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Bengals interest in Alexander ??

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  • Bengals interest in Alexander ??

    That's the link, but this is the part that gives the details:

    ALEXANDER UPDATE: The Bengals appear to be kicking the tires as they ponder a move with running back Shaun Alexander. Agent Jim Steiner said Wednesday night he had a couple of conversations with the club before the draft and is interested to get their take this week after the Bengals didn't take any running backs.

    "They wanted to see what happened and we were going to get back together to see what they had in mind," said Steiner, indicating Alexander would embrace playing in his hometown.

    The Bengals, who usually only keep three tailbacks, have a lot to figure out. If Rudi Johnson and Chris Perry are healthy, what to do they do with Kenny Watson and DeDe Dorsey if they sign Alexander? At 31, Alexander isn't the same back that led the Seahawks to the Super Bowl a few years ago and any deal would be contingent on a physical.

    But he's a solid guy, adds another dimension in the passing game with terrific hands, has had tremendous production in the past, and his wrist is apparently healed.

    The Bengals don't have much to give him, either, because of their salary cap situation, and Alexander also has to figure out how he wants to get paid after years as one of the top paid backs in the league.

    Steiner didn't elaborate on any issues, but he's hopeful to talk to the team soon. If the Bengals are going to make a move, it would probably be before on-field voluntary workouts start May 13.
    I really just see how they could make this happen with the players we already have. I mean who goes ?? You can't get rid of Rudi to bring in Alexander in my opinion. You still have to give Perry (1st rounder) another chance as it's coming pretty cheap. Irons is a lock due to injury and Watson is a more than solid backup you can't get rid of. That leaves Dorsey on the outs, but that's still to many. Once again, doesn't look like it's something they really need to do...

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    For the right price he'd be a good add but I'm not really expecting him to be in stripes this upcoming season.

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      I'd give up Watson before Dorsey =/ No one has respect for Dorsey, but he's a beast.

      But I'd keep Watson over picking up Alexander. I'm not saying Alexander's career is done, or that he's not good anymore - but it seems like a high risk low reward situation.


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        A RB like Alexander is the last thing we need...


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          The price plus his high ability to become injured plus his lack of steady play plus his age equals a big no no!


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            even though he is a good RB, he is getting up there in age and he has injury issues. we have good, younger, healthy RBs. we dont really "need" him imo.

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              Apparently Alexander will be visiting the bengals last now instead of first... I think he visited the saints first. Will be interesting to see when he gets down to us and no one wanted to pay him anything... and then we wont either bwuahahahaahha buwhahahaa


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                From my understanding he already was in Cincinnati and has went on to New Orleans.

                I also hear Denver is in the mix as well in regards to Alexander's services.
                I say GOOD, I'm not real concerned about getting him in here. If it's cheap, Ok. If not, just say NO !!!


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                  ah, well then he went to cincy but didnt discuss any money or something...he will return to cincy after everyone else and then talk money...

                  I personally dont want him.


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                    I don't either, regardless of price. I'd rather have Watson, Perry and Irons than him.

                    If Seattle is willing to dump him for TJ Duckett and Julius Jones that should tell you something. I know money was an issue but still...


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                      Eh if Rudi is like Rudi of old, we dont need him or the cap hit.
                      If Rudi is Rudi of last year, we need help.
                      I cannot in all honesty say I believe Watson and Perry can carry the load of carries between the two of them.
                      Watson because I just dont see it in him, Perry because the PUP or IR is always knocking on his door. And I always fall for the ol' "Chris Perry is healthy" trick.

                      Irons, I could see being a good solid RB when he gets back.

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                        Not enough love for DeDe in this thread, in an article on Bob Bratowski said he thinks DeDe will see the ball as much as watson

                        GH: Have you changed up blocking schemes or plays?
                        BB: We do that every year, changing blocking schemes and plays. We're planning right now using a mix of Rudi, Kenny and DeDe. Rather of just saying, "Rudi, you'll get every snap," we'll dedicate some series to Kenny and DeDe.

                        Kenny and DeDe have some spark to them. They can generate big runs down the field. We've been near the bottom of the league in runs over 20 yards. That's not all on Rudi ... somehow we have to find a way to generate those longer runs.

                        whole article here (Though, if you're visiting this thread you've probably already read it):


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                          Depends on what happens with Irons I suppose. If he opens on IR there's more flexibility there. Otherwise Alexander is going to eat a roster spot for guys I have at least as much faith in.

                          I don't see Watson getting cut, if Perry is healthy I surely hope he isn't cut... Then if they do have faith in DeDe, that's 5 RB's once Irons is back.


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                            Well, with a healthy Rudi and Perry, you still have Irons, Watson, and Dorsey. If you add a 31 year old Alexander, who goes ?? I guess you could PUP Irons if he's not ready, but we also have Jeremi Johnson as well. Watson is the fallback if any of the mentioned goes down. Irons isn't going anywhere obviously. That leaves Rudi and Perry. I for one am always hoping for Perry to stay healthy, but that is certainly NOT a given. If Rudi is the Rudi of last year, is there really a reason to keep him on ?? His base salary for this year and next could make him an attractive reason to cut load...

                            We shall see, but yes, I'm hoping to see saw more of Dorsey as well.


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                              If Rudi is the Rudi of last year than we don't need him. He will simply be dragging the team down. Then again Rudi has never really been that great.



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