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Cowboys sign Matt Moore(QB)

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  • Cowboys sign Matt Moore(QB)

    Moore had been talked up as a possible late-round steal by various ESPN commentators. Ron Jaworski raved about him on Sunday. During an on-air discussions, ESPN's Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay were talking about who might be the next Tom Brady, and they both mentioned Moore.

    "He got a lot of publicity for a guy who wasn't drafted," said Lynn Lashbrook, one of Moore's agents. Lashbrook is the president of Sports Management Worldwide in Portland. Matt is also being represented by family friend Joe Aloisi, the father of his best friend from Hart High, Matt Aloisi.

    Lashbrook said Kansas City, Detroit, Carolina, and Cincinnati were also interested in bringing in Moore as a free agent.

    Moore can't throw a ball 64 yards while kneeling down (did you see JaMarcus Russell in that clip on Saturday?) but he does have enough "intangibles'' to warrant a long look by the Cowboys.

    OSU coach Mike Riley said last week it was a joke that Moore wasn't invited to the Combine. Riley also said that he firmly believes no quarterback in the country made as many clutch plays as Moore during OSU's remarkable 8 of 9 run in 2006.

    Lashbrook thinks Moore will shock the world again, only this time in the NFL.

    "He handled (not being drafted) well, like he's handled everything else,'' said Lashbrook. "His story is kind of an underdog story. He's always had to overcome a lot.''

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    I honestly like Moore a lot. I saw him beat Hawaii first hand this past season. I wasn't a happy camper.


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      I really like Moore as an UDFA. He needs to hit the weight room. Would help his arm strength.


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        What is he at 195? 10-15lb will really help.


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          Reminds me of Kurt Warner. Very very accurate thrower.


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            I think he has a real good shot to make the 53 this year, all he has to do is beat out Matt Baker and Brock Berlin, shouldn't be much trouble. Romo was an UDFA too, 3 years ago nobody would have imagined Romomania.


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              Needless to say, I'm extremely happy that we brought him in. Here's a post I made about a month and a half ago-

              Originally posted by duckseason
              His pro-day doesn't really have anything to do with it. His stock began rising in the middle of last season. Beaver fans openly booed him and called for backup Sean Canfield during losses to Cal and WSU, and then Moore put the team on his shoulders en route to winning 8 of their last 9 including improbable victories over USC, Oregon and Missouri. He showed tremendous heart, and an ability to overcome adversity. Despite his poor start to the '06 season, he ended the year with an efficiency rating of 140 while completing 60% of his passes for 18 TD's and 7 int's. He went 6 consecutive games without throwing a pick, and only threw 4 int's over the course of those final 9 games. Pretty impressive for a guy who was constantly being pressured behind a leaky front wall.

              He's not as much of a project as some of you make it out to be. He's got a lot of talent, and he seemed to finally bring it all together last year. It's not unreasonable at all to rate him above some of the other kids in that 5-10 range of this years class. There are only a handful of guys with a lesser number of question marks hovering above their head. As a Cowboy fan, he seems like the perfect type of guy to bring in this year to learn behind Johnson/Garrett, and become the backup/successor to Romo. He would be an absolute steal if he slips to the 2nd day.
              Here's the thread in it's entirety-



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                Wow, we got Jaworski's guy, then.

                You have to hope that this could pan out for us. Jaws was going nuts all through the second day, calling for this guy to get a look. I honestly couldn't believe that he was never drafted. He (Jaworski) made some very good points for him, and the way that he "threw to space" in the footage that was shown is enough to think that he might be capable of developing into an NFL QB.

                You simply cannot understate the value that having a young, developmental QB that comes along and can provide stability at the position, while becoming valuable trade bait down the line has to a franchise. GB turned it into an artform in the mid-late 90s, and used the players that they got out of Brunell, Brooks, Hasselbeck and others to supplement their own late picks and infuse the roster with young talent.

                If Moore could become even a poor man's version of Schaub, and get us a 2nd rounder for him, it would be a huge boost for our team.

                However, that is quite a ways down the road, and more than likely he will either be cut in camp and signed to the PS, or get buried at the end of the roster and never heard from again. But I'll be crossing my fingers nonetheless.
                Originally posted by 21ST
                He was protecting his self
                Originally posted by tjsunstein
                From what? His leg?
                Originally posted by Paranoidmoonduck
                That leg has had it out for him since day 1.
                "We're the quiet guys, the guys before the storm. And then we hit you."

                DeMarcus Ware


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                  If he makes the 53 man roster i'll be surprised. I have trouble seeing us carry 3 QB's this year. If Stanback makes the team he would likely fill a reserve 3 role. I am a big fan of if he makes the team I think he might have a future with us.


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                    Moore was a UCLA transfer I think so not exactly some walk-on type. He was well recruited out of HS but I think the Olsen kid prevented him from starting as a Frosh. He transferred and went Oregon because of the spread set. At least this is what I know.



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