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How good is Cooper Carlisle?

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  • How good is Cooper Carlisle?

    One acquisition that didn't make a lot of noise by my team was de signing of OT Cooper Carlisle. He did start every game for you guys for the past 2 seasons, so I would like to have your opinion on him.

    It took him six years to be a starter, so I guess he was a project that turned good. Did we got a quality starter for our O line that can help us and it went that much under the radar?

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    I am a diehard broncos fan. He was always good, He can play all line spots except center. Its not that he was a project but all the line spots were firm until Dan Neil was cut. He was the starter at RG for many years. He is originally a LT, but he is a quality NFL starter.


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      Thanks for both responses.....

      For sure if he was super good he would still be a Bronco, I am aware of that.
      That said, I guess that a weakness on your line can still be a good addition on ours, if you put in perspective the standards of last year. If my line next year can execute well and not be tired apart on pass protection, it will be good. I just dont want to see Russell or Quinn get decapitated so they have a legit chance of developping and having some success.


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        First you got the instability. You cant play yo-yo with young guys and you must be consistent in their developpement, even if you are losing.
        I taught that Norv Turner and his offensive staff where pretty competant. I guess nobody can survive a 10 games losing streak to finish a season, espacialy not under Al Davis.

        Second there is the coaching expertise of Art Shell's group. I dont care if you are a HOF player, it is well documented that it doesn't make you a great coach. Art Shell took all his old budies that needed a job and diged his own tomb at the same time. Look at a guy like Joe Gibbs: he knew that in order to have success in his situation, he needed top flight/ NFL current assistants (Saunders and Williams) and needed to give them more responsabilities.

        Tom Cable is a career coach that made his marks everywhere his been. That's what we need. Not some HOFer that never coached anybody.

        By the way, your team use a zone-blocking scheme if I am not wrong, Atlanta did under Mora/Cable, so I guess it is clear that we are going that way to.



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