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  • Marcus Smith Done For Year

    Apparently the knee injury he suffered last night was as bad as everybody thought. Man I'm kind of upset about this, I was hoping to see him play to further his development this season. I didn't expect much out of him but this still sucks. I wonder what our receivers will look like now. Do we go with six and keep somebody that was previously unexpected to make the roster? Keep five with Mason, Clayton, Williams, Washington, and Harper? I'm not sure right now, but I would go with keeping six guys. perhaps Figurs will get another chance after all... perhaps.

    Here's a link, but there's not much to the article yet... I think there was a mistake when it was uploaded or something.

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    crap he was able to get open better then ever this season. its a shame.


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      This sucks. He was definitely showing some improvement this year.



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