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  • Falcons 2009 Madden Ratings

    I few thoughts on the ratings

    Generally, i think they did the Falcons pretty accurately. I would of had Boley at 90 and Brooking at 87 but meh. Also if Jamal Anderson doesnt go down then i dont see how they could put Chris Houston down id of left him at 80. I wish Brent Grimes was on there somewhere.I wanna see what his rating is, he is ripping it apart in camp and is meant to be a very similiar player (skillset wise) to D Hall and looks like the day 1 starter. I try and keep it as real as possible when i play so ill start him if the real falcons start him but might need to tweak his rating to 75ish.

    If i had to guess Chevis would be 73 because of 87 speed, Frontnot and Grimes'd both be 70. Still alot of potential there for the Dynasty nut with tons of <23 year olds in the 75-85 range.

    A couple of thoughts on madden in general on what (i think) they could do in '09 to make me happy

    1. I hated the hit stick on the last game, it seemed really illogical to me to move the hitstick away from the player i was trying to hit (when trying for a high hit stick) and my hand eye co-ordination just couldnt do it, consequently i would low hit stick 100% of the time, itd work but it looks pretty dumb after a while with 250lb linebackers hitting 180lb WRs like they were D Hall tackling Brandon Jacobs. Id like down hitstick to still be low hit stick BUT maybe have down hitstick + LT to do a high hit stick.

    2. Bring back Madden and Michael's. That radio guy sucks. I would love a whole new play by play with ALL NEW madden idiocy. Him saying stuff like "And boom... i got mustard on my tie" never gets old!

    3. Fix Franchise Mode Progressions. IMO it was better how it used to be. As it was in 2006-7 if Michael Boley makes 100 tackes 10 pics and 10 FF he goes up like he should, like 6-7 points in a year. But now, unless your the master of LB drills he doesnt go up as much(at all) Basically i could sit Boley all year, do drills and hed go up heaps. Stupid to me. Save the drills for the end of the year IMO and focus on other franchise stuff.

    4. Bring Back Black Jerseys and Clear Visors! The Sickest thing ever was when on '07 you gave a guy a black visor and black shoes/ankle tape and then wore the black on black jerseys. As for the clear visors, its just realistic. Tons more guys wear clear than tints, tints are kinda outlawed by the league unless you get special permission so why include black and no clear?
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    The ratings are always not what we think they should be. There's some Madden magic in them somewhere, but Lofton at an 81...oh boy that's going to be fun. Baker at 78, that's not going to be fun. He should have been at least an 80 imo. But oh well, maybe they have his pass blocking right at least. I'm interested to see what the speed ratings are on these guys. I know it's lame, but it's still prolly the single most important stat in the game. If he's fast he'll get there and if you're good you just don't miss a lot of tackles.

    The hit stick thing needs to be left alone and let people adjust, don't change it again. It's perfectly fine the way it is, maybe it was annoying to you, but you could do the other if you want, and the low hit stick is more effective most of the time anyway.


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      They need to involve a physics engine for tackling. I have seen it out there and some videos of it. EA just needs to hurry up and buy it so then we dont have to endure through the same tackle animations. That pisses me off alot.

      AI needs to be adjusted. Defensive AI is ridiculous while offensive AI is the dumbest thing ever.

      The progression really sucks and I agree with that. In Madden 07 on the PS2, they progressed properly, but in 08 on the 360 it seems as if they dont progress at all. And I miss the training camps where you got to boost up stats like crazy.

      Matt Ryan is pretty rockin. 72 awareness for a rookie? lol.

      "He's the leader of the next great class of NFL players." - John Elway on Matt Ryan


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        I have the real ones


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          haha yeah dude, if you follow the link you can see it has the exact same thing aka the "real ones" only difference is its dumped onto another forum not this one. Generally links make the forum easier to read/load that screen dumps. But ohwell
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            Douglas at 79? Wow
            Bring Wesley Woodyard back home Tom.


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              I wanna see the other stats...anyone know how to get those? Anyone find them?



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