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Eagles to pursue Roy Williams?

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  • Eagles to pursue Roy Williams?

    Both articles basically say what we've known forever.. that the Eagles are out for a #1 WR.. and Larry Fitzgerald is at the top of their list.. but if they miss out on him, they're making a run for Roy Williams or Chad Johnson.

    I'm up for trading Roy, but I'm not sure the Lions would be.. I'd guess the Eagles have a better chance at landing Chad Johnson this offseason.

    I wonder what we could get for him..

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    I always think its a good idea to trade a guy before he's gonna leave anyway so you at least get something for him. You guys aren't making a superbowl run next year so if you could get a late 1st early 2nd value i would do it. Calvin is a #1 anyway and a #2 could be brought in from almost anywhere.


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      I'd do it for their Round 2 this year, and Round 1 Next year :)



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