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What are you most excited about this season?

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  • What are you most excited about this season?

    Right now I'd have to say I'm not sure. I'm torn between, an offense in which I feel that Vick could actually flourish, I never really cared for those short passes 24/7. But also I'm very excited to see what Zimmer can do for this defense. Seeing Deangelo and Jimmy in man coverage will be incredible. We have a TON of ??? right now, but I think we can fix some if not most of those this offseason, the problem then becomes, can we mask those ??? that we aren't able to fix throughout the season? I'd say yes, but I think we have to cut Gandy and Webster to free up some $$$.

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    • A physical brand of football, shedding the "finesse" label that has been slapped on this team, from the three years of Jim Mora.
    • Seeing Michael Vick in a offense that suites his skill-set more so, like the one he flourished in '02.
    • Man to man defense, with no umbrella zone coverages.
    • Michael Boley stepping up to a Pro Bowl caliber level.
    • DeAngelo Hall taking that next step, to become an elite CB.


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      Knapp no longer calling plays
      Norwood getting more carries
      Vick not playing in the west coast off.
      Seeing if DJ Shockley improves



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