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pre season #1 VS. Redskins thread

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  • pre season #1 VS. Redskins thread

    Who will you be looking at to see how they do?

    For me it is...

    -How Oher can transition ot RT
    -The WR, who is going to step up to be the #4
    -Dannell Ellerbe, I was saying we gotta pick him up before the draft hopefully he shines

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    I wanna see Flacco's decision making, and see how he's developed, because when I went to camp every QB we have looked pathetic.

    I wanna see Ray Rice used properly, as a Westbrook type of RB.

    I wanna see what kinda heart Willis has, or will he just roll over and be a lame duck.

    I wanna see Tavares Gooden prove to me he should start over Ellerbe who is a prospect I've loved for the past 2 years and wanted us to get!!!!

    I want Paul Kruger to show me something to prove he should have been taken ahead of Michael Johnson, because he shouldn't have been!

    And I wanna see Cedric Peerman get a legitimate shot to carry the ball alot in the 2nd half because he is another prospect I really like!!!

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      yea all through camp there were reports all the QBs suck. We will have some injuries on the o-line and some starters wont be playing so hopefully Flacco has enough time to truely show his decision making


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        Brian Orakpo v Oher..
        Originally posted by ATLDirtyBirds
        Coples is that dude.
        Go Amare. I Love Tayshaun Prince...

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          Originally posted by thenewfeature06 View Post
          Brian Orakpo v Oher..
          I doubt we'll see that unless Oher plays LT in the game. As for what I would like to see...

          I want to see how the receivers fare. Mason and Clayton will probably be out, and Williams probably won't play a whole lot either. That's about all I can think of for now.


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            I'll be looking for everything you guys said above also, I'm kinda glad Mason and Clayton are sitting out, this definitely gives there younger wideouts a ton of playing time. I've been itching to see Justin Harper and Demetrius Williams as well.

            Also, I want to see how Flacco plays, he's looked real bad in practice but apparently thats what Cam Cameron was expecting, he wants Flacco to throw picks so he learns his limits so he won't make em in the game.

            Should be a fun game, especially since its the first time we get to see our beloved Ravens since that AFC Championship game.

            Go Ravens! :)


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              oh jeez, Oniel Cousins looked real bad that first drive, the whole line didn't look too good, but thats expected with 3 starters sitting out. LOVED how they utilized Ray Rice.


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                looks like Steven Hauscka is kicking with the first team, is that a sign that he is ahead of Gano? I haven't seen Gano in on anything at all.


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                  Gano missed a 28 yard FG or w/e. That must be embarassing. but that snap was horrible.

                  Harper was always open. But he did drop, the hype is right he is a talented player, hopefully he is able to get more consistent w/ his hands.

                  I liked how Flacco spread the ball around.

                  ERU is right Rice looked like Westbrook but w/ power

                  Ellerbe looked real good on kick offs


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                    Oher is an animal. Man was he getting after guys. I love how he played.

                    Also, Ray Rice is going to be the best RB in the division this year.


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                      yea Rice and Oher impressed me.


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                        Oher played great, Rice looked awesome as the feature back, Kruger had a constant pass rush but I think he can still get much better, McGahee run hard and had great cuts, loved him, Matt Lawrence was also a nice suprise, him vs. Cedric Peerman should be another TC battle we should all be watching. I LOVED the passing game as a whole, loved what Flacco did, Smith was great as well, and Beck was good for a 3rd string. Also, how far ahead would you guys say Steve Hauschka is of Graham Gano?


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                          Players who impressed me:

                          Danelle Ellerbe - Excellent special teams work
                          Lardarius Webb - Kid is absolutely fearless returning punts, very good gunner, and gonna be a solid CB I think.
                          Matt Lawrence - He looked fantastic carrying the ball and catching out of the backfield, the logjam of runners we have will prolly make him a practice squad guy or a gem steal for another team.
                          Yamon Figurs - He looked like he might have found some confidence again and he didnt look terrified to catch the ball on punts and running routes.
                          Brandon McKinney - Absolute block eater, he reminds me of Sam Adams so much, he was just eating up blockers and lettin our LBs make plays.
                          Jayson Foster - The little guy played well, would like to see him take that long catch all the way next time, gotta be able to finish in the NFL!
                          Kelley Washington - I was probably the most critical of us signing him, but he looked very good last night, sure handed, big target for Joe to find.
                          Cedric Peerman - I liked what I saw from him last night, he has very good speed and hits the hole hard.

                          Guys who disappointed me:

                          Justin Harper - Yes I know he had a touchdown catch, but he had 3 balls right in his hands that he dropped and thats unacceptable! Not saying he wont make the team or that he shouldn't just sayin he disappointed at times last night.

                          Guys who showed me "They are who I thought they were":

                          Jameel McClain - I know everyone on here loves him, but he showed me last night that he is what I thought he was......which is a situational OLB pass rusher. He is not a MLB, and he is a horrible tackler, I just dont see it in this guy, a guy like Ellerbe is a much better option.
                          Chris Carr - Decent returner never gonna be a huge threat there, and really not much else added to the team by him.
                          John Beck - He showed me exactly what he is......a waste of a roster spot!

                          And then the only other concern I had in this game was this......

                          I realize the blocking was not what it will be in the regular season, but a coach needs to get in Ray Rice's ear and tell him "STOP TAKING 300 LITTLE CHOPPY STEPS BEFORE HITTING THE HOLE!" I love the guy, I think he is gonna be an absolute dual threat monster RB, but he has to just take the ball and hit the hole, stop stutter stepping and go!
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                            nice breakdown, I agree I think Ellerbe should be ahead of McClain at ILB. Ellerbe will be good.

                            I was impressed w/ Webb as well, he is just a natural football player.


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                              It may be overlooked but Houshka looked good. That's important. We have gotten so used to Stover being the consistent on the team that we have forgotten the importance of the kicking game.

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