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Can we get Roy to not talk about the Bears?

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  • Can we get Roy to not talk about the Bears?

    On the Chicago Bears, the Lions' opponent one week from Sunday: “The Bears, I think everybody fears the Bears for some odd reason. Everybody talks about their defense and how good their defense is and everything like that. I respect them, but I just don’t see what’s so good about the Bears.”

    Last time he mentioned about Chicago, they came out and bent the Lions over.

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    Yeah, and last time the Bears were way better than the Lions, too.

    I hope Roy never backs down. I hope the Lions make it their goal to kick the Bears' ass regardless of what little media ***** tattletale has run to Urlacher and said "Brian! Brian! You know what Roy said? He said he's not afraid of you Brian! What are you gonna do about it Brian!?"

    As long as the Lions act like they're afraid of the Bears, they will continue to get punked by them. The more they stand up to them, the more they will compete. The goal, even if it's years away, has to be to make THEM afraid of US.


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      I tend to agree. Roy said he respects them, but he doesn't fear them. That's a good attitude in my opinion.

      Originally posted by Jakey

      i am literally gonna kick a baby to death!


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        Yeah, but Roy doesnt need to give one the best defenses in the league bulletin board material every year. He/The team should go out & let your play do all the talking.



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