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  • Shanahan MUST Glo

    when i say glo.. i mean go. we just got absolutely killed by our own scheme. kubiak, once shanny's apprentice, just showed shanny up. he is no longer effective anymore. if yards were points, we'd be fine. but they arent. and our defense blows. shanahan just showed right here that he can't even run his own scheme anymore

    touchdown leach. no playoffs this year.

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    I agree that it is time for fresh blood in Denver... but we both know that isn't going to happen.

    As for the D... No pressure on the QB. No power. No toughness. ******* ****** tackling. Who wants to watch this crap?

    The defense is so bad that it's demoralizing the offense. The shots of Cutler and Scheffler on the bench as the Texans were driving down the field captured that perfectly.


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      I can't stand watching the Broncos anymore. We have all the elements of a mediocre team...

      Bad tackling
      Bad run defense (seriously, I don't think I saw a run stopped before the LS that whole game)
      Bad coverage (mainly b/c the play action works so well against us)
      Making FGs instead of TDs

      Projected win total: 55+


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        Originally posted by njx9
        and wtF are we doing pooching a 53 yard field goal? is elam's leg REALLY that bloody weak now?
        Well, taht pooch was sadly our best special teams play as it gave the Texans really bad field position (altho I believe we let the Texans drive up half the field anyway).

        Our team obviously cannot survive unless we jump out to a large enough lead where the opposing team cannot afford to run. I was pretty damn excited last week w/our thumping of KC. Our offense was unbelievable as was our defense. Clearly, that was an aberration and not a harbinger of things to come. Unfortunately, this draft class is also pretty weak. I don't see any players that I truly want...

        Projected win total: 55+


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          Originally posted by njx9
          i can hardly fault the offense, houston was in absolutely perfect position on a few plays, and really, it's tough to get offensive rhythm going when the other team is scoring at will.

          our entire defense should be cut. abdullah's better than ferguson, but who cares? elway's ex-wife is probably better than ferguson. bly is, as detroit fans predicted, good for at least 5 bad beats per game. our d-line is a joke. our linebackers are even worse. and for some reason either bates won't ever blitz to create pressure or shanny won't let him. whichever one of those idiots is responsible should be curbed by bowlen in front of the team tomorrow morning. DJ was getting blown off the ball on nearly every run play (except when he was busy mis-reading it). ian gold would've missed the tackle had he even been in the stadium. dunno if he really needed a hot dog, but he seemed to vanish every time they ran the ball. webster can't do it alone, especially when the other teams realize he's the only person they have to actually block. champ needs to tell the team to go **** themselves, and just keep his receiver out of the game. because honestly, who cares? he's the only person on the field who can actually make a tackle. what difference if it's after 30 yards or 40 yards?

          our special teams are likely the worst in nfl history, with the exception of our kickers, one of whom will be cut after beating up a taxi driver the other day (sauerbrun). glenn martinez is terrible. andre hall sucks. our kick return unit sucks. it looks like they're picking a local high school to suit up on kickoffs. i've never seen more guys consistently out of position, or getting blown up by blockers they should be running past easily.

          whatever. if i were in charge, i'd sell out to get vilma, then spend the rest of the draft on DT and S.

          all that said, i DON'T fault anyone who was blocking williams. the guy was ****ing dominant. too bad we wasted so many drafts on guys like nash, o'neal, middlebrooks, lelie and foster.

          The offense was horrible. Lepsis and Pears SUCKED. And twice Mario got sacks when Sapp and Mustard were supposed to be blocking him. WTF IS UP WITH THAT?
          We need OL help badly. Shell out for Vilma? NO THANKS. If we had some DT's/DE's who could play the run, it wouldn't be so bad. I'd rather shell out for Haynesworth.
          Looks like we will have a top 10 pick too. I don't see us beating San Diego or Minnesota, falling to 6-10.


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            Originally posted by njx9
            i've come to the honest conclusion that you've never seen our team play. quick, name two plays our linebackers made yesterday. haynesworth isn't going anywhere (but hey, even if he was, don't let it bother you that he's only had a great season when his contract was on the line). vilma likely is. our linebackers, minus webster, are the worst in the league, bar none. our DEs are young, if you remember, we like, drafted a bunch last year and dumervil is only in his second season. but hey, we might as well bring in another sam adams. i like that plan. it's worked well for the last 5 years.

            further, explain how lepsis and pears sucked. i HATE pears. more than anyone but ferguson and gold. but tell me any T's in the league who could've played well against mario last night. and then you expect sapp or mustard to get him 1v1? gosh. no wonder the guy hasn't had any sacks all year, it's apparently fairly easy to block him with a 3rd string TE or a bad excuse for a FB.
            DJ Williams is really the only LB we have worth a damn IMO. I want Ian Gold cut so bad, and Nate Webster is backup material. Don't get me wrong, we need LB help, but have you seen ANY push from the DL? Nope, didn't think so.
            I know we won't get Haynesworth, but that guy is dominant. At this point, we should look at signing Corey Williams from Green Bay, and looking at signing a backer in free agency along with drafting one. The front seven scares me though, and I hope we make the right moves in the offseason.

            As for Lepsis and Pears, I think its obvious about Pears. On the play Mustard was blocking Mario, Pears was blocking NO ONE. Another time on a blitz, Pears blocked no one.
            Lepsis got abused by Mario and just isn't that great of a LT. He has played at best average the whole year. Look at what going from an average LT to a good/great LT did for Cleveland. Give a QB some time and he'll make the throws and the running game will appear.


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              I hope Denver fires him too.

              Niners would welcome Shanny back with open arms. :)


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                Holy crap the Broncos are below .500 for the first time in who knows how long, better fire the coach.

                You realize that just a few years ago Shannahan took a Jake Plummer-led team to the AFC Championship game no?

                Nobody cares about your stupid fantasy team.


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                  Originally posted by njx9
                  i've been saying it all year, webster should be playing MLB, DJ should be at WLB (the only LB position he's played well in denver) and gold should be serving someone french fries. webster's been the only guy capable of reading plays and getting into the backfield. he's not perfect, but he's better than anyone we'll get to replace him for now (be it at SLB or MLB, i think he could play either spot, depending on who's drafted).
                  Yeah, I at first thought that, but I think DJ has played a lot better since the start and we really needed to give him a full year at MLB.

                  i really don't want anything to do with a free agent DT. shanahan has been absolutely atrocious at signing them since around 1997. i mean, daryl gardener? blech. draft some guys from the 3rd round on (i don't buy the value at our spot in the 1st or 2nd clearly dependant on combine and who might fall a bit).
                  If we can get Dorsey, I'm all for not signing a DT. But I think we need to sign someone to start along side Marcus Thomas next year.

                  i don't think there's a LT in the league who could've played with mario yesterday. he was absolutely dominant. season long, lepsis clearly is looking old. we need someone ready to go. certain people think ryan harris is the guy (i'm unsold on him at LT, whatever anyone says). granted i'd rather build along the lines and go from there. but the top of the draft seems relatively strong in linebackers, and the back of the draft should be better for S and DT. if we can't grab a stud in the first, i'd rather give up the pick for someone who can help immediately (and given that vilma would fit in very well in our defense, i'd love to make that trade). if that's not possible, i agree, a trade down seems like the best option.
                  Vilma, I don't think he is that great. I do not want to give up a 1st round pick for him, his injuries scare me. I also don't think Ryan Harris will be the future LT, I would like to see him play RT though.


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                    Originally posted by njx9

                    i would settle absolutely for him losing his GM role. he's terrible at it. but it won't happen until he's completely gone. he's absolutely failed to draft well in nearly every draft since he's been here. not counting the last three years (can't judge TOO soon, and i'm even giving him a break on clarett), we have (by a quick count) 4 players left on the team out of 66 (from 1998-2004). that's horrible. i would be dumbfounded if any GM with a similar record still has his job. there's a reason we suck right now, and that's a HUGE part of it.
                    Drafting was HORRID up until the past few years. I don't even think we have one player from the 2002 or 2003 draft on the roster. Freakin pathetic.
                    Like you, I gave him a break on Clarett. That was a high risk situation that could've landed Denver a great RB, but Clarett showed he doesn't care.


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                      It's weird how things change around so quickly. Last season we had a defense that had allowed 1 TD thru 6 games? Our run defense was our strength (it was our third down pass defense that killed us). I had not expected such a dismal run defense. I fully expected a great season for our defense in general with the addition of Dre Bly and fatty Sam Adams to plug the middle. However, if we draft well, I don't think we should panic. While Shannahan slipped up bad this season, I honestly believe a few changes could put us back near the top next season... This is going to be long... forgive me!

                      While our D-Line has been horrible (it seems like they get manhandled every running play), we have to realize how young they are. Some of them are rookies. I think Mario Williams gives us hope... he was pretty bad last season, and while our young guys are not of Mario Williams caliber, they've got talent, and I think they will produce much better next season.

                      I really hope we can move DJ Williams back to the outside. I'd LOVE to get Laurenitis if he comes out in the draft. Not only does he have a cool name (sounds like a Spartan), his play on the field is that of a warrior. Clearly, we've been so dazzled by DJ Williams' athleticism the past couple years that we underappreciated Al Wilson's play and effort at the MLB position. I think Laurenitis could help fill that role if he comes out.

                      I also think Shannahan should look into special teams A LOT this off season. Special teams has actually been horrific for Denver for YEARS (aside from Elam). Now, with Elam aging, it's time to address the special teams in the off season. We really need a good special teams coverage unit. I hate seeing our opponent start on the 30+ every possession (and that Bears game was unforgivable). We should also look for a return specialist as we see how valuable it can be (and not just plug any 3rd string WR/DB). It's a shame we didn't take Crosby last year (seeing how he amazingly fell to he 6th round). Also, is it just me or does Sauerbrun suck at kick offs?

                      The O-Line, however, bothers me the MOST. Slowly, the players of the once dominant Denver Offensive line are aging and becoming injury prone and I don't really like the young players we're trying to replace them with. Our run offense really has diminished. It seems they play well when we have a lead (which hasn't been often), but under pressure situations for third and short, I just don't trust our running game anymore. I'm not completely sold on our RBs either. Henry looked good initially, but I don't know anymore... Selvin Young is a nice situational back, but he dances around WAY too much.

                      As for our DBs, I don't think there should be much concern. Baily has clearly been playing hurt all year. I think next season when he's back at full health, our pass defense should improve dramatically (assuming we do improve at the DL / LB positions). I think on defense, with so many young faces on the DL, with Al Wilson gone, with Darrent's death and Bly's arrival, we've just had major chemistry issues. I think next year we will see a gelled and matured defense. Other than Gold and Ferguson, most of the talent is there on defense.

                      To conclude, I look at our young stars and there IS hope after all. Cutler has shown me a lot. While he hasn't had huge stats other than a couple games, he's only played one full season now, and with him, I always feel like our offense could come back at any time (a complete opposite feeling I had when Plummer was our QB). I LOVE Marshall and Scheffler. They are going to be pro bowlers. What's more exciting is how they are just as young as Cutler. Our passing attack will be exciting. I hope Walker comes back at full health as he was definitely pro bowl caliber when healthy. Stokely is also one of the top slot receivers. In my opinion, he is just as good as Welker at that position and I think it'll help Cutler a lot. While we have some problems, I'd consider this season as a "growing pain" season. I think we see vast improvement next season.

                      Projected win total: 55+


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                        Okay, I don't get all the talk about replacing Elam. Not now. Sure, he can't routinely make the 50+ yarders of old, but the guy is still very good. He has been MONEY on the clutch kicks too.
                        Sure, I was intrigued by the likes of Crosby, but heck, look how Lawrence Tynes fared in KC. Not all these hot shots with big legs make it in the NFL.


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                          Originally posted by bearsfan_51 View Post
                          Holy crap the Broncos are below .500 for the first time in who knows how long, better fire the coach.

                          You realize that just a few years ago Shannahan took a Jake Plummer-led team to the AFC Championship game no?
                          Yeah, but past performance is only one component in the evaluation of a coach. This year, the lack of preparation and motivation has been brutally obvious in a number of the games, particularly big games where the team needed to step up (e.g. San Diego, Houston).

                          Who is responsible for that? If Shanny can't get the team ready to play, then get out of the way and let someone else take a shot.

                          If Shanahan stays, he needs to clean house. Dump the old geezers, bad attitudes and cripples. Rebuild through the draft and young FA's. Forget about "win now"... it isn't going to happen.


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                            I am concerned that we will draft OLB in first round and end up with Keith Rivers or Dan Connor. I just see the "pride of the coach" (polite way to say arrogance) keeping DJ inside.

                            LAURINAITIS will be a good fit in the first allowing DJ to go home to WLB.

                            I would like to see Phillips drafted by us playing for us for the next 6 years.

                            For those who keep saying they would like to see us get Dorsey, please put down the crack pipe and come back to reality, he will be gone in the first 3 picks. That is the problem, everyone wants Dorsey for their team.

                            I agree that Shanahan the GM has been killing the coach. The last few years have been kinder but . . . our overall draft track record is horrible.

                            I am pimping right how for Devin Thomas (Michigan State WR) in the 4th round. He plays like Marshall as in he blocks well downfield and loves to run against the grain and take on the contact . . . incidentially he also is a PR / KR player.


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                              wow, thats real surprising. rolls eyes



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