna be scary this year... with a healthy Mcnabb and the addition of Takeo Spikes but... i think our team comes in hot and ready off the bye...T.O. gets a little revenge in this one. (6-2)

                            @NYG- NY is always good for one... I think they cool us off a bit here. Splitting the season series (6-3)

                            Was- Far from sold on Mr. Campbell... Portis can only carry the team so far... we win this one. (7-3)

                            NYJ- The biggest fraud in the NFL last season (just an opinion)... hey my hats off to them, they overacheived but, their schedule was a bit of a joke last season. I dont see them repeating that same success and I dont foresee a win for them against our stronger team. (8-3)

                            GB - Romo faces his idle... Skill vs. Will. Should be fun to watch and I wouldnt be too surprised if this is a nail biter... but, once again we take it. (9-3)

                            @Det- The ole trap game...The Lions... beat us last year in a game we should have had... Our more prepared defense will not give up 39 points again... We blow them out this time around. (10-3)

                            Phily- After three straight games against some of the leagues lesser opponents... we get a real test at home. Mcnabb has his team well prepared, as always and beat us in front of the home crowd. (10-4)

                            @Car- Last season we had no problem with these guys... Talent wise they are right there with us... Maybe more so than us. Should be another fantastic Smith/Newman battle and that is exactly what this game is gonna be... a battle. Panthers need it more and want it more and barely edge us out by a field goal. (10-5)

                            @Was- Having already clinched a playoff birth... Romo sees little action in this one, Mr. Johnson comes in and performs beautifully in a close game against an uninspired Redskins team having little to play for. (11-5)

                            Thanks BoneKrusher^

                   (the man)
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                              Baltimore Ravens

                              Week 1 @ Cincinnati= Loss Big loss IMO add these 2 facts together, Bengals are a better team and they can beat our defense and have proven it, and McNair and our entire offense suck ass in night games, on primetime. Score - 24-3

                              Week 2 vs. Jets= Win I think we'll be able to contain the Jets offense and be able to move the ball on the Jets D. Score - 17-9

                              Week 3 vs. Arizona= Win This is a game I'm not sure about I thinkwe'll be able to stop edge and get to Leinart, but if we can;t then Leinart could have a field day with his talented receivers, however we should be able to score easily on the Cards D. Score - 31-21

                              Week 4 @ Cleveland= Win We'll stop the Browns, and we will score on them. Score - 24-10

                              Week 5 @ 49ers= Win The 49ers will make a game of it with their talent on O, but their D is still a little vulnerable. Score - 17-14

                              Week 6 vs. St. Louis= Win Will score on em, and our D will shut down the Rams relatively easily I believe. Score - 24-10

                              Week 7 @ Buffalo= Win Bills fans get happy as their D shuts down Willis, but the Ravens still win. Score - 10-0

                              Week 8 Bye

                              Week 9 @ Pittsburgh= Win A lot of turnover for the Steelers, we'll hurt Roethlisberger (not injure....hurt) and we'll be able to spread the Steelers D out and throw on the weak pitt secondary, although with this being a night game we could easily lose this one too. Score - 17-7

                              Week 10 vs. Cincinnati= Loss Cincinnati is a better team and would have swept us last year if the game would have had a few extra minutes. Score - 24-14

                              Week 11 vs. Cleveland= Win See Cleveland game above. Score - 24-3

                              Week 12 @ San Diego= Loss This game starts a bad stretch for us, Chargers will beat us easily IMO. Score - 28-10

                              Week 13 vs. New England= Loss Tough home loss on Monday night in front of the nation. 24-17

                              Week 14 vs. Colts= Loss We won't touch Peyton all game, and our O will get dominated by the Colts D as usual. Score - 28-3

                              Week 15 @ Miami= Win Defensive battle, very low scoring game and we'll win it on a last second FG by money Matt. Score - 9-6

                              Week 16 @ Seattle= Loss Tough place to go and win, plus it will prolly be raining or snowing either way McNair sucks in bad weather and he'll lose it for us with a couple of untimely INTs. Score - 17-10

                              Week 17 vs. Pittsburgh= Win We get back to back years of sweeping the Steelers, and all is right with the world. Score - 21-10

                              So 10-6 Wild Card, and out in the first rd of the playoffs again. I'd rather go 2-14 and take the RB from Arkansas, and get rid of Willis.
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