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More Informed Final 53 Predictions (after seeing them play)

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  • More Informed Final 53 Predictions (after seeing them play)

    RDE: Abraham; (Davis) Carrington;
    UT: Coleman; Babineaux (Lewis/TJackson)
    NT: Grady; Lewis; TJackson
    LDE: Anderson; Davis
    BLB: Boley; (J Beck) M. Wilkins
    MLB: Brooking; T. Taylor J Beck
    WLB: D. Williams; S. Nicholas
    LCB: D. Hall; D. Irons;
    SS: L. Milloy; D. Stone
    FS: C. Crocker; J. Williams
    RCB: L. Sanders; C. Houston

    WR-X: M. Jenkins; L. Robinson
    LT: W. Gandy; R. Foster
    LG: J. Blalock; T. Clabo
    C: T. McClure; P. Alexander
    RG: K. Forney; K. Quarterman
    RT: T. Weiner; Q. Ojinnaka
    TE: A. Crumpler; D. Blakley; M Milner; D Fells
    QB: J. Harrington; Redman; C. Bramlet
    FB: O. Mughelli; (J. Snelling)
    RB: W. Dunn; J Norwood; J. Snelling
    WR-Z: J. Horn; R. White; A. Jennings

    PK: B. Cundiff
    H: Koenen; (Harrington)
    P: Koenen
    KO: Koenen; (Cundiff)
    KOR: A. Jennings
    PR: A. Jennings
    KC: B. Stutz
    PC: B. Stutz


    Fells, Crumpler or Milner Dunn or Norwood would cover for the 5th WR in a 5 WR set should a WR go down

    Bramlet is only there because i didnt wanna speculate on the QB we will sign to replace him. I suspect Chris Simms, who will be fine in the #3 QB spot

    I didnt pick Nori because i think the season is too important to include a guy who is party there for a PR stunt IMO.

    If Fells plays half way decent this week then Milner would be the one cut if we were able to find a CB in Free Agency who is capable of returning kicks but better at CB. As opposed to Rossum is good at returning kicks but abysmal at CB. If not Norwood would be my backup Kick Returner. The cardinals cut CB Travarous Bain, i liked him as a prospect, he has good size and is pretty much the ideal type of CB then KR i talk about earlier in the paragraph

    I didnt include Mont. Stanley because i dont see how he is going to make more of an impression in 4 days that Shop/ TJ were able to in months WITH the coaching and scheme, he would need to do all that in 4 days.

    Our special teams would be great with this squad, prenty of LBers and TE's, i could see it becoming a strong point for out team

    thoughts? and what are yours?
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