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  • if u were Gm

    If u were jerry angelo if u could would u trade briggs and grossman would u
    I would honestly if trade briggs and grossman we would gain so much u get a negative player out of the locker room. We all have seen what happens when player want more money and we have a good team a really good team. Look what money did to T.O in Philly they went to four NFC championship games and he ruined their team and disgraced himself. Do we really what that to happen to Da Bears. Plus with grossman gone less turnovers plus we can run all day in Chicago. I truely believe Benson picks up where he left off in college then we could have a real feature back sure he wines be he is still young. And with grossman gone we could get Quinn with the sixth pick from the skins. Norte Dame's Golden Boy I mean he could start day one or in the most part let Griese show why he is worth that contract we could get the 6th pick and a second round from the skins for grossman and briggs. Grossman he's way too many issues for the great city of chicago. Injury, mechanics , turnovers, confidence u name it he has it. With him gone we get a future star in quinn and better team chemistry.
    Look at my dream draft.
    First round
    Brady Quinn pick 6
    Jerret wr pick 31
    Second round
    Ben Grubbs
    Quincy Black or tweener Tim Shaw

    Still thinking about 4th and 5th
    But 6th
    David Ball aways could need hands in the league
    7th round
    Peterson and Benson don't have that 4.3 speed so power will be the bears game right

    Garett Wolfe
    To add speed he can run so what if he is 5-7 180 not like I want him to play every down
    But hey is only and wish not like its gonna come true tell me what u think
    One day i will be on the nfl sideline, maybe in a helmet or a headset. but it will take me to Canton, Ohio.

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    Quinn is going #3


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      Hmm..its interesting...if we got the #6 pick and Quinn was there...hmm..and we could get a 2nd rounder for Rex. Take it. I think we wuld build a championship team for many years, it would be hard to pass up.


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        not going to happen. never. not a chance. no. nada. nilch. nihi. nelo!

        rex is staying. wishful thinking doesn't even begin to describe what the consequences could be.

        take a proven (yet inconsistent) talent, and replace him for a draft pick who may not be any better than him?

        mmm. no.
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          If I were a GM, I would trade Briggs for:

          12th overall (Bills)
          and their 3rd rounder

          I would then procede to select in the 1st round:
          Patrick Willis
          Dwayne Jarrett

          Grossman for Raiders 2nd rounder. Would take:
          Ben Grubbs
          Micheal Griffin, or Brandon Merriweather

          3rd round:
          Drew Stanton

          Originally posted by BeansDooma
          who retires first: brett favre or aaron rodgers?


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            Trading Rex Grossman would be a huge setback for the Bears. I don't think people realize that Rex had one of the best seasons we've seen from a Chicago QB since Erik Kramer. Yes, he had awful games and he needs to improve, but if you think we will be a top contender with Brian Griese or rookie Brady Quinn playing you are mistaken. Yes the Ravens won with Trent Dilfer, but the Bears defense is not near what that Ravens D was.

            Rex Grossman is the Bears QB. The Bears have made a commitment to him and although I would love to see a better QB, I don' t think there is a better option on the market. Rex knows the system, he just needs to become a better decision-maker which I think will come with time.

            In point, trading Rex would be a huge setback resulting in a sub-10 win season. How soon people forget the days of Shane Matthews, Kordell Stewart, Moses Moreno, Craig Krenzel, and Kyle Orton (though I stilll love him).

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              i wasnt sayiing it would be smart to do so, but the thread said if you traded Grossman and Briggs, so I added that in there

              Originally posted by BeansDooma
              who retires first: brett favre or aaron rodgers?


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                if in fact the bears get that pick look for them to get rid of it to whomever wants it. this pick is worth too much money and is not a good value for the bears. I believe that Brady Quinn will be gone at #3 to the browns. even if he still there at 6, the Bears wont take him. If they even address a QB in the draft it will be 2nd day.
                this is the year!


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                  I would trade Briggs, but not Grossman. Briggs is a distraction, and finding a starting OLB is not the most difficult thing to do. Grossman is our starting QB, and would be a lot harder to replace and the wiindow for this team is not big enough to groom another QB.



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