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Pick 2010 FA that makes team

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  • Pick 2010 FA that makes team

    I think the safety..............Church.

    I haven't seen him play, but it is just a vibe.

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    WR Terrell Hudgins


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      Well this isn't necessarily the 'best' FA we have. It's more so what fits on the depth chart.

      Looking at our depth chart and whom I see as solid UDFAs...

      Junior Aumavae, NT, Minnesota State:
      Massive space eater and for the time being Lissemore is going to be listed as a DE. I don't know about you but Junior Savaii doesn't get my juices flowing.

      Chris Gronkowski, FB, Arizona:
      All C. Gronk has to be is beat out Deon Anderson. He can not only do a solid job in run blocking but has proven to be capable of picking up the blitz and provide some pass protection. Has above average to good hands coming out the backfield. He has to be my favorite if I'm picking only one guy.

      Terrell Hudgins, WR, Elon
      Prolific numbers in DII ball. Has the size and strength you look for in a possession receiver. But his timed speed isn't that impressive and I think he'll struggle getting any separation in the pros. Our depth at WR makes him the least likely on my least of '5 best chance'.

      Chet Teofilo, G/C, California
      Versitle. Projected to play interior but *could* play both tackle spots as well. Olineman that can play multiple spots are given extra points we know that from experience. Oline is also one of the spots we need depth. Very good opportunity for Chet.

      Matt Nichols, QB, Eastern Washington
      Has the size, arm, and experience (granted it's DII) you crave in a QB coming out. Pretty high on Nichols and it's disappointing we have a better project already on the roster (McGee). The odds are stacked against Nichols he'll have to either A) Beat out McGee (unlikely), B) Beat out Kitna (very unlikely), or C) McGee beat out Kitna for the backup role and have Nichols take over the 3rd QB / project title (best bet but unlikely). Definitely like him hopefully if all else fails he'll land on our PS and not get signed and turn into a star like Moore.

      In summary if I had to pick one guy it would be a coin flip between C. Gronk and Aumavae.
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      I have no clue what Bortles is all about. Has a funny name though. Sounds like a Pokemon.

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