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Who all has signed with the birds?

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  • Who all has signed with the birds?

    We haven't had any football talk in here for a while, I'd like to get some going again. So where are we standing with the signings of the rookies?

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    We have signed LB, Steven Nicholas and HB, Jason Snelling so far. Look for a flurry of 2nd day signings comming up soon.

    Its very hard to talk football at the moment because not much is happening in the world of the falcons. The Orlando Huff signing was intresting, i really hope its just for competition because if our LBers cant beat out him we have a real worry at linebacker, he is not very good.

    How many LBers do we look like keeping? Anyway ideally id like the depth chart to be

    Michael Boley
    Marcus Wilkins
    Jordan Beck

    Keith Brooking
    Jordan Beck
    Tony Taylor

    Demorrio Williams
    Steven Nicholas
    Marcus Wilkins

    7 guys seems about right...

    Also a message for Mr Blank and Mr McKay... Please bring in Jared Gaither and start moulding the physical phenom into the player you want at LT (edit) for the next 10 years...i mean break the guys technique down and build it all up again, this guy has amazing potential... let him sit for part of this year and start next year as opposed to drafting a project LT (edit) with less upside next year... it will speed up the entire process
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      Yeah, I agree, take a shot with Gaither. Low Risk/High Reward


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        I'd take a look at him with a 3rd/4th round comp pick...nothing higher than that though. He's not going to play football this year that is for sure, and the Falcons don't really need him at RT...we have our RT locked in for a few more years.


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          sorry massive mistake on my part, i meant left tackle which we do need and also the position i invision him playing. The problem is that you hear from all parts that he is more suited to RT as you dont really want him defending the QB's blindside(the same thing was said about Marcus McNeil), so without thinking, i transfered that logic straight to what i said earlier. What i meant was LT however, as he would fill a need and not be defending vicks blindside. As LT is our equlivant of RT.

          I really think this guy compares to Marcus McNeil. I also think Blaylock is similiar to Shawn Andrews. Those two together on out left side could be great

          LT Gaither
          LG Blaylock
          C Mclure/Datish
          RG Forney
          RT Weiner

          Now that looks good
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            Originally posted by iloxygenil View Post
            He's not going to play football this year that is for sure,
            I agree here, but whats the alternative? Looking at where we hope to finish this year i think we would be hard pressed to find an LT that can come in and play straight away (in 2008) as we would hopefully be picking from 15-20 in the 1st round. Im sure whoever we would take would have to sit for a while too, and that means more Gandy.

            What im saying is, get Gaither now, give him most part of this year, (more time than we would give a 1st rounder next year when Gandy's even more lackluster play in 2008 would force a rookie to be thrown into the fire) to learn the position, and start day 1 next year. This way we would have a guy with almost unprecidented upside, who has had more time to acclimatise himself than a 2008 1st round LT, but yet starting, and making an impact earlier than a 2008 1st round tackle.

            All this while still having our 1st rounder to use somewhere else. Im thinking NT, SS MLB or a BPA that falls at another position.

            Whats that NT's name Red..something. I like what ive red about him, he could be an option
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              Falcons sign Japanese-born wideout Kinoshita


              you guys hear about the new wr signing? i'm thinking he's brought in solely for kick returns. a small guy like him you would think he's brought on for speed but i was watching a punt return of his in nfl "europa" and i didnt see any flashiness and speed i was expecting..

              however.. i am proud to see one of my fellow yellow brothers donning a falcons jersey. even a practice one.. ;)


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                I think the thing about the whole situation there is that Gaither is just not a 1st round lock, people like him, but he's SUPER raw. which could be good but it could be bad too. I don't know, 15-20 is going to have some GREAT OTs next year, that position is STACKED next season, at least 4 1st round projections at this point and that's without underclassmen but if we go for him I'll be happy, I just don't want to cost ourselves too much in terms of a day 1 pick...3rd round I could live with but man alive I dunno. It's impossible to speculate on next year's draft at this point lol.

                I really like the OL getting worked up, so I'm hoping that continues to happen and I hope we find our cornerstone LT because that's the only position on the line that I don't think has the ability to play at a pro bowl level, other than that, I think we have the talent.



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