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Bly to Denver for Foster, Bell and 5th rounder

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  • Bly to Denver for Foster, Bell and 5th rounder

    I like this trade A LOT!!!!!
    Especially, we didn't have to give up 3rd rounder. I think Bly and Champ will be one of the best CB tendoms in NFL.

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    Word is also we get a pick from detriot as well. been reported from anything from a 4th rounder to a 6th rounder. won't know for sure till the trade becomes official.

    As far as the deal goes.

    We gave them, Nothing < foster >, Fumbles, plus baggage with the whole DW thing, a change of scenery for Bell probably was best. And giving up a 5th round pick, for Dre Bly, who is 30 this year, but from what i've seen from him he can still play. The only thing that worries me is that we're going to have to play against bell this year when we play the lions, and I can see him going for 250 w/ 4 TD's that day. lol


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      The teams ended up swapping picks - Denver's 5th for Detroit's 6th. At least we didn't lose a pick (which I wasn't keen on).

      Bly is a pretty decent CB, but it will be a challenge for him. I hope he's prepared to get picked on. I expect he'll get burned a bit (a lot?), especially off gambles, but he'll also produce some nice INTs.

      Anyway, I'm pleased with the result. We get a starter and dump two underachievers who were clearly expendable. Also, I don't think I'll see another mock draft that has Denver taking a CB at 21... that alone will save me a few gray hairs... ;)


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        Isn't Bly a punt returner as well?


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          Originally posted by elway777 View Post
          Isn't Bly a punt returner as well?
          a half *ss one at best he carries the ball in one hand lol


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            You guys got a great deal out of this.

            Bly had a down year last year, but he was playing his 1st year in the cover 2, which isn't a system designed for players like him. Before that his past 2 years have been stellar. And hopefully Bell will find a place here in Detroit and become a threat that this team needs.
            Cheers to Michigan winters...



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