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  • Originally posted by bobindallas View Post
    Wow, good luck with that. What are his "measurables?"
    He's about 5'11 150 right now. Just a runt lol. I'm 6'3 240 so I hope hes about to fill out. He does have a Big arm though, pitcher for the baseball team as well as QB.

    The greastest team of all time...The OKLAHOMA SOONERS!!!


    • Originally posted by LonghornsLegend View Post
      I wouldnt even begin to think about letting Ware go, im 110% sure he will be a Cowboy for a long time, he's our playmaker and our new Charles Haley, we shouldnt even have to ask if he will be resigned, Jerry is going to pay him big time and there is no doubt about it...Pacman will be on a base salary of 1.29 million, how is signing him going to stop us from resigning T New? We have 3 dbs on the roster right now total, one being a guy who has yet to play with Henry and Newman, seems like everytime we sign someone everybody ask how will we play everyone else...Well we are going to need to add about 3 corners at this point regardless, pacman would be one, probably another in the 1st rd, and a late draft pick or bringing in a guy.

      We lost all our depth so we knew we needed new bodies in, and were fine with the cap right now as it is.

      I firmly agree!
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      • Romo tied for 19th in field of 108.

        Thanks BoneKrusher^ (the man)
        KO KNOWS


        • Anyone else getting excited about the rumors.

          King is ranting about us moving up for McFadden.
          Pacman will be here sometime in the next month.

          Then King also goes on to say come spring training Chad Johnson will have done enough to grant a trade from Cincy...and has him pegged to Dallas.

          Three huge names...all have a realistic possibility of becoming cowboys.


          • Yes, I am ramped up about these rumors. Pacman and RunDMC are coming.

            I cant figure out how we can get Chad Johnson. But we would have some celebrators on our team, if we could get them here. Can you imagine the touchdown stuff we would see? They would have to put us on national tv every week!!!!!!!

            By the way, just finished my first round mock. It is in the Mock Draft section on the forum. Feel free to go tear it apart. I am sure eveyone else is. It is called the, "Outside the box" mock, because I was sick of seeing the same players for the same teams over an over on every mock. There are a few very different picks from what every other mock is showing.

            Ironically, I had Dallas getting Felix and Desean!!! I just couldnt help it.
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            • I really think taht we'll see Chad Johnson brought here in training camp....those king rumors just made a lot of sense. Also by doing this we can make our Glenn cut split over 2 years....and save 2.7 in 2008....that alone would probably open up just enough room to give johnson enough money for 2008. It'll be interesting to see what happens.


              • Great article I found interviewing Jerry Jones, he talks about his unwillingness to move into the top 5 or 6 picks, and his thoughts about the draft, good read ill post the entire article for those to lazy to click.

                Jones unwilling to take out a mortgage for a draft pick
                Increasingly popular national opinion cites Jerry Jones as the NFL owner most likely to Hog headlines and TV time on the league's holy days, otherwise known as the April draft.

                A majority of the household-name media analysts, including Peter, Mort, Jaws, Mel, etc., seem convinced Jerry's Arkansas roots will cause a huge first-round splash come Saturday, April 26.

                It would be bold yet extremely costly for the Cowboys to pig out on Darren McFadden, the running back who, the same as Jones, played and schooled in the village of Fayetteville.

                Let's see here:

                Jerry has never exactly been opposed to boldness, spending big, being a media magnet or the state of Arkansas. And he needs a running back.

                Meanwhile, McFadden is being hailed as the second coming of Adrian Peterson, and a sure top-five choice in the first round.

                What will the Cowboys do?

                Best guess: Not go hog wild, but hog mild, and eventually settle on Felix Jones, the backup for McFadden at Arkansas.

                Why? Because I listened to what Jones had to say on this subject, and believed him. Believed him because Jerry has been consistent in recent years on how he spends his football money.

                "I have no intent at all of moving into the top five," Jones said, while also stressing this was not a comment on McFadden's talent, but a fear factor of paying any rookie today's top-five going rate.

                "A team can get crippled, and I mean seriously crippled, from a financial standpoint by being up there in the top five or six. It's a real negative.

                "Nobody wants in there, and the teams in there, they want out. This is a very tough draft anyway when it comes to evaluating the talent, and then trying to match up that with the millions it takes to operate at the top of the draft."

                The irony here is the trade with Cleveland on draft day a year ago was supposedly made with the hope it would bring a top five pick this time. And, yes, McFadden would be the target.

                "Outside of a highly rated quarterback, there is no other position I'd pay what it takes today to be up there," answered Jones.

                That seems to shoot down the speculation of last April, which makes that Cleveland trade even more confusing.

                But a personal disclaimer:

                This is draft season in the NFL. Whatever you hear from any team may not be the truth. Actually, it probably won't be the truth.

                A long-ago quote from Big Nellie on the NBA Draft is still the best B.S. detector: "This time of year, if my lips are moving, I'm lying to you."

                But Jones is no different from any other owner in the league when it comes to immense worrying about the cost of doing business at the top of the draft.

                The first pick these days expects $30 million, guaranteed. To be in the top five can cost a team between $20 million and $30 million. All this for rookies.

                "There is a real problem in our league with this," Jerry said. "I don't want to go there."

                Plus, by traditional standards, the Cowboys also could not use their 22nd and 28th picks to advance into the top five, even if they desired to do so. It would cost more than that.

                It's a trade-up for April that on paper doesn't make sense, no matter Arkansas roots, or McFadden's talent. Then again, based on what was seen from Adrian Peterson in his rookie season, hindsight tells us there is no team in the NFL, including the Cowboys, who wouldn't pay seventh-pick money to now have him.

                Forget Vegas. The high-stakes gambling Mecca of the world is currently the top 10 picks in an NFL Draft. The rookie crapshoot makes even billionaire owners sweat.

                I asked Jones, if McFadden started sliding on draft day, at what point would the Cowboys become interested. Jerry hesitated. Finally, I said, "How about out of the top 10, and he's there at 11?"

                "You would be safe with that assumption," he replied.

                The word from Valley Ranch is running back, cornerback and offensive line are the depth positions in this draft. The first two, of course, have high first-round interest for the Cowboys.

                Based on the work of his scouting department, Jones said the depth at running back is the best of any draft since he's been an owner, going back to 1989.

                "We need a running back to go with [Marion] Barber, but with the high regard we have for him, combined with what's available in this draft, it makes no sense to me to be going up there to the top of the draft," Jones said. "I think we can find what we need where we are."

                With under a month to go before the draft, Jerry is still considered by national media voices as the guy most likely to take the top-five plunge for McFadden. But Jones, with lips moving, says otherwise.

                Believe at your own risk, but, OK, I do.

                Originally posted by Scott Wright
                I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.


                • Eh, I dont believe him. Money is the only thing that would lead me to believe he wont trade up. It would be a big cap hit. But if they can make it work money wise, it will happen. Every pick is a gamble. But there is more of a chance you can hit earlier than later.

                  If we can fit him under the cap, I would make a trade up.
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                  • Originally posted by HEISMANHERSCHEL View Post
                    Eh, I dont believe him. Money is the only thing that would lead me to believe he wont trade up. It would be a big cap hit. But if they can make it work money wise, it will happen. Every pick is a gamble. But there is more of a chance you can hit earlier than later.

                    If we can fit him under the cap, I would make a trade up.
                    It just doest make a whole lot of sense to do so. Once you pay him whatever he's coming to him according to the slot he was drafted, then you gotta go and figure out how you're gonna keep Barber under contract. Do you feel like giving both of them top of the line starters' money? It wouldn't be sensible to do so.
                    I've been shouting for a trade up for a while, but NOT for McFadden. For that CB that's gonna start for the next 5 years after we cut Anthony Henry.


                    • I still think it has to do with cost and I'm not talking money.

                      If a team that high is ready to take less value persay..then the motivational factor is in there for us to value most teams won't do this....but if it only takes 22 and 28 to move into the top 6 it's hard to justify not doing it if your guy is there on the board.


                      • What if Barber is the better NFL RB. What do you do about the 30 mill guaranteed McFadden will want? It would put us in a real bad spot if McFadden didn't pan out.


                        • At this point, we really cannot afford McFadden. It's all talk at this point, to be honest I see us using one of the first round picks and trading the other one for future picks or some additional picks this year.


                          • Who has a roster bonus coming up soon?



                            • I'm putting my money back garuntee that the cowboys will have pacman this week....


                              • anyone else buying into Akin Ayodele is included into this pacman deal? Makes sense from our side I guess.



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