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Javon Walker "Leaving Las Vegas"

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  • Javon Walker "Leaving Las Vegas"

    Javon Walker found unconscious on a Las Vegas street. Story calls it a robbery but fails to mention his toxicology results for BAC etc. Wonder if that will come out. . . right! What was he doing stumbling home in the middle of the night and from where. Interesting to know if the speculation that he was "dumped off" in middle of the street are true, or if we will ever find out. At the end of the day I only wonder how many of the 6 years will he play for Oakland. Physically talented but never the same after Darrent shooting. Speculation was that he started the argument in the bar and had the shooters kicked out where the shooters waited for Javon to exit and then sprayed the car with bullets on Speer.

    Is anybody suprised by this story?

    How are Raiders Fans feeling now about the $55 million dollar investment?

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