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  • Just a thought for the Draft

    What if...and I posted a thread where I explained that it might be good for the Broncos to trade down.

    But, here me out...what if the Broncos trade one of their 3rd round selections and Ian Gold for Lance Briggs and perhaps a 4th or 5th rounder. I am not a math guy...I don't know about that points thing to see if this would work? But, this seems balanced. I love Ian Gold, but Lance Briggs might be an upgrade? There just seems to be more OLB over ILB in the draft. We could get somebody like Jon Beason to play outside and move DJ inside and put Lance on the outside.

    I do realize DJ has never played as an inside linebacker, but he is extremely atheletic, he could do it. After all wasn't he a start tailback at some point?

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    I don't think this is in the realm of possibility. Chicago wants a lot for Briggs, and even if we coughed up enough to make the trade happen, we'd need to find the cash to give Briggs the huge payday he's looking for.

    A more cost effective solution would be to keep Gold, move DJ inside and draft a SAM... the problem here (and there always is one) is that this is a weak draft for strongside LBs.


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      I'm sorry, but I don't see a dramatic difference between Gold and Briggs.


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        we might as well keep ian gold, the only thing briggs would bring is drew rosenhaus, huge cap hit, and some youth... i like beason or at least some linebacker in the draft to play either linebacker position i wouldnt mind movin dj inside, i think hell do better therre.
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          Well it was just a thought, because I am just wondering if the Broncos should trade back, because the DLs in this draft are deep. So, if the Broncos could manufacture a trade to get Briggs, which would still maintain a great LB corp and pick up DL talent in the second and third round, perhaps the talent level wouldn't be lost.

          It is going to be very interested to see what the Broncos do this year, because although the OL is alright, they still could use a better LT, and some depth. As well, they could use another WR, such as Steve Smith, just in case Rod Smith continues to decline. Although, I still think Rod Smith is a quality possession receiver who can pick a first down or two when needed. But, certainly, they need a WR this year, because in the Broncos system, it seems like it takes WRs to adjust and learn the system.



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