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How much longer is Jordan Gross' contract?

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  • How much longer is Jordan Gross' contract?

    Dude has sucked this year. Granted, so has everyone else. But I've never really been that big a fan of his and he seems to be regressing fast. Even when he was "great" he basically was a pass protection only RT who would just back pedal to give Jake enough time to throw INTs. He was solid at first once he got moved to LT but now he's awful. We have much more pressing needs this year so I imagine we're stuck with him for 2011 but come 2012 I think we're going to need a new franchise LT with our first round pick (unless we need to draft another QB, that is).

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    2015 I believe is when he's signed through.


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      2/19/2009: Signed a six-year, $60 million contract. The deal includes $30.5 million in the first three seasons. 2009: $5 million, 2010: $4.5 million, 2011: $6 million, 2012: $7.5 million, 2013: $9 million, 2014: $7.4 million, 2015: Free Agent

      per rotoworld


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        dear god

        cut him now while theres no salary cap


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          UPDATE: Jordan Gross still sucks



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