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Notes from Ravens Press Conference

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  • Notes from Ravens Press Conference

    Please note that I got the quoted part from another site and poster, it is not my work. I just thought it was some good info.

    Here it is.

    Ben Grubbs was the Ravens top ranked player at #29 overall and obviously the top ranked interior linemen. No specification if Staley would have been the pick if he was available, but DeCosta said he feels Grubbs is 'the better player'. We seem very impressed by Grubbs athleticism and his potential.

    We were interested in trading down, but Detroit called us asking to trade up. Figurs was 'probably' going to be our pick at 61 had we stayed there. Mike Johnson, the receivers coach was extremely impressed with Figurs' interview when he visited Baltimore. Johnson said it was one of the top 3 interviews that he's ever conducted and that he was most impressed by Figurs' character and mentality. Johnson said that Figurs will have a role in the offense and passing game, not just as a return man. What I found most suprising is that he was ranked as our #1 return specialist, yes that means ahead of Ted Ginn Jr.

    Marshall Yanda was another one of our 16 'red star' players as were Grubbs and Figurs. We are most impressed with Yanda's technical skills, toughness, attitude and his potential. Yanda was our 5th ranked offensive tackle, behind Thomas, Brown, Staley and Ugoh. DeCosta raised a good point that I had yet to even think of regarding our offensive line. He said that when you look at the best offensive lines around the league, they are all groups of guys who have had time to play together and develope a chemistry. We've got a great chance to do that with 5 young, talented players.

    Antwan Barnes and Le'Ron McClain were 2 of our 3 targets for the bottom of the 4th round. The other target was not available when we picked, but no word on who that might have been. Le'Ron McClain was rated as our #1 fullback meaning along with Grubbs and Figurs we drafted 3 players ranked at the top of thier position.

    Barnes will start off in a situational role as a pass rusher and edge linebacker. Rex Ryan indicated that they will try him out at multiple spots and his ultimate role on the defense will depend on how he handles various tasks associated with various positions such as dropping into coverage or running with a tightend.
    To hear such praise for Figurs, from such highly regarded guys, definitely excites me about him.

    I'm waiting to get some reaction from Troy Smith and how he feels to be a Raven.

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    They must see something really special in Figurs. If he pans out how they think he will that will be amazing. Its going to be fun seeing how he develops.


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      I really like this draft class I think that Barnes can be a pro bowler


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        I think that Figurs will be a stud much like a Dante Hall or Devin Hester. Not sure how he will perform as a WR. I think that article clears up some answers of why we took some of the players we did. I am sure a year from now people will have different ratings of our draft where as now the spin on it is that we didnt do as well as we could have.



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