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    Anyone have any clue as to who we'll take in the 2nd, mostly if we take a CB in the first?

    I know I don't, usually I have a decent idea but not so much this year (at least for the 2nd rounder). There are a few CB's I like as being the potential picks in the 2nd but no S/LB/DT's stand out. I like Weddle, I think he's the versatile/smart player our defense needs (with outstanding character to boot) but I'm not so sure he fits that athlete type mold Marvin sticks to.

    Durant has had a lot of mention but I'm not so sure it isn't just a smokescreen, Marvin never seems to draft these players that he seems to fall in love with. He picks guys out of nowhere like Madieu/Keiwan/Peko/Frostee etc. Plus there are question marks with LB because we don't know the role Odell is anticipated to have (A backup at first I'm sure, but if Marvin is willing to make him a starter there's eventually there's no way we address LB day 1).

    Any ideas, to be honest I really doubt I'll be thrilled with the pick whoever it is. Not the FO's fault just lack of good fits at our spot.

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    marvins gonna do something crazy in either the 1st or 2nd and were all prolly gonna ***** about it but in the end we'll be wrong as usual.

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      really, im starting to hope more now that we take timmons in the first, because a good corner would be there in the second. if we took revis or houston, then we would have to reach or pick up tyler or pitcock.

      id rather have timmons and someone like josh wilson, tanard jackson, or eric wright, even with the character issues.

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        I agree about taking a LB/S in the 1st, it just provides the most impact out of the two players.

        Marvin always goes with safe 1st round picks, it's in the 2nd on that he goes crazy.

        This year I will not question what kind of players he takes, he always proves us wrong... Only way he could go wrong in my eyes is taking an offensive player in the 1st 3 picks.


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          Right on the money there. Much more depth at CB than at safety this year. I'm warming up to Michael Griffin at 18. Might be a little high for him but he's a playmaker who can hit and cover. If you look at the safety's in this years draft 95% of them project to FS, so if you don't get Griffin, it's slim pickings for SS prospects to groom behind Dexter. Griffin can back-up both safety spots this year then start alongside Williams next year. Anyway this all leads to the point of the thread and that's the 2nd round pick. Marcus McCauley, CB, Fresno has a chance to be the best CB in this class. If he had declared as a junior he was a 1st rounder as most scouts had him above his senior teammate Richard Marshall (2nd round to the panthers in last years draft). This kid is big at 6-1 200 lbs but can run sub 4.4. He plays like a linebacker at the CB spot. He doesn't just get physical with WR's he wants to absolutely dominate them. He's a perfect AFC North CB IMO. If we were to make these two picks, combined with JJ and Madieu, I think we could have the best secondary in the league in a few years.


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            Couldn't agree more. I would love to trade back into the late first and then take McCauley. He has great size, speed, and ball skills....the only area he isn't great in is tackling, but he may be able to develop that a bit.


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              I wouldn't mind one of the Safeties in Rd 1 but I just don't see it. To me, knowing that we are a injured knee or some other ailment away from having Keiwan or Greg Brooks as a starter, I see us going for a CB in Rd 1. There's a chance that Weddle could be there in Rd 2 but maybe not. I think the Bengals are happy with our Safeties right now although I'm sure they would like to groom a replacement for Jackson


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                For the 2nd round pick, I think it is safe to say it is up in the air. The Whitworth pick last year was a set up for '07. So will we address more secondary needs? Or perhaps look at offensive tackle for a possible pick for the future. Seems more doubtful now that Andrews is sticking around. I don't think Griffin is too high at 18 if you think he will be a starter for the team in the future.


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                  I am completely for Saftey/LB in the 1st then CB in the 2nd although Revis would be a great fit and could be our new PR.

                  Either way we get a solid CB (IMO) and we already have a #1 guy in JJ, a CB isn't going to have the impact a S/LB can so I'd rather go that route in the 1st. They just need to not completely suck ala Tory James.


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                    Im still prayin for Weddle in rd 2

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                      I like Weddle too in Rd 2.


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                        Originally posted by rickscott View Post
                        I like Weddle too in Rd 2.
                        Damn Rick, 5:11 AM on a Sunday.... Having trouble sleeping? haha

                        Yeah I like Weddle but I don't think he's Marvins type player, he likes 'em with upside and IMO Weddle doesn't have a lot of it.


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                          New guy here....

                          I don't want to see them go after a wide receiver on day 1, but if they do, this is when. Steve Smith is a prefect fit, as is Craig Davis. They could also take a linebacker like Buster Davis or Quincy Black is they don't fill the need in the first. If they don't go secondary in the first, they could go after Tanard Jackson.


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                            tanard jackson has some character concerns, 2nd round cbs id say they are watching would be mccauley, wade, wilson and possibly that young guy from kent.


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