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  • Originally posted by LizardState View Post
    Same HS that gave Bama Greg McElroy....

    Johnson is normally not so clueless in his comments or that harsh regarding his former team, the Cowboys .... commenting on his former college roomy Jarry Jones, now that's another matter where all bets are off.

    I quoted this b/c I heard on ESPN yesterday yet another reason to throw a blanket over Mark Schlereth, drag him out behind the ESPN bldg. in Connecticut & pistol-whip him senseless. He said Dallas was his pick this weekend for upset alert b/c they're "a team who tends to pat themselves on the back a little bit after a big win" so they have a next game letdown. Like slef-satisfaction & overabundant hubris is something new in Dallas. or any other NFL team with more Ws than Ls.......

    Ex-Skins pigfucker Hogs like him clearly don't know the mindset of this Dallas team, sweeping the Eagles in the season finale & trashing their season plus catapulting the Cowboys back into the NFC East lead s/b enough motivation to beat a Westbrookless Philly at home, shouldn't it?

    We should disregard all those snorting & rooting Hog noises from Schlereth in the future.
    Ha ha. Love the passion. Way to get riled up!

    Last 2 games of the regular season. Must win games. If the Giants win out and we don't, we could be sitting at home during the playoffs after 10 wins. A rarety.


    • Merry XMas.


      • Originally posted by herniateddisc View Post
        Merry XMas.
        You're a good guy Bob. Same to you.


        • It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas with all this snow. This is like the equivalent of a blizzard for Dallas since it almost never snows here.


          • Somebody tell me why John Carney isn't on the team already. Who cares that we just signed Suisam? He sucks.


            • Originally posted by D-Unit
              Somebody tell me why John Carney isn't on the team already. Who cares that we just signed Suisam? He sucks.
              My thinking as well.

              If we only want an insurance policy for the rest of year. I'll take the veteran with 20 years of experience over Suisham who has by himself LOST two games this year already. If Buehller(sp?) is going to be given every opportunity in this offseason to take the job then we really should tell Suisham to hit the road and bring Carney in.


              • It's a rare White Christmas in DFW today, Ft. Worth got 2 inches of snow & all Xmas shopping traffic (even at the bars!) ground to a halt.

                And so a Merry Christmas to all fellow Cowboys fans out there.

                I too would welcome Carney's vast experience over Suisham, it appears Folk's career was put in hiatus by the surgery, or failed rehab or whatever. From the Pro Bowl in his rookie yr. to washed up < 3 yrs later, it's been a long fall for Folk. I hope he can come back next season after a lot of PT & under the tutelage of a good ST asst, but it won't be wearing a blue star on his hat anymore by all accts. The kicking game has been the team's achilles heel this season, maybe replacing Folk is too little too late but at least it's doing something.....
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                • Garrett article.

                  Dallas Cowboys' Garrett under the gun, despite his use of weapons


                  • Ed Werder said this after the loss to San Diego...

                    Todd Gilmore (Hurst)
                    Is Jason Garrett the worst play caller in the league?

                    Ed Werder (11:03 AM)
                    Good morning from New Orleans, sit of tomorrow night's big game. I'm hearing the Jerry Jones is very critical of Jason Garrett, whom he once thought would be the Cowboys' head coach. I understand his logic in the goal-line situation. Yove have to think Marion Barber will get you a yard there. He's not the same player. But if you know you're going for it in that situation on fourth down and you have a mobile quarterback, I think you play-action on third down, roll Romo and sneak Jason Witten out on a route. The Cowboys' offense has been simplified to eliminate presnap penalties and because some players have difficulty processing a lot of information. They need to be aggressive against the Saints.

                    Rob (Dallas)
                    Who is favored to replace Wade if he's fired and is it Wade's fault? I'd argue that it's not Wade or Jason's fault the players can't get it in from the 1 yard line.

                    Ed Werder (11:09 AM)
                    I agree that if you look at the performance of this team that Jason Garrett's offense is more responsible for this team's failure _ if 8-5 is failure _ than Wade Phillips' defense. But more important than either of those is leadership and motivation, and it seems to me, that Wade provides either none of that or not nearly enough. He doesn't make changes in the starting lineup, doesn't bring in players during the week for tryouts until this week to keep players on edge and refuses to confront real personnel issues _ whether it's Nick Folk or Roy Williams. He pretends everything is all right and that problems are creations of the media.

                    Dan (Tulsa, OK)
                    If the Redskins hire Shanahan, who will Jerry hire if/when he fires Wade?

                    Ed Werder (11:16 AM)
                    I've heard for a long time that Jerry had a very high opinion of Mike Shanahan, who tried to sign Tony Romo. Shanahan has the offensive imagination the Cowboys lack, and he would take control of the locker room. Players would fear him like they did Jimmy Johnson and Bill Parcells, and that's a positive. But Jerry has not been in contact with him as the Redskins are believed to be, so the Cowboys must have someone else in mind. I doubt Jerry would sit there and let his choice to be the next head coach in Dallas go to a division opponent unless that's what he wanted to happen.

                    .... and the reason why I KNOW Werder is a Dirty Rat... and only makes me more furious about him...

                    Bernard (Princeton, NJ)
                    I'm in your head, Werder! Is there any way the Cowboys can slow down Drew Brees and the Saints WR tomorrow night?

                    Ed Werder (11:38 AM)
                    Nice line, my friend. The Cowboys seem to believe they can do what nobody else has _ not only beat an undefeated team but do it in the Superdome where they are at their absolute best, winning by an average of 15.5 points. Can Tony Romo succeed where Super Bowl winners Tom Brady and Eli Manning failed. If he can, I think perception of the Cowboys as an organization change _ for at least a week. We will find out if the Cowboys are truly confident as they have claimed or it is just so much false bravado. I know that as a former Cowboys assistant, Sean Payton will do everything he can to embarrass the Cowboys and make a statement. And Drew Brees will want to deliver a performance that makes it seem riduclous that Payton pursued trading for Romo before signing the most statistically prolific quarterback of the past two years. Thanks to everyone for the great questions.


                    • I like the reading the cowboys fans comments under the article. It's interesting to see what have to say


                      • Great articles, nice read. Also I hate reading comments of typical fans on articles Banning, way too emotional and overreactional week to week. Those same comments were screaming for us to trade Romo for Cutler this off-season, then when that blows up and looks idiotic most of them go on to another tirade.

                        As far as Garrett, he's done fine lately, but I don't like to judge him one week at a time. He has a chance to prove his worth these final few weeks. Also Shanny isn't a lock to Washington yet, if we don't make it past round 1 of the playoffs he could still end up here anyway, but I also believe Jerry has another back-up plan in mind if it's not him.

                        Also the snow here on Xmas eve was ridiculous. Tried to go to my Uncle's and we couldn't even get out of the driveway. I have been living in DFW for 14+ years and not sure I remember it ever snowing that hard.

                        Originally posted by Scott Wright
                        I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.


                        • We have gotten over 17in of snow in the last 24 hours LL I don't pity you haha.

                          Funny video if your bored. Somebody recorded some idiots trying to drive through it.

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                          • I was stuck at the same spot on Loop 12 for nearly an hour. We didn't move an inch. Snow is Texan's kryptonite, but it sure was purty though.

                            And just so this isn't a wasted post on weather, will Mcbriar be back as the holder for Shuisam?


                            • Originally posted by Paul View Post
                              I was stuck at the same spot on Loop 12 for nearly an hour. We didn't move an inch. Snow is Texan's kryptonite, but it sure was purty though.

                              And just so this isn't a wasted post on weather, will Mcbriar be back as the holder for Shuisam?
                              Don't quote me on this but I don't think so. Romo is the best holder on the team and held for Suisham in the past. I think Romo will stay doing it.


                              • from dmn blog

                                Carney was cut by the Saints this week - after the Cowboys signed Suisham. I'm not sure Carney would have been under consideration by the Cowboys had he been available anyway, but even if the Cowboys want him in the future, they can't have him.

                                Carney joined the Saints as a kicking consultant. According to league rules, Carney couldn't join the Saints or any other team this year.



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