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    Okay, I'm new here but I wanted to take a shot at how I see the draft/free agency shaping up and what I would like to see.

    1. McKay should immediately make a serious play for OG Edwin Mulitalo who was just cut by the Ravens. This guy is very good and would work well in BP's power running game.

    2. Trade Schaub. I hate to do it; I think we're giving up the better pro QB but if they aren't going to strt him this year they need to get something for him while they can. The trade value chart says he's worth the 15th pick. Take it if offered or a lower 1st rd and a second.

    3. Assuming a 15 pick, use #10 on CB Leon Hall and #15 on MLB Patrick Willis. This also assumes that Jimmy gets moved to safety, where I think he's a better fit and has the talent to be the next Ronnie Lott. There was a reason that JW didn't see a lot of time last year. He is so tall/big that he has trouble with his transition into & out of his shuffle. That said, with his size, speed, and mean streak he would be a holy terror as a safety. As to Leon Hall, he's a good character guy, which is good for the team, and he is the top CB in the draft. He should play right away. Willis would probably be able to step right in and he will be a fixture at MLB for a long time.

    4. There should be some good DE's available in the 2nd round. I like Lamarr Woodley from Michigan and Jarvis Moss from UF if he drops this far for the weed thing. DE is the most glaring weakness right now, but you can also never have too many DT's so I would give Justin Harrell a look. Also go DT in 3rd round and take Paul Soliai from Utah. He's a load and could step in for Grady.

    5. Some other possibilities in Round 1 (depending on what gets filled in free agency, and personnel moves): DT's Amobi Okoye, Tank Tyler; DE's Jamal Anderson, Jarvis Moss & Charles Johnson; S Laron Landry and M. Griffin; OL's Levi Brown, Justin Blaylock, Ryan Kalil.

    There's my take. Sorry it's a bit long-winded but there's a lot of holes for BP to fill. Everybody take a crack at it.

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    Welcome to NFLDraftcountdown.

    Lets see. Edwin Mulitalo. Dont know anything about him, except the fact that he is 6'3" and 350 lbs. That is kind of big...almost too big, dont you think? But assuming he is that big, he should fit well into the scheme. As long as we dont overpay him he doesnt seem like a bad option at guard, and reduces one more need we have going into the draft.

    2. Yeah. This is pretty much a consensus choice. We have other holes to fill in, other than back-up QB.

    3. I dont like the MLB pick. I think Brooking can play as the MLB for another year or two, and then I think Jordan Beck (first day pick) will be ready to play MLB. I really want to see Beck play and hasnt been given a shot yet, but I think if he does get to play, I think he can be an absolute stud. I mean the guy's first tackle was a FF and he got injured for the season while returning an interception. He hasta be good.

    4. Deep DE class, but I would like to address it a bit early on, seeing how important DE is. After releasing Kerney, we have John Abraham, who we all know isnt going to play the whole season. Behind those 2, we have Davis (why wasnt he starting last year?) Mallard and Carrington. Not very good depth. I think in the first, we can pick up a real stud DE, like Jamaal Anderson and Adam Carriker, who would solve our DE problem for years to come. But if we address something else in the first, I wouldnt have a problem with picking up a DE in the 2nd.

    5. Good choices in the first, especially considering a trade down (I love trade downs). I would like to add Chris Houston. I really like this guy, and would take away the WR opposite Hall, and Jimmy Williams could wreak havoc.

    What a long response.

    "He's the leader of the next great class of NFL players." - John Elway on Matt Ryan


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      Yes, welcome, great to have another Falconer. It's going to be interesting here in Atlanta come draft day. I don't like the Leon Hall pick, he's not my style of corner, and I think in man press he will be toasted many times. I like a guy like Chris Houston if we are going to go corner, because of his athletic ability and his physicality. He was in perma man coverage and did a great job against some of the nation's best WRs. So he'd be a great fit here. Patrick Willis is an absolute stud, but we have Jordan Beck who may be even better, he's a turnover waiting to happen and has an amazing nose for the ball, even on Special Teams where he was in on nearly every ST tackle, it's amazing to see him fly around the field. People forget about him because of his injury his rookie season. He has the ability to play 5/6 positions. L/RDE, SLB, MLB, WLB, and SS. He could dominate from any of those positions. As a pass rush specialist from the End spots, and as the enforcer from the Safety spot, you guys think Thomas Davis is a stud, this guy will ring a guy's bell faster than people walkin out the door at Arby's.

      Let's see if Brooking can outdo the kid and if he can, then we're set, because we have 2 MLBs who are more than capable, and Beck is an AMAZING player because he covers SO many positions even if in a backup role. I would rather have LaRon @10 (unless he's gone, then I assume one of the big DEs will be there) and @ 15+ Chris Houston/Marshawn Lynch if he slips.


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        Sup new kid.. Good to have you here

        Edwin Mulitalo could be a nice pick up, but he's kind of old but we could use him until our rookie is ready to play.

        I love the Schaub trade. I highly doubt that we'd get a top 15 pick for him though. It's more like a late 1st or a early 2nd.

        Man, everyone wants Jimmy Williams to move to S.. Personally, we drafted him as a corner. so wo should keep him there.

        The DE is very deep, se we should easily be able to get one in the 2nd round. I like Quintin Moses, Jarvis Moss, Ikaika Alama-Francis and Anthony Spencer.

        *Good luck, and dont get on people's bad side*

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        “They have one guy, he’s pretty short. But he can go out and play. He can be a little aggravating too.’’ -- Joe Flacco talking about Brent Grimes.


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          A few quick points/responses. Sorry if I miss a few but I am at work right now so I need to be careful:

          1. On CB's: Leon Hall is the best, most complete CB available in the draft. Houston is faster but he hasn't been productive for as many games as Hall, who has started since he was a freshman. Houston also isn't a very instinctive CB and tends to gamble too often and gets burned. Hall is very smart & instinctual. I would also lump Aaron Ross in with Houston as somneone who gambles too much and gives up the big play. Actually, I like the kid McCauley out of Fresno St. better than Houston or Ross. He was actually the shutdown guy in college and the other teams would only throw at Richard Marshall, who is now starting in Carolina.

          2. At MLB: Brooking may well be a short-term fix but I would be looking to unload his contract after this season. I love the guy as a person, but I believe he is highly overrated and this is borne out by his lack of big plays. He is a physical beast but he never makes a stop behind the line of scrimmage. At his salary level he should be playing like Shawner Merriman or Brian Urlacher.

          Patrick Willis is much better in every regard than Brooking and would solidify the middle for the next 8-10 yrs.

          3. Jimmy Williams: Yes, he was drafted as a corner but if his size and awkwardness is hurting his development, which is waht kept him from seeing a lot of PT last yr., he needs to be moved to safety. He can truly be one of the all-time greats at that position and will naturally add good deep cover skills on the passing downs.

          4. We don't have enough picks to build a new O-line thru the draft so we have to take what's availalable in free agency and Mulitalo is one of the best, if not the very best, guards out there. Besides, we need some bigass Samoans on the team. They make awesome linemen.

          Anyway, that's how I see it.


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            I'm not sold that the team is sold, that Keith Brooking is the right man at MLB. His play has largely gone uncriticized as of late. He definitely deserves some blame, when the run defense struggled with him at MLB.
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              Originally posted by Shiver View Post
              I'm not sold that the team is sold, that Keith Brooking is the right man at MLB. His play has largely gone uncriticized as of late. He definitely deserves some blame, when the run defense struggled with him at MLB.
              But is he bad enough to replace with a first round draft pick? Not to mention we have a 3rd rounder in Jordan Beck, who at least deserves to get some playing time.

              "He's the leader of the next great class of NFL players." - John Elway on Matt Ryan


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                I think we have enough needs as we can handle already, without overhauling the Linebackers as well. I just cannot say for certain the team won't. I don't rule anything out, other than Quarterback.



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