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Game 1: Denver-15 Buffalo-14

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  • Game 1: Denver-15 Buffalo-14

    Sloppy game today. Exciting, but sloppy. Henry had the big run on the option, then sucked for a while, then started playing great. He'll be a big piece of this offense. Walker had 2 drops, one was his fault, one was a bit behind him, but a WR like him has to catch it. Other than that though, he looked great. Stokely looked awesome, as did Marshall. Cutler was off and on, looked great at times(the TD) looked bad at times(The INT) and looked really bad at others(the dropped INT, the backwards throw), but overall wasn't bad. About what you'd expect from a young QB. And he's currently the NFL pass yards leader. Also showed mobility escaping the pocket, and ran for 4 less yards than VY. on 7 less attempts. The defense looked very good for the most part. Any time you hold Evans to 2 catches for 5 yards, you're doing something right. Lynch was kept in check for the most part, but had the big run, and got the tough yards when he had to. I don't know whether it was our D-Line or not(I hope so) but Buffalo's OL looked bad.

    If we lost today, it woulda been on the ST. We gave up the one TD, and almost another. We missed 2 kicks. That isn't gonna be good enough when we go up against San Diego and the Bears.

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    Damn, that finish almost finished me... ;)

    The offense racked up an impressive number of yards... but somehow couldn't translate that into a lot of points. Too many promising drives got derailed by bad decisions (ban the shovel pass!), penalties and general sloppiness. In any case, our offense was definitely too much for the Bill's defense to handle.

    I liked the defensive effort, but they did take a little too long to adjust when Buffalo started having success on the ground. Once they keyed on Marshawn / the running game, Buffalo's offense was pretty much done for the day.

    As Chris pointed out, special teams sucked yet again. I can live without an explosive return game, but the damn coverage unit has get their sh*t together!


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      I think Cutler looked very well in his progression to being a near top tier QB. Showed signs of brilliance especially in MANAGING the game and NOT FORCING throws. Also, his ablities to read the defenses, going to his third, frouth, and checkdown options.

      I was impressed progression wise in JP and Cutler.

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        There were times when he did all those things yeah, but also times when he did the the exact opposite. For instance, his near INT when he threw deep to Walker with Marshall wide open for an easy first down. He also got a bit jumpy at times. All in all he was pretty good though.

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        do i tell you when to flip the burger?


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          As i said last year, they need to run Cutler more he was great outside the pocket at Vandy against SEC teams every week.

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            How do the Broncos approximately triple the Bills in yardage and still only win by one point? That's not the sign of a smart team. Granted, Elam did miss two FGs, but that's no excuse. Both sides of the team must improve . Luckily, we do face the Raiders next week...

            Projected win total: 55+


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              i dint acutally see the game, but i followed it with the live tracker thing on foxsports, so it was very suspenseful. so many times we were at 4th and 2 on that last drive i was clicking refresh every 10 seconds lol. anyway, our starters were pretty impressive, on offense our stats are up there with the league leaders. jay cutler had 300+ yards henry had what, 180 yds? like i siad, i dint see the game so i dont know what we need to work on.
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