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Interesting Interview of Marvin

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  • Interesting Interview of Marvin

    Title of it says it all 'It's time to blow the whole thing up':

    Seems way more open than he usually is. One of the most interesting questions in my eyes:

    Question: Was there a sense even before training camp that things weren't looking good?

    Answer: It's been (that way) all the time. We've struggled with guys who are too much worried about what they make or what the next guy makes. That's hard to overcome, and we've had to deal with it for two years now.
    Any guesses on those players? Deltha is for sure, don't quite know who else would be the complainers. The Oline is paid well, Rudi/Chad/Carson/J. Johnson all have good contracts. TJ has said he doesn't worry about it and he looks at it like he would've been thrilled to get that money as a rookie.

    It's a very good read, I really like the attitude Marvin has about it all. Seems like he's no longer concerned with talent but more concerned with work ethic and attitude. Canning Breshnahan shows some accountability being shown, things are looking better.

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    The future looks bright indeed my friend

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