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  • Annual 3-4 Talk Thread

    It's been mentioned a few times this offseason, ESPN did a thing on it. This is from Marvin:

    In an interview in preparation for next week's NFL scouting combine, Lewis also said the team is currently still in a 4-3 base defense but indicated that could change in the next month as personnel changes.
    OLB - Robert Geathers / Eric Henderson
    ILB - Landon Johnson / Odell Thurman
    ILB - Ahmad Brooks / Dhani Jones
    OLB - Rashad Jeanty / Eric Henderson / David Pollack
    DE - Domata Peko
    NT - Draft/FA
    DE - Frostee Rucker / Johnathan Fanene

    Probably won't happen but hey, might as well go over it like we do every offseason it seems.

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    i bet we are more of a hybrid d now if anything. a full on switch is very unlikely. peko could also prolly play NT with rucker and fanene at DE.

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      as long as they do something and play hard who cares how they line up


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        i agree to an extent but our scheme was horrible, i have never really questioned our defense's effort, but in this league its more than just that. hell on any level of football whatsoever its the same way. at some point the defense has to dictate what they do to the offense instead of just letting them take away what they give every down.

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          I agree that Peko is capable at NT, I think we'd be well off to sign/draft a real big boy for the middle and put him outside. I think Peko would make a killer 3-4 DE, I also like Rucker/Fanene at 3-4 DE WAAAAY more than I like them at 4-3 DE.

          I agree completely about not letting them dictate the game. Our defense always just lays back and lets them make the plays hoping they mess up. Any good defensive game we ever have is because either they're aggressive or the other team just blows (See Rams w/ Brock Berlin).

          I like our players in the 3-4.

          In the end... Our biggest problems seem pretty simple: Play smart and TACKLE!


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            play hard. All the good defenses are nasty SOB"S who knock the snot out of people and are arrogant about it. That swagger and aggresive attitude is what we need, hopefully Zimmer instills that into our young guys


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              I don't think it will happen for a few reasons:
              1.) We are already struggling with depth at linebacker, and two of the projected returning players haven't played in 2 seasons. Brooks hasn't played an entire season either.
              2.) The talent on the defensive line is already non-existent, so giving them more responsibility isn't going to work. I don't think any of the players we have currently are good enough to play in the 3-4.
              3.) Landon and Dhani aren't very good fits in the 3-4.
              4.) We don't have the pass rushers at linebacker. Geathers is not a proven pass rusher, and Pollack shouldn't be counted on in his first season back. Jeanty is a solid player, but not a threat to the QB.


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                regardless i think we will see some 3-4 looks. we should at least let them try it, who knows it could work pretty well.

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                  I think Henderson could be a good 3-4 pass rushing OLB. While Landon isn't a great fit for the 3-4 I think he could be servicable.

                  I agree about LB depth, regardless of which scheme is chosen LB must be addressed.


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                    jeanty/henderson and geathers outside looks pretty nice. guess we'll have to wait and see.

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                      I think Cincinnati has the tools to play the 3-4. Short a 3-4 NT (Peko?) and WOLB.

                      If I were in their situation. I'd run the roster a bit like this (Sorry about guys I'm not really familiar with.)

                      Which I'd say draft:

                      1) Vernon Gholston, 3-4OLB/4-3 WDE, Ohio State
                      1*) Malcolm Kelly, WR, Oklahoma
                      2) Fred Davis, TE, USC
                      3) Marcus Howard, ROLB, Georgia
                      4) Robert Felton, OG, Arkansas
                      5) Curtis Johnson, LOLB, Clark-Atlanta
                      6) BenJarvus Green-Ellis, RB, Mississippi

                      *I'm taking a risk in saying CJ will be an Eagle.

                      LDE: Domata Peko -> Bryan Robinson
                      NT: Sedrick Ellis(1st) -> Richard Clebert (UDFA)
                      RDE: Frostee Rucker -> Jonathon Fanene

                      LOLB: Robert Geathers -> Curtis Johnson
                      LILB: Ahmad Brooks -> Rashad Jeanty
                      RILB: Odell Thurman -> Landon Johnson
                      ROLB: David Pollak -> Marcus Howard (3rd)

                      Probably suck your first year or 2, but your defense will be solid and pretty tough after then (Fix the DL with a new DE the following season. David Pollaks return would be a huge help)

                      Yeah, I play WoW too.[/CENTER]


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                        I'm not going to count on Pollack for anything at this point given how long it's been plus he hasn't been cleared. Things seem very positive with Odell. I think we would need another OLB and either a DE or NT depending on what they do with Peko. We should have 2 3rd rounders with our comp pick for Steinbach for adding depth at LB.

                        Bottom line is in the 4-3 our Dline still blows, we have no UT and I think Smith is allowed to walk so we would need another DE. Then the trouble of what to do with Odell since he seems to be in shape and motivated. Odell and Ahmad in the middle is just filthy.

                        I'd rather see a 3-4 move, our defense blows now anyway so it can't get worse. I think it's easier/cheaper to generate a pass rush out of the 3-4 given our lack of premier 4-3 pass rushers (see Giants), you can find a 3-4 OLB in the 3rd round.

                        With that said, I doubt the move is made... There's potential for more 3-4 sets, last year Peko was our DE in the 3-4.


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                          I think that unless Sedrick Ellis falls to us at 9, we will attempt to make the switch to the 3-4. You just can't run an effective 4-3 without at least one very good pass rushing DT. I'd also argue that the physical run-first teams in our division make the 3-4 more desirable. Pitt and others just wear down our undersized front 7.

                          Akili, I disagree with many of your arguments about why we shouldn't change. First, since moving to the 3-4 would mean that Geathers would be moving to LB, we are looking at finding 3 other starters LBs either way. Arguably, since Pollack will be a 3-4 LB, we are closer to having 4 3-4 guys than we are to having 3 4-3 guys. Especially since it allows you to get both Odell and Ahmad on the field on the inside instead of having to try to move one to the outside.

                          I actually like our depth at the outside with Pollack, Geathers, Henderson and Jeanty. All 4 of those guys are talented and well suited to the position. Inside, Brooks and Thurman could be special but we could really use another guy for depth, either a mid round draft pick or a FA.

                          The key will be to improve the D line and I think we devote serious FA and draft resources to doing it. Something like Merling in the first round and Sims or one of the other big DTs in the second would be a great start.


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                            I think the fans of Cinti have alot more respect for Landon Johnson than those outside of Cinti. I like him because he makes tackles and somebody has to make them but I would bet most of his tackles are made 5 yds dowfield or even further. I see Odell moving ahead of him real qucik in the ILB dept if we go to a 3-4. Landon is small and gets banged up rather easily although he tries to tough it out. He's a smart try hard guy but he needs another 15 lbs to play ILB in the 3-4 and I just think Odell is way more physical. When I checked the list of available FA LBers, Landan is mentioned as an afterthought, not one that will be sought after.


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                              i agree. landon is decent but he will not be the reason that will keep odell from starting this year.

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