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  • All Time Denver Broncos team

    QB-John Elway
    RB-Terrell Davis
    FB-Howard Griffith
    WR-Rod Smith
    WR-Lionel Taylor
    TE-Shannon Sharpe
    LT-Gary Zimmerman
    RG-Keith Bishop
    C-Tom Nalen
    LG-Mark Schlereth
    RT-Tony Jones

    K-Jason Elam
    P-Tom Rouen
    Return Specialist-?
    Special Teams Captain-Detron Smith or Keith Burns

    DE-Simon Fletcher
    DE-Rich Jackson
    DT-Trevor Pryce
    DT-Greg Kragen
    OLB-Tom Jackson
    OLB-Karl Mecklenburg
    MLB- Al Wilson
    CB-Champ Bailey
    CB- Willie Brown
    FS-Steve Atwater
    SS-Dennis Smith

    Took awhile to do this list so I hope I got it right.Honarables would include guys like Eddie Mcaffrey, John Lynch, Lionel Taylor and more. Post your list and/or opinions.
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    My attempt--choosing the 3-4 just for argument's sake...My memory dates circa 1970

    DE--Tombstone Jackson
    DE--Lyle Alzado
    NT--Ruben Carter
    OLB--Tom Jackson
    OLB--Karl Mecklenburg
    ILB--Randy Gradishar
    ILB--Al Wilson
    CB--Louis Wright
    CB--Champ Bailey
    S--Steve Atwater
    S--Dennis Smith

    QB--The Duke
    RB--Terrell Davis
    RB--Floyd Little
    WR--Rod Smith
    WR--Lionel Taylor
    TE--Shannon Sharpe
    C--Bill Bryan
    G--Kieth Bishop
    G--Tom Glassic
    T--Gary Zimmerman
    T--Ken Lanier

    P--Bill Van Huesen (saves roster spot as a WR)
    K--Jason Elam
    KR--Rick Upchurch
    ST--Keith Burns

    Hon Mention--so many--I will limit to 1 from each "line"

    Off Backs--Otis Armstrong
    Off Rec--Riley Odoms
    Off Line--Dave Studdard
    Def Line--Rulon Jones
    Def LB--Bill Romanowski
    Def Sec--Billy Thompson
    Spec Team--Jim High Tops Turner


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      Forgot all about Gradishar... and yeah Nalen easily takes the center spot.


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        No problem with Nalen--Absolutely love the problem with Bill Bryan either...if not for Mike Webster constantly getting uber-props (like Jeff Saturday today) Bill Bryan would be properly remembered...I am sure some of the old school remember his accolades well. Like Safties and Tight Ends, the Broncos have been blessed for decades at Center. No issue here.


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          Here's my first post, and my All-Time Broncos squad:

          QB-John Elway (1983-1998), Craig Morton (1977-1982)
          RB-Terrell Davis (1995-2001), Floyd Little (1967-1975)
          FB-Howard Griffith (1997-2001), Jon Keyworth (1974-1980)
          WR-Rod Smith (1995-Present), Ed McCaffery (1995-2003)
          WR-Lionel Taylor (1960-1966), Steve Watson (1979-1987)
          TE-Shannon Sharpe (1990-1999, 2002-2003), Riley Odoms (1972-1983)
          LT-Gary Zimmerman (1993-1997), Ken Adamson (1960-1962)
          RG-Keith Bishop (1982-1990)
          C-Tom Nalen (1994-Present), Billy Bryan (1977-1988)
          LG-Mark Schlereth (1995-2000)
          RT-Tony Jones (1997-2000), Dave Studdard (1979-1988)

          K-Jason Elam (1993-Present)
          P-Tom Rouen (1993-2001)
          Return Specialist-Rick Upchurch (1975-1983)
          Special Teams Captain-Detron Smith (1996-2001)

          DE-Simon Fletcher (1985-1995), Rulon Jones (1980-1988)
          DE-Rich Jackson (1967-1972), Alfred Williams (1996-1999)
          DT-Trevor Pryce (1997-2005)
          DT-Bud McFadin (1960-1963),Greg Kragen (1985-1993)
          OLB-Tom Jackson (1973-1986), Bob Swenson (1975-1979, 1981-1983)
          OLB-Karl Mecklenburg (1983-1994), Bill Romanowski (1996-2001)
          MLB-Randy Gradishar (1974-1983), Al Wilson (1999-2006)
          CB-Champ Bailey (2004-Present), Willie Brown (1963-1966)
          CB-Louis Wright (1975-1986), Tyrone Braxton (1987-1993, 1995-1999)
          FS-Steve Atwater (1989-1998), Goose Gonsulin (1960-1966)
          SS-Dennis Smith (1981-1994), Billy Thompson (1969-1981)



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