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  • Depth

    With the recent signings of Ian Scott and Darwin Walker I've realized that this team has put together solid depth across the board, for one of the first times ever. Back in 2005-2006 we did release some real solid players (Haye, Brown) because we had an overflow of talent...but it was mostly at one position

    Look at what we have now:

    QB - 2 deep, maybe 3 with how the team speaks of Basanez
    RB - 2 guys worthy of starting, Toefield a solid back-up, maybe more if we keep Goings
    FB - Still have Hoover, maybe Goings and Rosario/King/Barnidge are all said to be Hback types. Wish we'd pick up a true lead blocker, but eh
    WR - 3 deep and I really like Robinson's potential as the 4th. Jarrett still here too
    TE - 2 guys who wouldve started over Mangum all those years, and another who is basically a carbon copy of him
    OT - Gross, Otah, Wharton, Schwartz (who I really like for some reason), Bridges
    OG - Wharton then a cluster**** of FAs and the 7th rounder we picked up
    C - 2 deep

    DE - Ok, this is basically Peppers and a ?
    DT - Kemo, Lewis, Scott, Walker, Hayden
    OLB - Davis, Connor, Johnson, Diggs
    MLB - Beason, Connor
    CB - 3 deep
    S - Harris, Godfrey, Holt, Cooper?
    K - 2 guys
    P - Baker
    Returner - Stewart, Robinson
    Gunner - Marshall, Godfrey

    I look down this roster and I don't see many positions where we don't have a backup who either has experience starting or has shown enough talent to start. I ranted on this before the offseason started - saying we should have a guy like Marshall who deserves to start fighting for that right at every position and it seems like I almost got it.

    That's the one thing I like about what we did in the draft. We ignored the DLine problem and maybe mortgaged the future a bit, but our team is deep. If we get ravaged by injuries (again) we're not screwed.

    The two positions where we may be in trouble are RG and DE. However, I think we signed enough crap to throw at the wall at guard that someone will stick. As for DE, well it hinges on Johnson and McClover. Personally, I'm not confident but I'll remain optimistic for now.

    Of course, the question is if the guys we have starting are good enough. The Colts aren't exactly a deep team and they're constantly at the top. The Skins made the playoffs last year without much depth. So this doesn't solve all our problems, but it solves some. I'm pretty happy with this roster, though obviously I'd prefer the one place we have problems (DE) to be somewhere else, but overall, it looks good.

    I think this is a playoff team, and I say this thinking last years team was on the bubble before Jake went down. Add to that - I thought we would be screwed this year, but it looks ok

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    Peppers right now is a question mark for me, and it pains me that I laugh at that. I am praying that Charles Johnson comes back and is a much improved pass rusher and gets at least consistent pressure. Sacks are one thing, but pressure is what you want. I think he was good enough against the run, and showed desire to get to the QB. Mcclover is a headache for me.

    Robinson will make some strides as a receiver in my opinion. He really caught fire as a return man at the end, if he keeps that up, he could score a few.

    I think overall our special teams should be very good, guys like Marshall, Godfrey, Rosario and Connor are all going to be very good. I remember harping on this, good special teams units have good players.

    We obviously didn't feel that there was a lot of value at defensive tackle this year and decided that Walker and Scott would serve us better than any rookie.

    Across the board we are younger, but we still have good veteran leadership which we picked up through free agency. Maybe they finally understand?


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      I think Tyler Brayton might make some noise at DE and challenge McClover and Johnson and Ricardo Clough..... I don't know how to spell his last name, lol, I think he can help a little bit has a 4th CB, and I think he could make a run for the put return job


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        Colclough is at least a good special teamer. Should be decent as a 4th corner as well.



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