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the day before the daft is here

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  • the day before the daft is here

    who do you hope we pick, and who do you think we pick?

    i hope we pick Lawrence Timmons, but I think we will pick Darrelle Revis.

    Originally posted by mythbusta
    i love my pedestal. thats why im the mythbusta.
    who dey?

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    Revis is going to be a good CB but I hope we take Beason/Nelson/Griffin/Timmons/Branch instead, I just feel like they could have a greater impact than that of a CB. IMO we could get by fine with Usama Young or Fred Bennett.

    I have to say last year I had a better idea of who we were going to take, I still remember at our pick I kept saying "Jimmy Williams or Johnathan Joseph"... That won't be the case this year.


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      I hope we take Revis but I think we'll take Nelson....I'll actually be happy with Revis, Hall, Nelson, Griffin or AAron Ross if we trade down a few.


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        I hope we take Revis or Beason.

        I don't want Timmons (too raw, and Reinard Wilson ruined me for FSU def. players).

        Branch I'm unsure of. I'm worried about people questioning his motor.

        Wouldn't mind either Griffin or Nelson.

        Everybody enjoy the draft tomorrow and WHO DEY!!!



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