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Thank You Marty For Getting Rid Of Desahaun Foster!!!

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  • Thank You Marty For Getting Rid Of Desahaun Foster!!!

    I have been calling for this for over a year, finally we get the fumbling machine out of he and let DeAngelo take over, all we need now is a power back to handle short yards and gold line (someone similiar to a N.Davenport), I'm so glad they finally did what was best for the team.

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    I pointed out his style of ball carrying on another forum after the first preseason game and said he needs to stop. Someone else disagreed and stated nothing was wrong because he didn't have a history of fumbling. I wish I hadn't been right.

    One thing about the fumbling though, some of them were situational and didn't mean much. He was just trying to make something happen in an already lost game. Doesn't change the fact that he did fumble, but some of them didn't mean anything. Kind of like a QB getting picked off on a hailmarry at the end of the game.


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      really a side note (came to mind with the big back comment in the op), but whatever happened to eric shelton? i stopped following after, well, him not playing his rookie year


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        Shelton got in Dan Henning's doghouse and that pretty much ruined his career. He never got a shot in a game but by all accounts wasn't impressive in practice and never learned the playbook. We dropped him this past year and I honestly can't remember who picked him up but I believe someone did. Haven't heard anything since



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