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  • 2008 Predictions

    What are some of your predictions on the Bengals in 08?

    * Keith Rivers will be the 2008 DROY *

    * Jerome Simpson and Utecht will increase our 3rd down conversions to over 50% completion*

    * Carson will challenge for the all-time single season Passer rating record *

    * Jason Shirley WILL make the team *

    * Odell Thurnman becomes the ideal comeback story for the NFL for someone who has had off-field issues but is still not recognized by the media because he plays for Cincinnati and Roger Goodell will later suspend him again for looking at him the wrong way. *

    The Twitters

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    -DROY is definitely possible.

    -over 50% is awfully high...

    -only if his accuracy is back to where it used to be



    One of my own: We pull a JAX and make a deep playoff run from a strong division and come back in 09 to contend for the title, or we pull a CIN and end up having a dissappointing 8-8 or 9-7 season and continue to "build" while our window gets smaller by the day.
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      My prediction: For the first time in a long while the DEFENSE will be ahead of the Offense.

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        Originally posted by Desert View Post
        One of my own: We pull a JAX and make a deep playoff run from a strong division and come back in 09 to contend for the title, or we pull a CIN and end up having a dissappointing 8-8 or 9-7 season and continue to "build" while our window gets smaller by the day.
        I love when people say this because it doesn't make any sense. How is our window getting smaller? If anything, its getting bigger. Our defense is young, and is looking forward to the future - right now, we're setting a foundation to have a dominate defense that can keep us in the game just like the ravens have had for last decade or so.

        Whats the difference between what the ravens did and what the bengals are doing though? Carson Palmer. Palmer is a 5 year veteran at a position that can last really long in this league. Not to mention Palmer doesn't get hit as often as most QB's so he's at least got another 10 years left.

        Yes, we will more than likely lose Chad Johnson soon. And sure TJ isn't getting any younger. But Receivers don't win superbowls, and I'm sure this year's draft will at least hit once with the 3 we drafted anyways.

        We caught people off guard and took advantage of some teams in 2005 - I think the browns did that this year too. But now that teams know whats up, its time we get realistic and realize our team was never that good. Massive holes around the defense does not allow you to be a play off contender in normal situations. We just addressed the holes (in the last 4 years, every 1st round pick we've had was a defensive pick - Pollack / JJ / Leon Hall / Rivers) and its pretty good sign that marvin is trying to build this team correctly.

        Maybe in 05' it looked like we were going to be a dominate team in this league, but that clearly wasn't true. Now look for us to be great in 2-3 years when our defense is young, but still experienced and Carson keeps getting better (a lot of people tend to forget how young Carson).


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          Originally posted by themaninblack View Post
          My prediction: For the first time in a long while the DEFENSE will be ahead of the Offense.
          While the potential is no doubt there given the youth/talent on D and CJ being an idiot/unsure on the running game there is potential. I'm not ready to go that far. Granted, while it's bold it's a possibility as odd as that is to say. A combo of the defense taking a step forward and the offense taking a step back.

          I think the offense doesn't put up the numbers but with Utecht in the fold we get the key yards, you know, the ones we don't get that win other teams games. A lot is contingent on our running game, it's more important than the passing game.

          Rivers for DROY is a pretty safe one. I mean he's going to start from day one and he's a LB. That alone gives him a great chance.

          Odell has the makings for a great comeback story for sure.

          We'll either go 6-10 or 10-6, as screwed up as that sounds.

          This year is just so hard to make predictions for given the uncertainty at so many spots. Odell two years off, Rivers a rookie, Ahmad not having a lot of PT, the 2nd year safties, Odom, Geathers getting to stay at DE, will Sims develop....


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            I'm really excited about the defense this year, but EXPECT growing pains along the way. The youth is a good thing though and I am HOPING for a defense ranked around #15-20 this year. If we can get to that mark, we will be fine.

            Rivers has to be a favorite to win DROY before the season even starts. First (as already mentioned) he'll start from the beginning. If you look at the other defensive players taken this year, some won't start and CB's always seem to take some serious lumps their first year. The linebacker position itself is just a prime place to look for the DROY to come out of as well.

            I'm anxious to see how the running game turns out. (That's a bit excited and a bit nervous) Excited because a healthy Rudi and Perry would be absolutely HUGE for Carson, not to mention Watson and Dorsey while Irons rehabs. If the pieces fall into place for them, the running game could become a real strength of this team. Then again, it could all fall to pieces...

            I to would like to see the accuracy of Carson back up again, but have to realize there's two pieces to that puzzle in the WR's not dropping the freaking ball **cough** CHAD **cough**...

            I am just hoping with the new leadership of coaches on the defensive side of the ball and the health to remain for everyone else that things turn out positively...


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              I was saying that because the offense, IMO, has plenty of questions to answer itself which is different because it has been a mainstay for the last 3-4 years.

              ^A Bonekrusher production^
              Gamertag= ELDUDERINO1165


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                Rocket, I would agree with most of your points if I shared your opinion of our defense. While I would like to think that we have one of the youngest and most talented defenses in the league, there are still a number of significant question marks. We have a new d-coordinator, we aren't sure yet what kind of play we'll get from Odom, our safeties are either largely inexperienced or well past their prime, the LB situation is still very unstable (we can't count on Odell being even close to the player he was), and we have relatively little depth along the d-line. While we may have filled all those holes with this offseason, we also may not have. Injury, legal issues, and draft busts happen, and the defense seems particularly prone to such issues lately.

                And while I agree that Palmer will be around for at least 10 more years, the offense around him is likely going to look very different in 3 years. We'll know more about the defense after the first few games, and it may turn out to be the growing strength of the team, but until that's shown on the field I'm going to maintain my stance that our best chance at a Super Bowl run is with our current offense, not our future defense.


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                  You bring up some interesting points. It is true that we don't know how our defense will turn out. I hope I'm right though, because it would make being a fan more interesting ^_^

                  Only time will tell my friend!


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                    I hope you're right too. I can't wiat to see the d on the field this year though...



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