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Jordan Palmer (Carson's little Bro)

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    This was a decent article about Jordan and Carson. Talking about how he ended up with the Bengals. I really haven't been able to find out much about what the coaches are thinking at this point about the #3 QB, but would still think that Rowe would be the favorite to win the #3 spot behind Fitzpatrick sitting at #2. It would take Fitzpatrick or Rowe to just have a horrible camp in order for Jordan to catch on.

    In the above article though, it does mention how some can't believe Jordan isn't a #2 or at least a #3 on some other team. There was also mention that Carson and Jordan both didn't want the Bengals to draft him initially. Jordan was still on the board when they took Rowe in the 5th. The question that I'm left wondering about is, I wonder if they had a higher grade on Jordan coming out then they did Rowe, but didn't take him because of the requests of the brothers ??

    I know this doesn't have much bearing on things overall, but because it's Carson's little brother, it interests me a little more...

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