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A QB wasn't needed.

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  • A QB wasn't needed.

    Thats right!

    I would've liked a QB, but when I consider who we took and how much we really needed other positions, we didn't need one.

    What we needed was some1 to give our QB a couple seconds to find an open receiver. We got that, I believe in Williams.

    Then, we needed someone to gain more than 3 yards a carry to be effective in Play action. We got that, I believe in Forte.

    Then, we needed someone to get open and catch the ball. We got that, I believe in Bennett(however I'm very excited about Davis and Monk although they may never see the field).

    That being said, If we got Henne, Brohm or Flacco we miss out on Forte or Bennett. I'm not willing to do that and I haven't given up on Orton or Rexy.

    To be truthful, I'm excited for Orton vs Rex this training camp. I think the talent will be there and I'm willing(worst case scenario) to lose a year to find out if one of these QB's will step up.

    I've always felt, in Chicago, we never give QB's a chance. We're so quick to mash the panic button. I just think we like to complain about something.

    We're miserable in Chicago, its our nature.

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    I agree that spending a high draft pick on Qb wasnt necessary this year. Mostly im banking on Rez or Orton can perform (if not maybe Mcnabb next year). But apparently to some we already have 3 QB's

    Chicago: Honk if you want to play quarterback for the Bears! Chicago just burned through 12 draft choices without selecting a quarterback. The team's depth chart shows Rex Grossman, Kyle Orton and Brian Griese. The Bears are approaching their third consecutive decade without a franchise signal-caller, and seemingly, at this point no longer even trying to find one.

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      I think Josh Johnson or Erik Ainge would have been better picks than the TE in the 5th. Other than that I don't feel too bad about the rest of the draft. Im not sure why 3rd TE was much more important than 3rd QB especially one with character concerns.


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        I disagree. I believe that QB is a need and only a GM in the mold of Matt Millen -- yes, I just compared Angelo to the worst GM in pro sports -- would ignore a need at the most important position in the sport. And then wasting DP's on 2 non-need positions in cornerback and tight end only adds to JA's ineptitude.


        NFC North right ends are shaking in their cleats.

        Or @ least they had better be.


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          At least Millen is willing to put some talent into that offense...whether its good or not, the talent is there. Their defense is coming around if their young guys preform.

          Originally posted by BeansDooma
          who retires first: brett favre or aaron rodgers?


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            Speaking on QB's, I wouldn't mind flipping a 5th (or preferably later, I'd contemplate a 4th as well) to the Patriots for Matt Cassel, provided Cassel was willing to sign a one year extension. I don't think Cassel is anything special, but boy, next year's QB crop looks ugly and he might be an intriguing guy with some tools to chance it on.


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              shouldve went after Andre Woodson in the 5th/6th round. even if you guys weren't too high on him, at that point in the draft, what do you have to lose?

              I personally had my qb big board rated as such:

              1. Flacco
              2. Andre Woodson
              3. Matt Ryan
              4. Brohm
              5. Henne
              6. Booty

              Now that the draft is all said and done, I think Booty followed by Brohm might have the most successful career based on where he went and the fit, but I personally felt that Woodson was extremely underrated coming into this draft.


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                Zach Bowman was one of those calculated risks. If he stays healthy, he's a hell of a player and can thrive in the Bears' scheme. The franchise obviously believes in Rex and Orton, for better or worse.
                Even though this could work out the same way it did in 2006 when they didn't draft a tight end, none of the tight ends from that year are amounting to much, and they end up getting a better one the next year. There's also an equally good chance that this could totally blow up in the Bears' face.


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                  Ainge in the 5th shoulda been SERIOUSLY considered... Even woodson...

                  But no way you should say Angelo is Millen Deux.

                  Going w/o a qb wasn't even that bad... seriously, if orton doesn't turn it over... or rex creates scoring. we rely on a halfway decent running game... and i'd consider it a victory...
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                    Errrm, Jerry may not be the best GM in sports but comparing him to the absolute worst GM in sports (although Thomas is pretty bad in New York) is ridiculous.

                    He built a Super Bowl team, he drafts very well in the middle rounds, and he is a good GM. Does he do questionable moves? Sure, but what GM doesn't?

                    Angelo is a good GM though and I'm happy to have him.

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                    Originally posted by JBCX
                    Despite looking better against an underachieving Eagles team, I still think the Bears are one of the worst teams in the NFL. I smell a blowout victory by the Lions this week and a division sweep.


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                      I think the Bears are going to pick up a young vet before the season start. Maybe possibly trading for a QB like Chris Simms who is most likely on the trading blocking because Tampa has too many QBs.


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                        Even if we do get a qb like Simms, how does that help. Orton and Rex will be the only ones in the mix this year.

                        We may not like it but thats the way it is...

                        I do feel like we're going to come out of this year with a solid QB. One of the two will win this job and thrive.


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                          Its funny how people say he is one of the worst...seriously we have no idea how these QBs pan out. All of them could be busts (maybe alil bit exaggerate but still)
                          We have been to the SB just 2 years ago and suddenly he is one of the worst GMs in the NFL? thats just dumb


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                            Hey you have some good points. I understand that bringing more talent for the current QBs to perform was important, but I realy think a late round QB pick would have been the way to go.

                            Bring in more competition at the very least. Give yourself a chance to find the next Romo, Warner, Delhomme or Bulger.

                            I dont think there is a long time answer on the Bears roster at QB right now. Did they at least signed an UDFA?


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                              Rexy was good...hell he was great sometimes but the kid is so inconsistent and probably at this point has lost all confidence in himself. Im surprised some of you still believe in him maybe he will bounce back but I think a change of scenery could help. Orton is decent but he is just that. I don't ever see anything more then that out of him. RB's are easy to find then QB's. I think you would have better served drafting a guy like Brohm. The Bears still did a good job filling other big needs tho so its not a huge deal...rather just preference. O-Line in the first I think that was a given with the great deal of talent up there. Now which of the 2....QB, RB, WR would you rather have in the next rounds is debatable. Time will only tell......

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