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    Q/A with Carson

    Q: Every beginning golfer usually has some fun stories of things they've done. I'm wondering if you've ever hit somebody with a shot or done anything interesting or have funny stories from your early rounds that you can share with us.

    CARSON PALMER: I actually hit a little kid I believe on No. 10, a par 4 uphill, and on my second shot, it was an elevated green and I couldn't see the top of the green, and I hit a ball and it was going a little bit left, and I heard a lot of noise from the audience up top, and I got up there and there was like a little eight-year-old kid wearing a Pittsburgh Steelers jersey. I didn't actually see the contact, but I hit him on the fly right in the middle of his back. He was all right, but I got up there and I said I was sorry, and I said, "At least you're a Steelers fan, I don't feel so bad." That was my only experience with hitting anybody.

    Gave me a laugh, figured with things being so slow I'd post it up.

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