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  • Terence Newman's Contract

    Hey guys, I have a question about Terence Newman's contract. If I am not mistaken, he signed a 7 year deal when we drafted him. Now he has played 4 years, so why is everyone saying we need to sign him this season or he is an UFA? Doesn't he have 3 years left on his contract? I mean trust me I want to sign him, he is a top 5 CB, but doesn't he have 3 years left on his deal? Can someone clearify this for me? Thanks.

    In fact, here is the article sayin ghe signed a 7 year deal:

    So I don't get why he will be a FA after this season....

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    Hmmm... That's a nice find. I dunno where this all came from... Did I start the rumors? LOL!


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      I also heard he was a FA perhaps his contract voided after five years


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        No you didn't make it up, because Mick says we have to re-sign him all the time on Talkin' Cowboys. I just don't get it....

        Ward, you know this stuff, do you know anything about this?


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          Prolly cause he has 15 mil base salary that is going to need to be restructured


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            That could be it.......


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              Newman signed a 7 year deal in 2003 with an initial bonus of 6.5M and a 2004 bonus of 6.501M. His base salaries were


              There are a complex series of contract escalators for 2009 which could raise the 2009 salary to as much as 15M, 2009 is also a voidable year for Newman, which he will obviously do considering the money available to a top notch corner in the current market. Even if Newman does not elect to void, the Cowboys would obviously want to restructure to avoid a 15M 2009 cap charge. Bottom line he'll be here at least 2 more years.

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                I'm sure if he's having a solid '07, his agent will be pushing for an extension.


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                  yes, I was aware of the 7 year deal, but most rookie contracts have voidable years tacked on that are nullified if the player reaches certain playing time or performance level incentives. However, most contracts that have voidable years also have a "buy back" clause that allows the team to re-purchase the voided years for a certain guaranteed amount, essentially allowing the player to earn a raise on his initial contract if the team considers him to have played up to the requisite level befitting the pay increase. I simply assumed that Newman had voided the last two years and that no buy back was put into the initial contract. That's strange, though.
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                    Either way...the longer we wait the higher the contract cost goes up. He will receive his extension sometime this year.


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                      Oh I know, there is a 100% chance we re-sign him by mid-season, but I just don't get how he everyone is saying he was a FA after this year when we signed him to a 7 year deal. It is clearer now though.



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