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    Just a matter of time before he is cut by the Vikes. Wouldnt be a bad addition to our team, IMO. He would make a pretty good mentor for Romo and would be a reliable back up, with loads of experience. Some say he's better suited for the WCO at this point but, he's played in many offenses. I'd welcome him with open arms. What do you guys think?

    Thanks BoneKrusher^ (the man)

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    I feel like that if we were to sign Johnson, it would only be for a year or two. That may not be bad, but in my mind, I'd like to have a backup who can be a consistent guy like Garrett was for a while. Perhaps Johnson is a placeholder while we wait for the right young guy to come along, but to me, his age is a problem.


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      Id rather have someone a bit younger. Johnson has been passed around more than a........ uh, more than a..... collection plate.

      sorry thats the best I could do. Tried to keep it clean.


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        He is only 2 years younger than Jason Garrett I believe. I would rather have Garrett as my backup than him. No thank you.



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