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  • My Offseason scenario

    Step 1. Sign Ken Hamlin.

    This needs to realistically be the only big move we make in free agency. Just throw money at him. We need a safety who can cover and who can also hit. He'd be that guy. We could use him and Minter and have a formidable tandem. He'd also work well with Ken Lucas seeing as they were team mates for two years.

    Step 2. Sign / Trade for Odell Thurman

    We've got our starting corp of linebackers, Thomas Davis, Dan Morgan and Na'il Diggs. There's no backup with any real talent outside of James Anderson. Sure the team was high on Seward but no one knows how he'll ultimately go. We could get this kid for really cheap, he could learn from our veteran leaders and potentially beat Diggs out for the start on the weakside. If Morgan goes down he could play MLB for us as well.

    If he's over his stupidity and is serious about playing NFL we could sign this guy and be happy with him on the team. The bad thing is though, the kid's got some legal problems and isn't actually a Free Agent yet seeing as the Bengals haven't actually released him...

    The Bengals have said he's never going to play for them again. I don't know if he's going to be free to sign with another team, or if he can be traded for but we should at least make the call imo. This linebacker very really could be the next Ray Lewis and a lot of scouts felt that way in 2005... They shied away because of his legal issues.

    3. Sign Patrick Ramsey

    Ramsey never got a real shot in washington and IMO would be a better back up than Weinke, he can't be any worse and could potentially grow into much much more for our team.

    4. Draft Greg Olsen in the first. This will give us a good starting Tight End who can catch, and who can be made into a star by Davidson.

    5. Draft a safety like Weddle or Rouse. Minter can't play forever and one of these guys can sit for a year and learn from two very solid players.

    6. Draft a WR we need someone who can be a stable possession receiver.

    7. Draft a return man.

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    Hamlin is an in the box safety. His coverage skills are lacking. He's a SS in our system.

    No way in HELL does Thurman come here. Richardson tries to distance himself as much as possible from troubled players after what happened during the early years of the franchise.

    Olsen is a good choice.

    From your other post in the panthers thread, Buster Davis would not be a good pick here at MLB. Try someone like David Harris who produced all through college, is a bigger, faster, stronger LB, and who might be there at our second pick.
    Safety should be the #1 priority for Carolina. There are only 3 safeties on the roster, Minter, Deke Cooper and Salley!! TE has now become an option with new OC Jeff Davidson (Charlie Weis disciple). MLB not OLB is an area that needs to be addressed. DE depth is a need. No need anywhere for a DT. Injured LT and C coming back and the OL is switching to the ZBS (no cut-blocking though).
    KR/PR MUST be addressed somewhere.


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      I would love to make a move for Ken Hamlin.

      Wouldn't touch Odell Thurman for any amount. When even the Cincinnati Bengals suspend you, you know there must not be much hope for him.

      Patrick Ramsey would be an alright option at quarterback, if he'll sign cheap.

      Like Greg Olsen in the first-round and Aaron Rouse would be a nice option at safety. Heard alot of positive comments about Rouse from the Senior Bowl.

      I'd look to draft wide receiver Ryne Robinson, who is a Steve Smith-type player and an explosive kick and punt returner.


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        Ken Hamlin
        Ken Hamlin is a slightly-above-average safety, nothing more. "Throwing money" at him would be kinda dumb, dude. Sorry. We'd be better off trading up to get Laron Landry or trading down to get Michael Griffin if you believe that is our number #1 priority.

        Patrick Ramsey
        Patrick Ramsey has been a bust wherever he has gone. Weinke and Ramsey are basically a toss up and it would be like replacing Weinke with himself. John Fox is going to go down with Jake Delhomme so we need to take this time to find an eventual replacement than a stopgap backup. Someone like a Trent Edwards would be an ideal fit. Let him sit for two years then take over.

        Odell Thurman
        Due to the reasons you just mentioned, Thurman will NEVER come to Charlotte. Jerry Richardson will cut you if you get a speeding ticket, no way he's going to pay dime one for this guy.

        Greg Olsen
        Hey, something we agree on! It's been waaaaayyy to long since the Panthers have had a legitimate TE receiving threat. Smith deep, Williams out of the backfield, and Johnson and Olsen across the middle sounds pretty good.

        I hate to admit it, but shine has worn off the Mary Hurney and John Fox draft process. (Bruce Nelson instead of Anquan Boldin, Deshaun Foster over Clinton Portis, Thomas Davis over Derrick Johnson, etc.) They need to hit a homerun with the #14 pick to keep this team going. OT, S, TE, and LB are all viable options at #14. I would love to see either Levi Brown, Laron Landry, Greg Olsen, or Patrick Willis in a Panther uniform, but if I had to pick it would be Brown or Olsen. We had a top 5 defense last year but finished 8-8. It's obvious where our deficiencies lie. Also, drafting Ted Ginn, Jr. would make sense as well. Instant field position and third receiver.


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          Don't worry I don't really want any of the above things, except for Olsen and Buster Davis in round two. I'm just bored as **** with the offseason and want to generate some discussion.



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